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watchOS 6 Beta 5 Release


watchOS 6 Beta 5 release notes downloaded by

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watchOS 6 Beta 5 Release
The watchOS 6 SDK provides support for developing watchOS
apps for Apple Watch devices running watchOS 6. The SDK
comes bundled with Xcode 11 beta available from Beta
Software Downloads. For information on the compatibility
requirements for Xcode 11, see Xcode 11 Beta 5 Release
You must update your watch to watchOS 6 beta 2 or later
before updating to future versions of iOS 13 beta otherwise
your watch will no longer be able to connect to your phone.
Resolved Issues
• Workouts are no longer missing maps and weather
information. (53159089)


Resolved Issues
• Firmly pressing a button in Calculator no longer causes
buttons to become stuck. (50738294)

Known Issues
• Certain languages might display text that isn’t localized.
Known Issues
• Temporary, “Allow Once” location authorization isn’t
currently supported. (50385453)

New Features
• URLSessionWebSocketTask and URLSessionStreamTask
are now available for use in watchOS apps. (49779789)

• The URLSession and NSURLConnection APIs no longer
support SPDY. Servers should use HTTP 2 or HTTP 1.1.

New Features
• To send a UserNotifications push to a watchOS device, a
new apns-push-type key is now required as part of the
APNs request header. Depending on the type of
notification, this key can be set to alert or background and
is supported across all Apple platforms. (47099534)

Known Issues
• Asking Siri to play a podcast on Apple Watch might result
in an error message. (50392036)
Known Issues
• Dictation might remain enabled after disabling it in
Settings. (49396495)

Resolved Issues
• Do Not Disturb settings synchronize correctly between
your phone and watch. (52830669)

Known Issues
• Announce Messages with Siri might not work with AirPods
that are connected to Apple Watch. (47467681)

New Features
• You can now create a Color from a UIColor or NSColor.
• NSManagedObject now conforms to ObservableObject.
The new @FetchRequest property wrapper can drive
views from the results of a fetch request, and
managedObjectContext is now included in the
environment. (50280673)
• Gesture modifiers are renamed for consistency. For
example, tapAction(count:_:) is renamed
onTapGesture(count:perform:), and
essing:) is renamed
:pressing:perform:). (50395282)
• Text now has a default line limit of nil so that it wraps by
default. (51147116)
• ContentSizeCategory and several other enumerations are
now CaseIterable. (51168712)
• SegmentedControl is now a style of Picker. (51769046)
• BindableObject is replaced by the ObservableObject
protocol from the Combine framework. (50800624)

You can manually conform to ObservableObject by
defining an objectWillChange publisher that emits before
the object changes. However, by default,
ObservableObject automatically synthesizes
objectWillChange and emits before any @Published
properties change.

// RoomStore.swift
• import Foundation

• class RoomStore: ObservableObject {
• @Published var rooms: [Room] = []
• }

• struct Room: Identifiable {
• var id: UUID
• var name: String
• var capacity: Int
• var hasVideo: Bool
• }

• // ContentView.swift
• import SwiftUI

• struct ContentView: View {
• @ObservedObject var store: RoomStore

• var body: some View {
• NavigationView {
• List(store.rooms) { room in
• RoomCell(room: room)
• }
• .navigationBarTitle("Rooms")
• }
• }
• }

@ObjectBinding is replaced by @ObservedObject.
• The EnvironmentValues structure has four new properties
for reading accessibility values from the environment:
accessibilityReduceMotion, and accessibilityInvertColors.
• The color(_:) modifier for Text is renamed
foregroundColor(_:) for consistency with the more general
foregroundColor(_:) view modifier. (50391847)
• The BindableObject protocol’s requirement is now
willChange instead of didChange, and should now be sent
before the object changes rather than after it changes. This
change allows for improved coalescing of change
notifications. (51580731)
• The RangeReplaceableCollection protocol is extended to
include a remove(atOffsets:) method and the
MutableCollection protocol is extended to include a
move(fromOffsets:toOffset:) method. Each new method
takes IndexSet instances that you use with the
onMove(perform:) and onDelete(perform:) modifiers on
ForEach views. (51991601)
• Added improved presentation modifiers:
actionSheet(isPresented:content:), and
alert(isPresented:content:) — along with isPresented in the
environment — replace the existing presentation(_:),
Sheet, Modal, and PresentationLink types. (52075730)
• Updated the APIs for creating animations. The basic
animations are now named after the curve type — such as
linear and easeInOut. The interpolation-based
spring(mass:stiffness:damping:initialVelocity:) animation is
ep:idleThreshold:) is now
spring(response:dampingFraction:blendDuration:) or
:), depending on whether or not the animation is driven
interactively. (50280375)
• Added an initializer for creating a Font from a CTFont.

Known Issues
• A WKInterfaceObjectRepresentable instance with no
explicit width might expand to the bounds of its container.

Workaround: Wrap the WKInterfaceObjectRepresentable
instance in a GeometryReader to get an explicit width for
the view. (53512858)
• Using the Path structure may cause your app to crash if
you’re using the SDKs included in Xcode 11 beta 5.
• Using a ForEach view with a complex expression in its
closure can may result in compiler errors.

Workaround: Extract those expressions into their own
View types. (53325810)
• Text in lists and stacks might be unexpectedly truncated.
• Image instances don’t use resizing information configured
in asset catalogs. Configure the size of an image using the
resizable(capInsets:resizingMode:) modifier instead.
Resolved Issues
• Pickers appear without delay at runtime. (50969430)

• The Length type is replaced by CGFloat. (50654095)
• TabbedView is now named TabView. (51012120)
• HAlignment and VAlignment are now deprecated, use the
more flexible HorizontalAlignment or VerticalAlignment
types instead and use TextAlignment for text. (51190531)
• The SelectionManager protocol is removed, use Optional
and Set instances directly for selection. (51557694)
• The isPresented environment value is deprecated and
replaced with the more general presentationMode value.
• The StaticMember protocol is deprecated. Use protocol-
conforming types directly instead. For example, use an
instance of WheelPickerStyle directly rather than the wheel
static member.(52911961)
• Complex overloads for the background(_:alignment:) and
border(_:width:) modifiers are deprecated. Use shapes in a
background(_:alignment:) or overlay(_:alignment:) to draw
these instead. (53067530)
• SwiftUI APIs deprecated in previous betas are now
removed. (52587863)
• The identified(by:) method on the Collection protocol is
deprecated in favor of dedicated
init(_:id:selection:rowContent:) and init(_:id:content:)
initializers. (52976883, 52029393)

The retroactive conformance of Int to the Identifiable
protocol is removed. Change any code that relies on this
conformance to pass \.self to the id parameter of the
relevant initializer. Constant ranges of Int continue to be

List(0..<5) {
• Text("Rooms")
• }

However, you shouldn’t pass a range that changes at
runtime. If you use a variable that changes at runtime to
define the range, the list displays views according to the
initial range and ignores any subsequent updates to the
• Several extensions to the Binding structure are removed.

If you have code such as the following:

struct LandmarkList: View {
• var landmark: [Landmark]
• @Binding var favorites: Set<Landmark>

• var body: some View {
• List(landmarks) { landmark in
• Toggle(, isOn: self.
• }
• }
• }

Define the following subscript on the Set structure:

extension Set {
• subscript(member: Element) -> Bool {
• get { contains(member) }
• set {
• if newValue {
• insert(member)
• } else {
• remove(member)
• }
• }
• }
• }

Then, change self.$favorites.contains(landmarkID) to self.
• The Binding structure’s conditional conformance to the
Collection protocol is removed. (51624798)

If you have code such as the following:

struct LandmarkList: View {
• @Binding var landmark: [Landmark]

• var body: some View {
• List(landmarks) { landmark in
• Toggle(, isOn: landmark[\.isFavorite])
• }
• }
• }

Define the following collection type:

struct IndexedCollection<Base: RandomAccessCollection>:
RandomAccessCollection {
• typealias Index = Base.Index
• typealias Element = (index: Index, element: Base.Element)

• let base: Base

• var startIndex: Index { base.startIndex }

• var endIndex: Index { base.startIndex }

• func index(after i: Index) -> Index {
• base.index(after: i)
• }

• func index(before i: Index) -> Index {
• base.index(before: i)
• }

• func index(_ i: Index, offsetBy distance: Int) -> Index {
• base.index(i, offsetBy: distance)
• }

• subscript(position: Index) -> Element {
• (index: position, element: base[position])
• }
• }

• extension RandomAccessCollection {
• func indexed() -> IndexedCollection<Self> {
• IndexedCollection(base: self)
• }
• }

Then, update your code to:

struct LandmarkList: View {
• @Binding var landmarks: [Landmark]

• var body: some View {
• List(landmarks.indexed(), id: \ { (index, landmark) in
• Toggle(, isOn: self.
• }
• }
• }

• The relativeWidth(_:), relativeHeight(_:), and

relativeSize(width:height:) modifiers are deprecated. Use
other modifiers like
ht:maxHeight:alignment:) instead. (51494692)

Known Issues
• If your watch debugging session continuously times out,
you might need to quit and relaunch Xcode after
connecting to the internet in order to download the
appropriate DeviceSupport files. (50554987)