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Industrialism has made a very big impact in our society today and in the whole world. It had
contributed a lot of good alterations in the world, from how an object is being produced to how fast
certain object could be finished in production either be supplies or goods for consumption. One of the
most cited and renowned contribution of industrialism is the continuous development and
sophistication of technology that really had made our lives not only easier but more comfortable too,
like gadgets the thing that most babies of the 20th Century loves.
The issue about Gadgets: Blessing or a curse is very eminent; the commotion of this issue is
spreading fast like wildfire. This is about the dilemma whether gadgets are worth their existence, are
they really serving for their purpose? Whether these things if evaluated and thoroughly thought
rationally would give us a positive and great feedback about their advantage or something that we
consumers are afraid to hear? And whether living in the realm where Gadgets are widely spread and
maybe soon the dominance of the artificial intelligence are worth the excitement.
There have been a lot of a not so friendly reactions or opinions towards the people’s
dependence and demanding usage of gadgets recently. Some are arguing about the possible effect
of it in our health. Some are claiming that these gadgets are one of the precipitating factors that can
lead to the severity and a development of a certain disease. All of these are what you are expected to
find and witness or hear in a conversation about this topic, very chaotic yet interesting.
This issue is one of the issues that every teen ager and adult who have experienced to live in a
society dominated by gadget using people, because all of us are using gadgets anyway; it is best and
beneficial for every individual and as users to really dig deep to what they are currently doing. How
they are using it, the proper ways of using it and what are the common signs of misuse, because
these gadgets may come in handy and that is why most of these gadgets are prone to being misused
and how low salience for misuse should be addressed.
Using such gadgets differently on their intended purpose; like for example using a very high
powered computer in hacking and stealing important information about a certain individual, overriding
bank security codes to steal money, ATM card cloning and etc. is not the intended purpose why they
are created, and that’s gadget misuse. Another example that shows direct effect of gadget misuse to
our health is, normally gadgets emit radiation; it affects the eyes causing eye defects and problems,
and also one of the main contributors that can make humans alter their lifestyle unconsciously.
Because of the mesmerizing features that these gadgets like mobile phones we become
unconscious that we have been sitting and doing nothing all day! And you know sedentary lifestyle is
one contributing factor that makes us more at risk of developing diseases like heart diseases.
Washing machines, automated floor sweepers, coffee makers etc these if used too often could make
great impact to you health because they separate you from what humans usually do from what your
body usually does, and that is working.
Gadgets are precisely both blessing and a curse, it is a blessing because it has made a lot of
help in making students make their projects faster, research has never been easier and it had made
communication and connection with our loved ones from across the country, across the sea easier.
Life with gadgets is brighter and less boring. And it is also a curse because it had made others life
miserable, because opportunistic individuals use the capabilities and power of their gadgets to drag,
and commit crime to people for their own growth and consumption.
It is also addictive if used without moderation, and without proper self discipline. Kids could no
longer enjoy the joy brought by the outside environment when playing because they are too busy
playing virtually, and also making themselves more at risk of destroying their innocents because of
the easy access to sites created by corrupt web makers like porn sites and etc affecting the mental
and emotional development of the child towards adulthood.
I think that this issue is very relevant because it helps this generation to think and to realize that
it’s not the gadgets fault, the problem relies on how humans use their gadgets. Proper discipline and
self control is needed, this topic also could help us think in advance what could be the new changes
that we will experience in the future when we will be strongly dominated by gadgets with Artificial
Intelligent, at least we can be able to make a reflection of what to avoid to prevent dependence.