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Ayungon National High School

Tampocon 1, Ayungon Negros Oriental

Prepared by: Mrs. Shiela P. Repe
I. Select the one that best answers the question. Encircle the letter of your choice.

1. Which of the following would not be a form of propaganda?

A) newspapers B) tv C) radio D) essay

2. Which of the following propagandas occurs when a famous person sells the product?
A) Testimonial B) Bandwagon C) Plain Folks D) Name Calling

3. Which of the following is NOT a type of propaganda?

A) Repetition B) Glittering Generalities C) Bandwagon D) Loaded words

4. Which of the following types of Propaganda is when they try to convince you everyone is doing it?
A) repetition B) bandwagon C) transfer D) loaded words

5. When a person is presented as an average everyday person they are using what type of propaganda?
A) bandwagon B) glittering generalities C) plain folks D) name calling

6. What is a slogan?
A) a line set to music
B) a memorable motto or phrase
C) a commercial
D) an annoying comment

7. What type of Propaganda makes you feel good about a product?

A) Glittering Generalities B) Bandwagon C) Repetition D) Name Calling

8. What type of Propaganda is this: According to Tony nominees, Savion Glover, Tom's Dancing Studio takes you
right to the top?
A) Bandwagon B) Testimonial C) Glittering Generalities D) Plain Folks

9. What type of Propaganda is this: What's the latest place to be? Where do all the cool people hang out? They're
all at Asa's Arcade. Asa's has all the newest games that all the happenin' guys and gals want. Check it out
A) Bandwagon B) Testimonial C) Glittering Generalities D) Repetition

10. What type of Propaganda is this: Slosho mouthwash comes in six cavity fighting flavors, freshens your breath,
and protects you from decay. It will be the only mouthwash with the dazzling, prismatic label that says SLOSHO!
A) Bandwagon B) Glittering Generalities C) Repetition D) Plain Folks

11. What type of Propaganda is this: C'mon down to Rhonda's this weekend. We're locking down these prices and
throwing away the key. You know where Rhonda's is located. Rhonda's is just down I 35. You'll know your here
when you see Rhonda's cowboy
A) Testimonial B) Bandwagon C) Repetition D) Plain Folks

12. What type of Propaganda is this: Councilman Smith is the worst councilmen ever. He's nothing but a crook who
has taken money. In the next election let’s vote that idiot out of office!!!
A) Repetition B) Name-calling C) Bandwagon D) Plain Folks
13. What type of Propaganda is this: Having trouble sleeping? Let Nitey-Nite help! It is the best sleep aid on the
market! It is the only choice for you!
A) Glittering Generalities B) Testimonial C) Name-Calling D) Plain Folks

14. What type of Propaganda is this: Bill Bard, a famous singer, told the audience at a political rally, I'm voting for
Tom O'Brien because he'll be the best senator we have ever had
A) Bandwagon B) Testimonial C) Name-Calling D) Repetition

15. What type of Propaganda is this: Everyone's talking about Archie. Don't be the only one who hasn't seen this
comedy! Find out what all your friends are talking about. Buy your tickets today!!!
A) Plain Folks B) Testimonial C) Bandwagon D) Repetition

16. What type of propaganda is this: Sports fans, once and for all, let's get that stupid, inept, feeble, lily-livered
coach off our home team!
A) Bandwagon B) Repetition C) Testimonial D) Name-calling

II. A. Identify the figurative language used. Write S for simile, M for Metaphor, P for personification,
H for hyperbole, and I for irony on the space provided before the number.

______17. The snow was a blanket over the mountain top.

______18. Carlo has a mind like a computer.
______19. After a boring play, someone says: “That was really an exciting performance. I woke up immediately
after it ended.”
______20. The grieving widow cried a bucket of tears.
______21. The rock stubbornly refused to move an inch.
______22. Silver-colored cars moved slowly down the road like fishes in the deep ocean.
______23. I offer you a thousand apologies.
______24. Why hurry; we have the oceans of time.
______25. A house embraces you with her warmth and kisses you with protection.
______26. The lady is a clinging vine.
______27. Her dress really fits her. It makes her look like a tube.
______28. The leaves of the trees were whispering to one another.
______29. You are as faithful as a dog.
______30. The contestants made a good fight. Each one did not earn a single point until the end of the contest.

B. Read the sentences and identify what kind of sentence each of the following is. Write S for simple, C
for compound and CX for complex on the space provided before the number.

______31. I borrowed a book but I forgot to bring it home.

______32. The wedding started, when the bride arrived.
______33. Harry fished all day and caught nothing.
______34. Shakespeare wrote and produced his own plays.
______35. The house which is on a hill dominates the landscape.
______36. God loves the children.
______37. The visitors played tennis; hteir host took a nap.
______38. Jim studied in the Sweet Shop for his Chemistry quiz, but it was hard to concentrate because of the
______39. The quest was extremely difficult because the members of the team had to learn to trust one another.
______40. You must study your lesson or you will fail.
III. Match the word in Column A with its meaning in Column B. Write only the letter of the answer in the blank.

_____41. Image a. Compares two different things of unlike nature
using like or as
_____42. Compound Sentence b. Clause that often begins with the subordinating
conjunction that
_____43. Propaganda c. Words, phrases or passages that come before
and after a particular word in a piece of writing
to help explain its full meaning
_____44. Kernelling Sentences d. It is made up of two or more independent
clause with no subordinate clause
_____45. Noun Clause e. A method of organizing your ideas in a logical
_____46. Context Clue f. It refers not only to objects seen but also to
sounds heard, textures felt, odors smelled, and
objects tasted
_____47. Clause g. Deleting expansions and retaining the core or
essential parts
_____48. Figurative language h. It gives color, decoration, and life to language

_____49. Outlining i. Dissemination of ideas and information for the

purpose of inducing or intensifying specific
attitudes and actions
_____50. Simile j. A group of words containing a subject and a
predicate and it function as part of a sentence

IV. Fill in the boxes with the missing letters to get the meaning of the word on the left column.


51. boon b n f i
52. translucent c r

53. entertainment e i u
54. trend d v p m

55. smart n t i e

B. Using context clues. Write the letter of the word or phrase that gives the correct meaning of the underlined
word as used in the sentence.

56. The morning had passed, and Ely was famished for want of his breakfast.
a. starved b. disliked c. filled d. contented
57. The race ended in a tie when Reme and Juleus crossed the finish line simultaneously.
a. separately b. all together c. autonomously d. alone
58. If you stand up in the boat, it may capsize and you will find yourself in the water.
a. throw b. bend c. overturn d. shake
59. I cannot tell you the secret unless you promise not to divulge it.
a. reveal b. return c. cover up d. hide

60. Sara became incensed when I didn’t let her see my homework, and she has not spoken to me since.

a. happy b. envious c. sad d. angry

V. Give the complete word meaning of the following acronyms.

61. LRT

62. DVD

63. PC


65. USSR

66. DepEd

67. MRT

68. NAT

69. WHO