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Guidelines for verification of Genuineness of Educational

 The applicant should come in person between 8 a.m. and 3.30 pm. to the
IVS Global Services Private Limited located at the Business Atrium,
No. 201, 202 on 2nd floor, Oud Metha, Dubai . The applicant is required
to bring the following documents.
 Prescribed application form – two copies
 Photocopies (back to back) of each certificate – two copies
 Photocopies of marks sheet (Final year or consolidated) - two copies
 A copy of the passport with visa page
 Original passport & certificates to be shown at the time of submission
 University verification fee in Demand Draft (If required as mentioned in the
application proforma) and a photocopy of the same
 Verification fees Dhs 60/- and IVS fee of Dhs. 4.50/- and (optional) Courier
charges Dhs. 35/- per document to be paid for each application after
scrutiny of the particulars of the application.

S. University /Board Fee charged per To be paid by Demand

No Certificate Draft in favour of
1 Alagappa University Rs. 2500/- per certificate Registrar, Alagappa
University, payable at
2. Allahabad University Rs. 2000/- per certificate Registrar, Allahabad
3. Acharya Nagarjuna Rs.1500/-per certificate Registrar, Acharya Nagarjuna
University University, Gantur (A. P.)
4 Annamalai University US $ 50/- per Certificate Controller of Examinations,
Annamalai University,
Annamalai Nagar
5 Andhra University Rs. 1200/- per certificate The Registrar, Andhra
University, Visakhapatnam
6 Anna University Rs. 500/- per certific ate Controller of Examination,
Anna University
7 Bangalore University Rs. 2500/- per Certificate Finance Officer, Bangalore
University, Bangalore
8 Bharathiar University Rs. 1250/- Per Certificate Registrar, Bharathiar
University, Coimbatore
9 Dr. Babasaheb Ambdekar Rs. 150/- per certificate Registrar, Dr. Babasaheb
Marathwada University Ambdekar Marathwada
University, Aurangabad
10. Dr. NTR University of Rs 5000/- per certificate The Registrar, Dr. NTR
Health Sciences, University of Health Sciences
11 Goa University Rs. 250/- Per Certificate Registrar, Goa University,
12 Gujarat University Rs. 200/- per certificate Registrar, Gujarat University,
13 Gulbarga University Rs. 1000/- per certificate The Finance Officer, Gulbarga
University, Gulbarga
14 Himachal Pradesh Rs. 1000/- Per Certificate Finance Officer, H. P.
University University, Shimla
15 Indira Gandhi National US$ 100/- per certificate Registrar, IGNOU, New Delhi
Open University
16 Jiwaji University Rs. 200/- Per Certificate Registrar, Jiwaji University
17 Jadavpur university US$ 100/- per certificate Registrar, Jadavpur University
payable at Kolkata
18 Kuvempu University Rs. 850/- per Certificate Registrar, Kuvempu University
19. Karunya University Rs. 500/- per Certificate The Registrar, Karunya
University payable at
20 Kakatiya University US$ 40 per Certificate Controller of Examination,
Kakatiya University
Warangal, Andhra Pradesh
21 Karnataka State Open Rs. 1200/-Per Certificate Finance Officer, K. S. O. U.
University Mysore
22 Kerala Agricultural
University- The Comptoller Kerala
Certificates within five Rs. 500/- per certificate Agricultural University,
years or less Vellanikkara payable at State
Five to ten years Rs 750/- per certificate Bank of Travancore, Kerala
Every additional year Rs. 250/- Agricultural University,
after 10 years Campus Branch, Vellanikkara,
23 Mysore University US $ 246 per Certificate Finance Officer, University of
Mysore, Mysore
24 Madras University Rs. 1000/- per Certificate Registrar, University of
Madras, Chennai
25 M. S. University Baroda Rs. 100/- per Certificate Registrar, M. S. University
Baroda Vadodara
26 Madurai Kamaraj US $ 50/- per Certificate The Registrar, Madurai
University Kamaraj University, payable
at Palkalainagar branch.
27 Manonmaniam Rs. 500/- per Certificate Registrar, Manomaniam
Sundaranar University Sundaranar University,
28 Mahatma Gandhi Rs 1250/- per certificate Finance Officer, Mahatma
University Gandhi University, Kerala
29 Mangalore University Rs. 1200/- per certificate The Registrar, Mangalore
30 North Maharashtra Rs 300/- per certificate The Registrar, North
University Maharashtra University
31 Osmania University US$25/- per Certificate online Registrar, Examination Fee
reg. oU exam fee fund A/c Fund Account, Osmania
No.52198262033 State bank University, Hyderabad
of Hyderabad Osmania Uni
IFSC SBHY0020071
32 Pune University Rs. 150/- per Certificate Registrar, University of Pune,

33 Panjab University Rs. 370/- per certificate Registrar, Panjab University,

34 Punjabi University, US $ 100/- per Certificate Registrar, Punjabi University,
Patiala Patiala
35 Pandit Ravishankar Rs. 100/- Per Mark Registrar, Pandit Ravishankar
Shukla University, Raipur sheets/Certificate Shukla University, Raipur
36 Periyar University Rs. 1000/- per Certificate Registrar, Periyar University,
37 RTM Nagpur University Rs. 200/ per Certificate Registrar, Rashtrasant
Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur
University, Nagpur
38 Rani Durgavati Rs. 100/- per Certificate Registrar, Rani Durgavati
Vishwavidyalaya Vishwavidyalaya, Jabalpur
39 Shivaji University, Finance and Accounts Officer,
Kolhapur Rs. 2500/- per certificate Shivaji University, Kolhapur
M.S, P.C,T.C,M.C From the
date of demand upto last Rs. 500/-
10 years Rs. 200/-
Before 10 years Rs. 30/-
Degree certificate
Registered Post
40 Smt. Nathibhai Damodar Rs.1500/- per Certificate The Registrar, SNDT Womens
T. Women University University, Payable at
41. Swami Ramanand Teerth Rs. 400/- per certificate Controller of Examination,
Marathwada University Swami Ramanand Teerth
Marathwada University,
Nanded, M.S
42 Sri Venkateswara Rs. 250/- per Certificate Registrar, S. V. University,
University, Tirupati Tirupati
43 Tamil Nadu Dr. M. R. G. R. US $ 100/- per certificate The Registrar, The Tamil
Medical University, Nadu Dr. M. G. R. Medical
Chennai University, Chennai
44 University of Burdwan Rs. 850/- per Certificate Finance Officer, the
university of Burdwan,
payable at State bank of
India, Burdwan University
45 University of Calcutta Rs. 6000/- Per certificate Registrar, University of
Calcutta, Kolkata
46 University of Delhi
Certificate issued less US$ 50/- per Certificate Registrar, University of Delhi,
than 6 years Delhi
Certificates issued more US$ 100/- per certificate
than 6 years
47 University of Mumbai –
 Document issued Rs 500/- per document + 250 The Finance Accounts
from 2011-2009 (urgent) = Rs. 750/- Officer, University of Mumbai
 Document issued Rs 700/- per document + 350
2008 – 2004 (urgent) = Rs. 1050/-
 Document issued
Rs 850/- per document + 425
prior to 8 years
(urgent) = Rs. 1275/-
but up to 15
years Rs 1000/- per document +
 Document issued 500 (urgent) = Rs. 1500/-
prior to 15 years Rs 200/- per document per
 Additional copies additional copy
48 University of Kashmir Rs. 1300/- per Certificate Registrar, University of
Kashmir, Srinagar Payable at
Jammu & Kashmir Bank
Hazratbal branch srinagar
49 Veer Narmad South Rs. 1500/- Per Certificate Registrar, Veer Narmad South
Gujarat University Gujarat University, Surat
50 Sambalpur University, Rs. 1000/- per certificate Registrar, Sambalpur
Orissa University, Orissa
51. University of Lucknow Rs. 1000/- per certificate Registrar, University of
52 Visvesvaraya Rs. 1000/- per certificate Finance Officer, VTU Belgaum
Technological University Payable at Belgaum,
53 University of Rajasthan Rs.1200/- per certificate The Registrar, University of
Rajasthan, Jaipur

54 Maharashtra University of Rs. 2200/- per certificate The Registrar, MUHS, Nashik
Health Sciences, Nashik
55. Vinayaka Missions Rs 1000/- per certificate Vinayaka Missions University,
University Examinations account
payable at Salem
56. Biju Patnaik University of Rs. 200/- per certificate The Registrar, Biju Patnaik
Technology, Orissa University of Technology,
Bhubaneswar Orissa
57. Maharashtra State Board Rs. 1500/- per certificate Secretary, MSBTE, Mumbai
of Technical Education 51

58. Maharaja Rs 100/- per certificate The Registrar, Maharaja

Krishnakumarsinghji Krishnakumarsinghji
Bhavanagar University Bhavanagar University
59 Symbiosis International Rs 500/- per certificate Symbiosis International
University University payable at Pune

60 Sri Venkateswara Rs 200/ per certificate The Registrar, Sri

University Venkateswara Univesity
61 Karnatak University, Rs. 1600/- per certificate The Registrar, Karnatak
Dharward University, Dharward

62 Sant Gadge Rs. 1500 per certificate Registrar, Sant Gadge Baba
Baba Amravati University Amravati University

63. Bharathidasan University US $ 50/- per certificate Registrar, Bharthidasan University,

64. Christ University Rs. 800/- per certificate Finance Accounts Officer,
Christ University, Bangalore
65 Thiruvalluvar University Rs. 350/- per Certificate The Registrar, Thiruvalluvar
University, Serkkadu, Vellore
66. Gitam University, Andhra Rs. 500/- per Certificate Gitam University,
Pradesh Vishakapattanam.
67. Rajiv Gandhi University Rs. 6000/- per Certificate Rajiv Gandhi University,
68. Gandhigram Rural Institute Rs. 250/- per certificate Registrar, Gandhigram Rural
Institute, Gandhigram
69. Tamil Nadu Nurses and Rs. 5000/- per certificate Registrar, Tamil Nadu Nurses
Midwives Council and Midwives Council
Chennai -4
70 Sri Krishna Devaraya Rs. 500/- per certificate Registrar, SK University,
University Ananthapuram
71 Maharaja Sayajirao Rs. 700/- per certificate Registrar, MS University of
University of Baroda Baroda,
72 Andhra Board Rs. 100/- per Certificate Secretary, to the
Commissioner for Govt. Exam
73 Andhra Pradesh Para Rs. 200/- per certificate Secretary AP Para Medical
Medical Board Board, Hyderabad
74 Board of Intermediate Rs. 100/- per Certificate Secretary, Board of
Education, A. P. Intermediate Education,
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
75 Board of Secondary Rs 100/- per certificate The Secretary to the
Education Commissioner for Government
Andhra Pradesh Examination, Andhra Pradesh,
76 CBSE Rs. 100/- per Certificate Secretary, CBSE Chennai,
Ajmer, New Delhi, Allahabad,
Panchkula & Guwahati
77 Council for the Indian Rs. 300/- per Certificate Council for the Indian School
School Certificate Certificate Examination, New
Examination Delhi
78 Drug Control Dept. Rs.500/- per certificate Head of the Account 0210-03-105-0-
Bangalore 01 in favour of 'chairman, Board of
Examining Authority, Bangalore'.
The fee payment of Rs. 100/-
through challan has to be made in
such State Bank of Mysore / State
Bank of India authorized by Govt. of
Karnataka and situated in the state
of Karnataka only.
79 Directorate of Vocational Rs. 100/- per Certificate Director, Directorate of
Education, Bangalore Vocational Education,
80 Goa Secondary Board Rs. 400/- per Certificate Secretary, Goa Board of Sec.&
Hr. Sec. Education,
81 Gujarat Secondary & Rs. 25/- Per Certificate for Secretary, Gujarat Secondary
Higher Secondary S. S. C. and Higher Secondary
Education Board Education Board, Vadodara
82 Gujarat Secondary & Rs. 25/- Per Certificate + Secretary, Gujarat Secondary
Higher Secondary Attested H. S. C. Certificate and Higher Secondary
Education Board Education Board, Gandhinagar
83 Jammu & Kashmir State Rs. 400/- Per Certificate Chairman, J & K Board of
Board of School School Education,
Education Lal-Mandi, Srinagar
84 Kolhapur Divisional Board Rs. 100/- per Certificate Divisional Secretary, Kolhapur
Divisional Board, Kolhapur
85 Karnataka Secondary Rs. 200/- Per Certificate Divisional Secretary,
Education Examination Karnataka Secondary
Board, Bangalore Education Examination Board,
86 Karnataka Tech. Board Rs. 100/- per Certificate Divisional Secretary,
Karnataka Tech. Board
87 Karnataka Secondary Rs. 100/- per Certificate Divisional Secretary Karnataka
Education Examination Secondary Education
Board, Mysore Examination Board, Mysore
Division, Mysore
88 Maharashtra State Board, Rs. 500/- per Certificate Divisional Secretary, Mumbai
Mumbai Divisional Board Vashi Navi
89 Maharashtra State Board, Rs. 200/- per Certificate Divisional Secretary, Pune
Pune Divisional Board Pune-411005
90 Maharashtra Nursing Rs. 700/- per certificate Registrar, Maharashtra
Council Nursing Council Mumbai
91 National Board of Rs. 2000/- per certificate National Board of
Examinations, New Delhi Examinations, payable at New
92 Punjab School Education Rs. 200/- Per Certificate Secretary, Punjab School
Board Education Board,
93 State Board of Technical Rs. 300/- per Certificate Online payment through
Education, Madras Online payment through

94. Directorate of Medical Rs. 5000/- per certificate Secretary, Kerala Para medical
Education, Kerala Council, Trivandrum
95 Directorate of Medical Rs. 5000/- per certificate Director of Medical Education,
Education, Tamil Nadu Chennai


PO. BOX - 737

I, ______________________________________________ s/o,d/o,w/o
permanent address (as per passport)
_____________________________________________________present address (U.A.E)
__________________________________________________________and presently working as
_______________ (designation) in _______________________________________________(name /
place of the organization) holding Passport No. __________________issued at
________________on_________________ submit the following certificates for their
verification and certification as genuine.

S.N Roll No. / Reg. Examination Year of Name of State Board /

o. No. Passed Passing University/ Institute of
Higher learning.

I am aware of the penal consequences, which would be attracted in the

event of these certificates being found to be fake or forged. I understand that the
Consulate may convey details of such forgery to my employer / sponsor and the
other concerned authorities in the Government of UAE for taking appropriate
action. I am enclosing a demand draft for Rs/US $ ____________ issued by
_______________________________drawn on _____________ demand draft No.
_________________________________ towards the fee required for verification by the

Date: _______________________________

Contact No. ____________________________________


Email __________________________________________________________

Purpose of the Genuineness Certificate: Society

of Engineers

Ministry of Higher
Education / Ministry of Education

University/Board/ Institution Address:

To ,




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