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Java Training In Chennai – Significance Of Java In The

World Of Web

Java is the most sweeping the internet scene as it remains the most popular
programming language since inception. Today Java is 23 years old and has
maintained its youth by evolving continuously. With every new releases comes
updates and security features. This year Java is expected to released Java 12 and
Java 13. The popularity of Java is due to its usage in Android mobile applications and
embedded systems.

Java is used in web app development and it also used to build large web applications
and websites. The advantage of Java is the multithreading feature facilitating
hundreds of user requests simultaneously. It is a lightweight process that executes
at the same time without hindering the app performance. The app runs smoothly
irrespective of the size and complexity of the app.

In 2019 Big data has a major role to play and a powerful tool like Java is essential to
process it. Facebook uses Java framework like Apache Hadoop to analyze massive
data like images, videos and posts.
Ecommerce relies on Java for their back end development. Popular shopping
websites like Amazon uses Java. It is predicted that the ecommerce market will
expand further in 2019. All this puts Java in an advantageous position where large
and mid size companies will opt for Java to build complex web projects. Online
stores will experience a surge in load over a period of time and Java can handle any
expansion issues, thanks to its scalable and flexible features.

With growing security threats companies rely on Java to protect their website and
applications from fraudulent activities. Java comes with a built-in security feature
like access control and cryptography to protect internal data and stop unauthorized
access. Google uses Java as their backend development tool.

Java is portable and hence will be used in IoT development to a greater extent in
2019. The developer will have a major role to play as the code can be written on
desktop and can moved to any device with the help of Java Virtual Machine like IoT
devices or chips. Java’s security features suits the IoT systems development.

Android app market is expected to expand 4 times when compared to iOS by 2020.
Java is sure to remain the most popular domain. Android mobile apps designed on
Java runs faster and are lighter in comparison with others like Kotlin. So, there is no
doubt that large corporation prefer Java to develop mobile apps in the future.

Java is loaded with rich libraries and tools giving them an edge over others.
Companies are still relying on Java to build robust enterprise software based on
their requirements. With all the above features, there is no doubt that Java will
remain the top preference in 2019. Java programmers will be in great demand in the
coming years and this has seen the rise in Java training in Chennai. A certification
in Java is sure to revamp your career taking you to greater heights. Choose a trusted
training center to learn Java and get a certification to rewrite your career graph in
the upward trend.

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