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Science and Health V

First Grading

Directions: Read and understand each sentence then ring the letter of your

1. What is matter?
a. Everything around us. c. Anything that has mass and volume.
*b. Anything that has mass. d. Anything that has volume.

2. An example of a gas is:

a. a rock c. a pencil
b. milk *d. carbon dioxide (CO2)

3. Which of the following is NOT a state of matter?

a. solid c. liquid
b. gas *d. mass

Second Grading

Direction: Read and analyze each item carefully. Write the

letter of the correct answer on your paper.

1. What is reproduction?

*a. When parents make offspring.

b. When offspring make adults.
c. When offspring is an exact copy of the adult.
d. When offspring is an exact opposite of the adult
2. What part of the female reproductive system produces egg?

a. Oviduct b. Uterus *c. Ovary d. Vagina

3. What part of the flower produces male sex cells or pollen?

*a. anthers b. filament c. style d. ovary

Third Grading

Directions: Read the following questions or situations. Write the letter

of the correct answer.

1. Which is a good way of making water safe to drink?

*a. Add chemicals to it. c. Boil it.

b. Use cloth as filter. d. Keep inside the refrigerator.

2. Smoke coming from the vehicles mixes with air. What will happen
with the air?

a. Air becomes fresh. *c. Air becomes polluted.

b. Air moves faster. d. Air is heated.

3. Which of the following describes a physical change?

*a. hardening of clay c. burning of wood

b. souring of milk d. burning of paper
Fourth Grading

Write the letter of the correct answer on the space provided.

_____1. Plant serves as agents of weathering. Which of the following

statements support this idea.

a. Branches of plants cause the rocks to break when blown

by the winds.
b. Decaying trunks of plants cause the rocks to break
c. Falling of leaves cause rocks to break.
*d. Root of plants that grow in rocks and cause them to

_____2. The process involved in the breaking of rock boulders into

a. deposition c. sedimentation
b. erosion *d. weathering

______3.Which of the following occurs when acidic water caused the

rocks to break producing
clay and soluble salts?

a. Carbonation *c. Hydrolysis

b. Erosion d. Oxidation