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Rules and Regulations for the Classification of Naval Ships, January 2016

Classification Regulations Volume 1, Part 1, Chapter 2

Section 1

1.1.10 It is a requirement of classification that fire safety arrangements are to comply with and be maintained in compliance
with a specified standard(s). The specified standard(s) and ongoing certification regime are to be notified to LR by the Naval
Administration in writing. Alternatively, where requested, LR will approve the arrangements against the agreed standard(s).
1.1.11 It is a requirement that where a vessel operates aircraft, it is classed in accordance with the requirements of the AIR
notation defined in Vol 1, Pt 4, Ch 2, 10 Aircraft operations for the landing, manoeuvring and parking areas.
1.1.12 It is a requirement that, where the vessel has fitted on board lifting appliances which are considered by LR to be
necessary for it to fulfil its Ship Type role (e.g. aircraft lifts on aircraft carriers, landing platform dock stern ramp) and that there are
no alternative means of operation, the lifting appliance(s) are to be designed, built and surveyed in accordance with LR’s Code for
Lifting Appliances in a Marine Environment, November 2015 (LAME) and the notation LA is to be assigned. This notation will be
assigned in association with a Register of Lifting Appliances listing the appliances covered. The Register of Lifting Appliances is the
responsibility of the Owner. Elsewhere, classification of lifting appliances is optional and may be assigned at the request of the
Owner on compliance with the appropriate requirements, see Vol 1, Pt 1, Ch 2, 3.9 Machinery and Engineering Systems notations
1.1.13 It is a requirement of classification that magazine safety arrangements are to comply with and be maintained in
compliance with a specified standard(s). The specified standard(s) and ongoing certification regime are to be notified to LR by the
Naval Administration in writing. LR will provide advice on this aspect at the request of the Owner/Naval Administration.
1.1.14 Where an onboard computer system having longitudinal strength capability, which is required by the Rules, is provided
on a new ship, or newly installed on an existing ship, then the system is to be certified in respect of longitudinal strength in
accordance with LR’s document entitled Approval of Longitudinal Strength and Stability Calculation Programs, see also Vol 1, Pt
5, Ch 4, 5 Residual strength hull girder loads

1.2 Application

1.2.1 Except in the case of a special directive by LR no new Regulation or alteration to any existing Regulation relating to the
character of Classification or to Class notations is to be applied to existing ships.
1.2.2 At the discretion of LR, ship types which are specifically covered by LRRules and Regulations for the Classification of
Ships or other LR Rules and Regulations for Classification may be considered for classification in accordance with these Rules and
Regulations. See Vol 1, Pt 1, Ch 2, 9.1 General 9.1.1.

1.3 Interpretation of the Rules

1.3.1 The interpretation of the Rules is the sole responsibility, and at the sole discretion, of LR.

1.4 Owner's responsibilities

1.4.1 The Owner is to give LR Surveyors every facility and necessary access to carry out their survey duties. The Owner
should familiarise himself with the relevant LR Rules and, where appropriate, arrange that all sub-contractors, suppliers of
components, materials or equipment do the same.
1.4.2 The survey procedures undertaken by LR when providing services are on the basis of periodical visits involving both
monitoring and direct survey. LR’s Surveyors may not be in continual attendance. As construction, outfitting and refitting are
continuous processes, the Builder has the overall responsibility to his client to ensure and document that the requirements of the
Rules, approved drawings and any agreed amendments made by the attending LR Surveyors, have been complied with.
1.4.3 Where the Owner/Naval Administration identifies standards, conducts audits or issues certificates, and the responsibility
has not been delegated to LR, LR is to be advised of the identity of the Naval Administration and is to be furnished with all
appropriate standards and to have full access to the Naval Administration at all times.

1.5 Documentation

1.5.1 It is acknowledged that the Owner may wish to retain the originals of Certificates issued by LR, however, naval ships are
required to carry the following documentation on board so that the attending surveyor is able to carry out his duties (certified
copies of Certificates are acceptable):
(a) Endorsable Certificate of Class.
(b) C11(N) – Record of watertight and weathertight closing arrangements.
(c) Approved Stability information and damage control plan and the following as applicable.
(d) Lifting Appliances Certificate.

10 Lloyd's Register