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Experiment No.

Aim: Know your client : 4 case studies based on age and region.

1. CHILDREN (4 TO 5 YEARS OF AGE): An application to teach math.

To design a User Interface for children:

Existing UI:

Drawbacks of existing System:

● Difficult to understand for 4-5 years old Children.

● The website involves usage of certain tools and techniques which is quite high level for a
child of that age.
● This UI is complicated for 4-5 years old Children.
● This website was not responsive enough because after selecting some option it did not
show any navigation.
● Random use of colors so difficult to see 4-5 years old Children.
● This app will viewed differently on different devices be it similar or dissimilar with same
or varying screen size.
● No option for searching specific contents in existing UI.

New UI:
Why is New UI better?
● The UI is designed in proper order to improve math learning ability of the kids in an
effective and efficient way.
● It is easy to understand for 4-5 years old Children.
● Our newly designed UI is more responsive.
● This UI is flexible and user friendly.
● Colors are used in such a way that contrast the images and will please the eyes.

Design a digital diary for young teens to help them overcome various social pressures they deal
with during their teen years.The diary should also be like a self help tool which would help them
deal with incidents like bullying, peer pressure, etc.. This is an open project and you can think in
any direction to make the children sail through their teen years while trying to discover life
around them.

To design a User Interface for Teenagers:

Existing UI:

Drawbacks of existing System:

● Poor Back ups.

● No chat option.
● Compatibility and privacy issues.
● The UI is not that appealing and thus a teenager will easily get bored and stop using it.

New UI:
Why is New UI better?

● We provide back ups using cloud storage.

● It gives list of causes and solutions to handle peer pressure in the diary.
● Responsive and attractive enough to grab the attention of the teenagers.
● In New UI add some new features like Linked with twitter,facebook also specify the


Folks from the older generation has been very wary of using their credit card on the Internet.
They have various concerns when it comes to paying their bills. Also because of their old age, it
will be beneficial for them to use the internet and pay their phone, electricity, gas, etc. bills

To design a User Interface for Old Generation :

Existing UI :
Drawbacks of existing System:

● Front page promo codes and lots of contents make UI complex.

● There are way too many steps with font size being very small all over the website.
● Searching is also difficult as there are no specific prompts for the user.

New UI:
Why is New UI better?

● Simple UI has font having a readable size.

● Number of steps required are less and easy to understand.
● This UI is flexible and user friendly.
● The payment portal is simplified to use and UI is enhanced for its simplicity.

4) RURAL PEOPLE: ATVM for train ticketing in rural areas.

To design a User Interface for Rural People:

Existing UI:
Drawbacks of existing System:

● The user needs to know the map and places of where they lie on the map, so a new user
who is unaware of that place will not be able to use it.
● In a rural area people are not aware of english language.
● Non responsive because it takes lot of time to navigate once an option has been selected
and also it has touch screen issues.

New UI :

Why is New UI better?

● Allows the user to select the specified destination.
● Language constraints are not there and everything is available in 3 languages making it
easier for users to understand.
EVALUATION REPORT: 1-Poor, 2-Avg, 3-Good, 4-Very good, 5-Excellent
Principle 1.Children 2.Teenagers 3.Old generation 4.Rural people

Aesthetically 4 4 4 4

Compatibility 4 3 4 4

Comprehensibility 4 4 4 3

Consistency 3 4 3 3

Control 4 4 4 4

Efficiency 3 4 4 4

Flexibility 3 4 4 4

Forgiveness 4 3 4 4

Recovery 3 4 4 4

Responsiveness 4 4 4 4

Conclusion: Hence we conclude that the end user needs should be analyzed before proceeding
for the actual design. The physical characteristics of people like age can also greatly affect their
performance with a system.