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Department of Education- Region X

Division of Cagayan de Oro City

Puerto, Cagayan de Oro City


S.Y. 2016-2017


That we, all of legal age, all of whom are teachers of Puerto National High School, Puerto,
Cagayan de Oro City, having voluntarily associated ourselves together for the purpose of non-
political, non-stock, non-sectarian club composed of men and women who believe in the priority
and necessity to safeguard and protect our student and school valued rights against oppression
from all sources.
And we declare:

Name and Address

Section 1: That the name of the club shall be Puerto National High School Faculty Club (Puerto
Section 2. That the club shall hold the office within the compound of the school at Puerto,
Cagayan de Oro City.


Section 1. The Puerto NHS-FC believes its creation proceed from the conviction that in order to
harness unity, promote cooperation and mutual understanding between teachers, students,
school administrators and its basic rights of every individual should be upheld and respected.
Section 2. The Puerto NHS-FC adheres and commits itself to the strict observance of one’s rights,
the right to self-expression, develop personal and professional abilities and dignity.
Section 3. The Puerto NHS-FC shall adhere the strict observance of the Deped Memo 84 S. 2016
citing the School Uniform Policy. A fine of Php5/piece will be imposed to the non-observance of
the said DM.


Section 1. In general, the prime objectives of the Puerto NHS-FC is for the protection and
upholding of the rights of teachers, students, school administrators and of the educative
community as guaranteed by the Philippine Constitution, especially the club shall seek;
a. To advance the cause of education as the agency for the Philippine Nationalism, promote
and preserve the ideals of the Constitution of the Philippine Republic.
b. To protect, help and enhance the professional growth, economic, social, moral, cultural,
and spiritual values of the member.
c. To cooperate with the Parent Teachers Association (PTA) and other civic bodies having
education objectives and community development related programs.
Section 2. In particular, the objectives of the Puerto NHS-FC are as follows:
a. To establish partnership, social orientation and accountability.
b. To improve the working condition.
c. To improve public service quality to the clients (students).
d. To improve teacher to be assertive and more participative.
e. To foster closer relations among teachers, school administrators, students, and parents.
f. To enjoin with the school administrator the upgrading of quality instructions for the
betterment of the institution.


Section 1. Membership in the Puerto NHS-FC shall be open to all teachers assigned to the school
without restrictions to religion, political affiliations, sex, and other personal associations.
Section 2. Each member must obey and observe the rules and regulations of the club and must
promote its aims and help strive for the success and general welfare of the organization.
Section 3. For any action of infraction of the forgoing club by any member and any act injurious or
pre-judicial to the interest and welfare of the club, any member maybe expelled from the
organization by a majority vote of the members in a meeting called for the purpose . Provided,
that the member shall be informed of the charges at least 30 days in advance and shall be heard
in the said meeting.
Section 4. Any teacher or member of the club separated from service or transferred another
school losses his/her membership and can withdraw his/her deposits.
Section 5. Any member reserve the rights to express freely during the club meetings, deliberations,
and exercise his/her rights to vote when necessity arises.

Section 6. Every member is obliged to pay a monthly contribution of fifty pesos (Php 50.00)
Section 7. No member shall be exempted from payment of all accrued monthly contribution in
any circumstances whatsoever.


Section 1. Every member has a one-time privilege to financial assistance (hospitalization, burial,
calamity-stricken) of Five Hundred Pesos (Php 500.00). And that, forgoing assistance is intended for
the member and the immediate member of the family.

Executive Officers and their Duties

Section 1. There shall be executive officers who shall be chosen by the members of the club and
shall hold office for a term or two years and maybe re-elected for the same office once. Such
executive shall be:
1. President 5. Auditor
2. Vice- President 6. Press Information Officer
3. Secretary
4. Treasurer

Section 2. The executive officers shall have the following powers and duties.

1. Shall be the Chief Executive of the Club;
2. Shall cause the execution of the provisions of these by-laws, rules and regulations, and
orders duly promulgated by the Club;
3. Shall preside over all meetings of the Club;
4. Shall prepare the annual and implemental of the budget of the Club’s funds;
5. Shall sign for in behalf of Club all papers such as vouchers relating to the disbursements of
the Club’s Funds;
6. Shall perform such other powers and duties as are pertaining to his/her office or as maybe
authorized the members as the body.

Vice- President
1. Shall discharge the power and duties of the President in his/her absence or inability to
perform his/her function and duties;

1. Shall keep a complete list of all members of the Club;
2. Shall keep correct records of all meetings of the Club;
3. Shall give notices of all meetings of the Club;
4. Shall prepare all communications, resolutions, motions and minutes and such other writings
for the signature of the appropriate person concerned;
5. Shall be in the performance of duties, be assisted by an assistant secretary designated by
the Executive Officers of the Club;
6. Shall perform other duties as the body may require.
1. Shall be custodian of the funds and properties of the Club;
2. Shall prepare financial reports of the Club;
3. Shall keep a record of accounts of the Club;
4. Shall perform such other powers and duties as appertaining to his/her office or as maybe
authorized by the body;
5. Shall countersign any vouchers, bank notes, checks or any financial document.

1. Shall make audit of funds, properties, papers, voucher or documents of the Club;
2. Shall make reports to the body of any irregularity committed;
3. Shall perform such other duties as maybe required by the Club;

Press Information Officers

1. Shall act as connecting link between the Club and the public within his/her area of
responsibility, the conduct of internal or external affair through print and broadcast media;
2. Shall perform such other duties as maybe required by the Club;


Section 1. There shall be created the following committees:

1. Committee on Election 6. Committee on Health/Sanitation
2. Committee on Ways and Means 7. Committee on Sports
3. Committee on Communications 8. Committee on Education
4. Committee on Grievance 9. Committee on Budget and Finance
5. Committee on Infrastructure 10. Committee on Social/ Cultural Affairs

Section 2. The Chief Executive of the Club will appoint the Chairman of Committees or as per
approval by the Executive Officers.


Section 1. The Puerto NHS-FC shall have its election of the Executive Officers every 1st Friday of the
Opening of the School Year.

Section 2. There shall be promulgated rules and regulations in electing the Executive Officers as
a. A member shall be entitled to vote;
b. A member is assigned at Puerto National High School during the opening of the school
c. Election shall be by secret balloting;
d. Elected officers shall assume office after induction.

Originated and prepared for PuertoNHS by: Donghil, Antonio C (Faculty Club President AY 2005-
2012 on July 15, 2005.)
1st Revision: January 15, 2012
2nd Revision: July 7, 2016