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Responsibility Matrix - APQP (DRAFT COPY)

LEGENDS : Primary Responsibility Co-Resonsibility /Support

CFT Required ? Functions Remarks

S.NO. Description
(If Any)
(Y/N) Mkt. D&D / Engg. Production Purchase Maintence Tool Room QA HR

Planning programme
Receipt of RFQ / self design and development
1 Y

2 Formation of CFT Y

3 Listing of customer Requirements Y

4 Feasibility Review Y

5 Submission of quotation and Contract Review N

6 Timing chart / Plan Y

7 Design goals N

Customer Expectations/ Past problem History/

9 Y
review /refelection in new project (TGW & TGR)
Reliability and Quality goals ( Develop product
10 Y
specification linked to customer)

11 Develop Product and Process concept Y

12 Preliminary bill of materials Y

13 Preliminary Process Flow N

Preliminary listing of special product and process

15 Y

16 Program Risk Evaluation and approval Y

Product Design & Development


4 Design verification Plan N

5 Design Reviews Y

6 Design Change History /ECN Y

Engineering Drawings (Tools drawing, tool

materials and specification)

Process Design & Development

Product/Process quality system plan ( Process

1 Y
maturation plan )

2 Process flow chart Y

3 Floor Plan Layout Y

5 Process FMEA Y

7 Pre-Launch Control Plan Y

8 Work instructions Y

9 Identification of skills & train Personnel Y

MSA / SPC plan (Gages / testing equipment

10 Y

11 Packaging Specifications Determination Y

Product & Process Validation

3 Product Trial Run Y

4 Preliminary Process Capability Study Y

5 Measurement systems Evaluation Y

6 Production Control Plan Y

7 Production Validation Testing Y

8 Identification of skills & train Personnel Y

9 Production Part Approval Y

10 Packaging Evaluation Y

11 Project Hand over Y


1 APQP Phase Reviews Y

2 Problem Escalation Y

3 APQP Phase clearnace & Sign-Off Y

Collection & Review of Lessons Learned

4 Y