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Second Grade

This unit alignment was created as a reference guide for lesson planning. It shows how the various curricular materials offered by CMS Social
Studies align with CMS units. This is not a required order, simply a guide for how the different lessons line up with one another. This may be used in
conjunction with different lessons based on the needs of teachers, students, and classrooms.

CMS Unit HMH Book Bundles Inquir(y/ies) Cornerstone(s) Assessment

Unit 1: Culture and ● Respecting Diversity​ by Anastasia Suen “How do diverse Unit 1
Communities ● Music Around the World​ by Char cultures influence Mini-Assessment
Benjamin communities?”
Unit Guide ● Caring​ by Lucia Raatma
● Many Nations: An Alphabet of Native “Is history a series of
Sample Planning Guide America​ by Joseph Bruchac facts or a collection of Report Card
● Respect​ by Lucia Raatma perspectives?”​* Rubrics
Essential Question:​ How ● Foods of West Africa​ by Ethan Y.
do diverse cultures Garten
influence communities? ● Games Around the World​ by Sarah
NCES: ​2.C.1, 2.H.1 ● Morning Meals Around the World​ by
Maryellen Gregoire
Unit 1 Digitized and Printable Primary

Unit 2: My Geography, ● Mapping Our Nation​ by Sandy Phan “How do people Urban or Rural?: Is Unit 2
My Environment ● Food from Farms​ by Nancy Dickmann impact the urban or rural living Mini-Assessment -
● Exploring National Parks​ by Robin C. environment around better? Geography
Unit Guide Fitzsimmons them?”
● Our Natural Resources Unit 2
Essential Question:​ How ● Be the Change for the Environment​ by Mini-Assessment -
do people impact the Megan Kopp Environment
environment around ● Latitude and Longitude​ by Kristen
them? Rajczak
● Mapping North America​ by Emily Report Card
NCES: ​2.G.1, 2.G.2, Jankowski Rubrics
2.H.1 ● Reading Maps​ by Ann H. Matzke
Unit 2 Digitized and Printable Primary

Unit 3: Civics and ● Doing Your Part Serving Your “How can I be a Good Citizen: How can Unit 3
Government Community​ by Kelly Rodgers responsible citizen?” I be a good citizen in Mini-Assessment
● Martin Luther King Jr.​ by Emma H. my community?
Unit Guide Haldy “What makes a
● We Are Citizens​ by Laine Falk person from history Report Card
Essential Question:​ How ● Vote For Me!​ by J. Jean Robertson worth remembering?”​* Rubrics
can I be a responsible ● Frederick Douglass: Freedom Fighter
citizen? by Kayla Roberts
● Sonia Sotomayor: Supreme Court
NCES: ​2.C&G.1, Justice​ by Stephanie Sammartino
2.C&G.2, 2.H.1 McPherson
● Library​ by Jennifer Colby
● Sacagawea​ by Jodie Sheperd
Unit 3 Digitized and Printable Primary

Unit 4: Economics and ● Money and Trade in Our World​ by “How do the basic Spend, Save, and Unit 4
Financial Literacy Shelly Buchanan economic concepts Share: Why is it Mini-Assessment
● Shopping Around the World​ by Clare change the world?” important to spend,
Unit Guide Lewis save, and share our
● Do I Need It? Or Do I Want It?​ by “What should I do with money? Report Card
Essential Question:​ How Jennifer S. Larson my money?” Rubrics
do basic economic ● Earn Money​ by Mary Reina
concepts change the ● Super-Smart Shopping: An Introduction
world? to Financial Literacy​ by Mattie Reynolds
● What Can You Do With Money?​ by
NCES:​ 2.E.1 Jennifer S. Larson
● What Do I Want? What Do I Need?​ by
Rachel Eagen
● Where Do We Keep Money? How
Banks Work​ by Jennifer S. Larson
Unit 4 Digitized and Printable Primary

*Addresses standards within the unit but loosely related to unit Essential Question.