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Power Amplifier for Real Time Digital Simulation Primary Injection and Test Equipment
Panel Configuration for panel mount type amplifier

Amplifier output display LED indicator for amplifier Features

The in-built sampling unit in the amplifier is
designed to sample the real time output signal a)
working status
Power On display
2 minutes continuous output at Model T1000
b) Operation display 1000A
and the output value for each current/voltage
channel will be displayed in the display area. c) Overheat display Manual and Ramp control
d) Current open circuit display CT test functions available
e) Voltage short circuit display
Independent Aux DC supply
In-built multi-meter funtion
Weight : 37kg

Amplifier outputs

Three phase power Panel control button
supply switch a) High power output button
b) Output pause button High power AC current output (I1)

Main Customers Range 2A~50A, 50A~1000A

Customer Name Current Source
Output voltage 20V 7V
Time of Operation Voltage Source
Accuracy ±0.5%
VNIIR,JSC (Russia) 2008 12*120V 9*200A Binary inputs
Beijing Jiaotong University 2009 14*120V 9*60A/6*30A Power 7000VA
Number 2(auto detection)
China Agricultural University 2009 18*120V 9*60A/6*30A/3*200A Load time 120s at 1000A
North China Electric Power University 2009 18*120V 12*60A/6*200A
Input characteristics ±30 ~ ±250Vdc, or potential free
Xi'an Jiaotong University 2004 18*120V 6*60A/3*200A Time resolution ±1ms ( 0.001~1s ) ±0 . 1%(1~9999.999s)
Tianjin University 2005 16*120V 12*60A
High power AC voltage output (U1)
Max. measuring time 9999.999s
South China University of Technology 2006 12*120V 9*60A Range 10~250V
Tsinghua University 2008 6*120V 3*30A/3*30A/6*200A Accuracy ±0.5%
Zhejiang University 2008 24*120V 18*30A
Power 750VA(250V) Binary output
China EPRI 2005/2008/2009 64*120V 24*60A/12*30A/15*200A
North China EPRI 2003 28*120V 12*60A/12*30A/6*200A Load time continuous Number 1
East China Electric Power Test Type Potential free relay contacts
2003/2005 24*120V 9*60A/6*200A
& Research Institute High power DC voltage output (Udc) Break capacity AC Vmax 250V AC / Imax 5A / Pmax 1250VA
Sichuan EPRI 2002 18*120V 9*60A/3*200A Range 10~300V
6*30A/3*200A Break capacity DC Vmax 250V DC/ Imax 5A / Pmax 150W
Fujian EPRI 2004 14*120V
Accuracy ±0.5%
Shandong EPRI 2003 12*120V 9*60A
Jiangsu EPRI 2004 20*120V 9*60A/6*200A Power 750W(300V)
Jiangxi EPRI 2008 16*120V 24*60A Load time Output : < 1A >1 A Power supply
Hebei Province EPRI 2007 24*120V 12*60A/6*30A/3*200A Time : continuous Max 60min Nominal input voltage 220VAC±15%
Shanxi Province Electric Power
2007 6*120V 6*200A frequency 45~65Hz
Research Institute
Auxiliary DC voltage output (Aux Udc)
Inner Mongolia EPRI 2008 24*120V 8*60A/12*30A
Chongqing EPRI 2008 12*120V 24*60A/6*200A Range 20~240V
Anhui Power Electric Test & Accuracy ± 1% Others
2008 16*120V 12*60A/9*30A
Research Institute Power 55W at 110V/110W at 220V Operation temperature -5 ~ +50°C
Shanxi Province North West Grid
2009 10*120V 6*60A/3*200A Load time continuous at 0.5A Operation humidity 5 ~95 %, non-condensing
Technology Center Weight 37kg
China Southern Power Grid CO.,LTD 2005 52*120V 39*60A/6*200A
Ammeter Dimensions (W x H x D) 260 ×330×500 mm
State Grid Nanjing Automation CO.,LTD 2003/2007 60*120V 27*60A/12*200A
Beijing Yiqun Engineering Range 0~6A AC direct measurement PC connection USB
2003/2007/2008 12*120V 63*30A Ground Socket (earth) 4 mm banana socket; front panel
Consultant Co., LTD 0~2000A AC with external CT
Nari-Relays Electric CO.,LTD 2005/2006/2007/2008 108*120V 48*60A/24*30A/24*10A/3*200A
Accuracy ±1%
State Grid Nanjing Automation
2003/2007 196*120V 27*60A/56*30A
Research Institute Certificates
XJ Group CO.,LTD 2003/2005/2007/2009 26*120V 48*60A/3*200A Voltmeter EMC (Emission) IEC-61000-3-2/3
Shanghai Electric Power
2007 14*120V 6*60A/3*200A Range 0~600V AC/DC EMC (Immunity) IEC 61000-4-2/3/4/5/6/11
Transmission & Distribution Group Accuracy ± 1% IEC 61010-1
State Grid Consrtuction 60*120V
2003/2009 66*30A/30*60A
Company Limited
Beijing Sifang Automation Co.,LTD 2004/2005 16*120V 12*60A/6*200A


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