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: Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human

Human Person 80

An initiation to the activity and process of philosophical reflection as a search for a synoptic vision of life. T opics to be discussed include the
human experiences of embodiment, being in the world with others and the environment, freedom, intersubjectivity, sociality, being unto death.
 The learner should be able to demonstrate a capacity for a critical and analytical reflection from the perspective of a holistic and
profound vision of life.
The learner should be able to demonstrate
demonstrate a capacity for a critical and analytical reflection from the perspective of a holistic and profound vision of

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You have graduated from Senior
Senior High School already and is now a child trying
trying to convince your parents on your life choices. To be allowed to
pursue your life choices, you are required to prepare a letter posted on Facebook
Facebook on why your chosen life is the appropriate life for you. You will be allowed or
disallowed based on the comprehensiveness, logic, depth of insight, and manner of presentation.
 The learner is able to resolve ethical dilemmas based on a holistic understanding of what the human person is.