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Quarterly Reports – Step By Step for Retail – Salt Lake County

1. In REApps, click on the “Properties” tab and select “Property Inventory. Once opened, do an advanced search by
a. Property Type – Retail – add
b. Center Type – Anchorless (add) – Neighborhood Center (add) – Community Center (add) – Regional
Center (add)
c. Construction Status – Existing – add
d. County – Salt Lake – add
e. Search
2. From the “I Want to…” drop down field, select, “Export All or Selected Records In The List” and then from the
next option, select “Building Inventory Detailed”. Then select “Export”.
3. Delete all columns EXCEPT FOR:
a. Property ID
b. Property Name
c. Address
d. Market
e. Center Type
f. Building SF
g. Total Available
h. For Lease
i. For Sublease
j. Total Vacant
k. Direct Vacant
l. Sublease Vacant
4. Highlight all Rows and Columns of information
a. At the top right of the spreadsheet, in the “Editing” section, select Sort & Filter; Custom Sort.
b. Sort by: Market; then “Add Level” and sort by Center Type; then “Add Level” and sort by Building SF;
then “Add Level” again, and sort by Property Name. Click on OK. This has sorted the information.
5. Select the “Center Type” column so it is highlighted.
6. At the top in the middle of the spreadsheet, select the Conditional Formatting.
7. Select the first option “Highlight Cell Rules”. A pop out box will open and you select “Equal To”. Another box
opens. In the field, put in:
a. Anchorless Strip Center – and select a color to highlight those marked Anchorless.
b. Select “Equal To” again, and type in Community Center – and select a color to highlight
c. Again, select “Equal To” and type in Neighborhood Center – and select a color to highlight
d. Finally, select “Equal To” and type in Regional Center – and select a color to highlight
8. This has now taken and added color to each of the center types within each market.
9. Open the “Mother Ship SLCo” file by going to: “X” Drive; PCom; Quarter Numbers; Retail; the current year; the
current quarter Salt Lake County.
10. On the Excel spreadsheet, starting with Row 2, copy all info across the columns and down to the last row of info.
11. In the Mother Ship file, select the “bldg_chck” tab on the bottom.
12. Click into Cell B Row 2, and paste the info you copied from the Spreadsheet. This sheet has a formula in it, and
will instantly run and will show you in Column A if the properties were included in the previous quarter or are
“new” in this quarter.
13. From Column B Row 1, again, copy all the information across and down to capture all the information.
14. On the tab at the bottom of the Mother Ship, select the Current Quarter_inv and open that tab (ie: Q3_inv).
15. Click on Column A Row 1 and paste the information.
16. On the bottom of the Mother Ship file, select and open the Current Quarter_Report tab (ie: Q3_Report).
17. Here you see all tables for each quadrant; and for each SF range.
18. From the “Q3_inv” tab, copy and paste each range from each quadrant, and paste it into the corresponding
table in the “Q3_Report” tab.
19. Once you have everything pasted into the Report tab, and starting at the top, scroll down and look at the
“Vacancy Rate” column. Make sure that none of these fields show more than 100% vacancy.
20. If a row shows more than 100% vacancy rate, open that property in REApps and figure out WHY, and then fix
the problem in REApps. Once REApps is fixed, come back to the spreadsheet and manually put in the available
square footage changes in the fields.
21. Going back now to REApps, run an Advanced Availables Report using the following criteria:
a. Property Type - Retail
b. Listing Status - Available
c. Center Type – Anchorless Strip Center, Community Center, Neighborhood Center & Regional Center
d. Construction Status as “Existing”
e. County – Salt Lake
f. Include in Statistics as “Yes”
g. Listing Type - Lease
h. Search
22. Again, from the “I Want to…” drop down field, select, “Export All or Selected Records In The List”
23. From the next option, select “Available Detailed Listings [Excel]”. Then select to Export.
24. Open the Excel file.
25. Delete all columns EXCEPT FOR:
a. Property Name
b. Address
c. Avail SF
d. Market
e. Center Type
f. Asking Rate
g. Asking Rate Type
h. Building ID
26. On the Mother Ship file, open the tab “Q3_rates” at the bottom of the page.
27. From the report you just ran and sorted, copy all the info, and paste it into the “Q3_rates” page.
28. Scroll through and look at the lease rates. Makes sure that all rates are in the correct “rate” for the specialty.
29. This has the formula built in to match up building ID numbers, and will automatically put the lease rate on the
“Q3_Report” sheet.
30. On the “Q3_Report sheet, look over the sheet to see if there is an “#N/A” anywhere on the page. If there is, you
need to find out what is causing this ERROR!! “#N/A” will not allow the formulas to function until fixed and will
not give you totals.
31. Once you have all errors fixed, and you have double and triple checked to make sure all totals are accurate, you
can now move on to the charts and graphs.
32. Double check to make sure all info from 3Q Report is pulling into the charts and graphs.
33. If all is correct, open the Power Point Market Report file, and replace the charts/graphs with the current ones.
34. Add your write up.