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 the  Merce  Cunningham  Trust  

The  Merce  Cunningham  Trust  was  established  in  2000  to  hold  and  administer  the  
rights   to   the   work   of   Merce   Cunningham,   which   encompasses   more   than   150  
dances  and  over  800  Events  created  over  the  course  of  his   70-­‐‑year  career.  Now  
based   at   New   York   City   Center,   the   Trust   offers   a   wide   range   of   programs  
adhering  to  the  mission  to  preserve,  enhance  and  maintain  the  integrity  of  the  
choreographic  and  other  artistic  works  of  Merce  Cunningham,  and  to  make  these  
works  available  for  the  benefit  of  the  public.  Such  programs  include  Cunningham  
Technique   classes  at  locations  throughout  the  city  and  the  Fellowship  Program,   Cunningham Fellowship
which  supports  the  restaging  of  Cunningham  dances.
Workshop Program 2019
Merce Cunningham Trust
130 West 56th Street
7th Floor

Executive Director
Ken Tabachnick

Director of Licensing
Patricia Lent

Program Coordinator
Jennifer Goggans

Media Director
Daniel Madoff

Audiovisual Archivist
Benjamin Houtman

Administrative Assistant
Gary Champi

Trevor Carlson Rashaun Mitchell  
Laurence Getford Jeff Seroy   Merce  Cunningham  Dance  Company,  Native  Green,  Photo  by  JoAnn  Baker  1985
Laura Kuhn Allan Sperling  
Patricia Lent Robert Swinston  

Scholar in Residence Native Green (1985)

Nancy Dalva
Friday, July 26th
Merce  Cunningham  and  Cunningham  Technique  are  registered  trademarks  of  the  Merce  Cunningham  Trust.  
Merce  Cunningham’s  choreography  is  copyrighted  by  the  Merce  Cunningham  Trust.  
The  taking  of  photographs,  audio  or  video  is  strictly  prohibited.
Native  Green  
Lisa  Boudreau  is  a  graduate  of  the  Royal  Winnipeg  Ballet  School,  Canada.  As  a  
member   of   the   Merce   Cunningham   Dance   Company   from   1994   -­‐‑   2008,   she  
toured  the  world  performing  in  more  than  35  dances.  Lisa  also  danced  with  Bill    
Young,  Dylan  Crossman  Dans(c)e,  Glen  Rumsey  Dance  Project,  Daniel  Squire  &    

c.,  Milton  Myers,  Mafata  Dance  Company,  and  Bill  Irwin.  Since  1998,  Lisa  has   Choreography  
been  teaching  Cunningham  technique  at  the  Merce  Cunningham  Studio.  She  has   Merce  Cunningham  
taught   Master   classes   and   repertory   workshops   at   New   World   School   of   the   Original  Music  
Arts  (Miami,  FL),  Louisiana  Tech  University  (Rustin,  LA),  New  Orleans  Center   John  King  –  Gliss  in  Sighs  
for   Creative   Arts   (New   Orleans,   LA),   Missy   Crain   School   of   Dance   (Shreveport,    
LA)  and  The  Place  (London,  UK).  Lisa  was  a  stager  of  Night  of  100  Solos  and  a   Set  &  Costumes   Lighting  
Merce  Cunningham  Fellow  (2013,2014  &  2019).  Lisa  is  also  a  yoga  teacher,  has   William  Anastasi   Aaron  Copp  
a   passion   for   kinesiology   and   her   quest   for   efficient   strength   with   optimal  
Premiere  Performance  
mobility,  resonate  in  all  of  her  classes.    
March  12,  1985  –  City  Center  Theater,  New  York,  NY  
Staged  by  2019  Cunningham  Fellows  
Alan  Good After  graduating  from  Purchase,  Alan  Good  danced  with  MCDC  from  
Lisa  Boudreau  and  Alan  Good  
1979  to  1994  and  was  in  the  original  cast  of  Native  Green.  In  prior  Cunningham  
fellowships  Alan  worked  with  Carol  Teitelbaum  on  Beach  Birds  (1991)  and  with  
Original  Cast  
Ellen  Cornfield  on  Torse  (1997).    For  the  Los  Angeles  portion  of  the  100  Solos  
Helen  Barrow,  Alan  Good,  Chris  Komar,  Patricia  Lent,  Robert  Swinston,  
project  he  coached  CRWDSPCR  (1994)  and  Beach  Birds.  He  teaches  Cunningham  
Megan  Walker  
Technique  at  the  Trust,  master  classes  at  universities,  and  guest  instructs  at  El    
Sistema   Greece,   a   program   for   refugee   children.   He   has   danced   with   Wally    
Cardona,  Ellen   Cornfield,  Marjorie  Gamso,  Martha   Graham,   Kenneth   Workshop  Cast  
King,  Pauline   Koner,  Liz   Magic   Laser,  Tere   O'Connor,   Vicky   Shick,   Sally    
Silvers,  Pam  Tanowitz,  and  Sasha  Waltz.  He’ll  appear  in  Christopher  Williams’   Original  Cast:   3:00PM:   4:30PM:  
new   work   early   next   year.  He   presented   his   own   choreography   since   1983,   Helen  Barrow   Chaery  Moon   Mariah  Anton  
most  recently  an  ongoing  solo  project  with  NYU  Tisch  Dance  music  professor   Chris  Komar   Rudy  De  Dios   Jake  Nahor  
Allen  Fogelsanger,  in  David  Parker’s  series  Soaking  Wet.        
Patricia  Lent   Mary  McGrath   Kalliope  Piersol  
Robert  Swinston   Tyus  Southern   Robbie  Denzer  
About  Native  Green
When  choreographing  the  movement  for  Native  Green,  Cunningham  said  that  
Megan  Walker   Hannah  Straney   Bria  Bacon  
he  divided  the  body  into  four  parts:  legs,  torso,  arms,  and  head.  Each  part  of  the  
body  moves  in  sequential  order,  transforming  the  dancers  into  lanky,  bird-­‐‑like   Alan  Good   Andy  Santana   Alonso  Guzman  
creatures.   This   playful   nature   study   ends   as   the   dancers   pick   up   a   plastic   tube    
that  had  previously  lain  at  the  back  of  the  stage,  and  cling  to  it  as  if  they  are   Understudies:    Cayleen  Del  Rosario,  Graciela  Morales,  Quashierra  
perched  on  a  tree  branch.  Cunningham  wanted  the  tube  to  be  so  flexible  and   Muhammad,  Calleja  Smiley  
limber   that   it   appeared   to   be   alive.   The   set   and   costume   designs   were   by   Acknowledgements  
William  Anastasi,  who  drew  directly  on  the  backcloth  and  the  dancer’s  leotards   Special  thanks  to  Aubrey  Ball  and  the  staff  at  City  Center.    
in  India  ink  with  a  fine-­‐‑point  pen.  John  King  composed  the  music  entitled,  Gliss    
in  Sighs.   Gliss  in  Sighs  composed  by  John  King.  Archival  recording  used  by  permission.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             -­‐‑  David  Vaughan    

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