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Mechatronics Brief History And Applications

Mohamed sh. Obaia

Faculty of computer sience and information technology Mansoura University

Abstract Introduction Key elements of mechatronic Conclusion

Mechatronics as word was founded by Mechatronics is one of the newest It’s clearly right now that the name of mechatronics was generated
compine the two words of mechanics engineering branches. the rapid Mechatronic can bring the best In 1969 by senior engineer Tetsura
and electronics. The first time that the development in microchip and comput- solution for technological problem . Mori while he was working at company
word appear was in 1969 by Tetsuro er technology have helped the There are more than one definitions of caled Yaskawa Electric Corporation
Mori as trademark by the company in increasing of demand for system that mechatronics but they are all about the which was known by its mechanical
Japan . we can easy expect that compine electronic, control and ‘integration of mechanical, electronic, equipments . Tetsura wanted to introd-
Mechatronics is the branch of enginee- mechanical engineering.I will try to and control engineering, and uce his new term that compine
ring that compines mechanical show brief history of mechatronics information technology to get good between mechanical and electronics
engineering and Electronics engine- and stages of its developing also will solution to a technological problem.the so he get mechatronics that has
ering which also cover multiple of try to explain diffrent applications and main components a mechatronic become agreat engineering branch
engineering fields as systems feilds that mechatronics involves in system as the follwing graph shows. after that in 1973 he applied to make
engineering , computer engineering, .now after the development the the name a brand and got it but mech-
instrumentation engineering, electric research classified into into ten atronics hadn’t became well kown till
power control. Mechatronics also technical : Motion Control, Robotics, 1980 when the brand was gaining
involves in variant application in Automotive Systems, Intelligent famous popularity due to its unique
diffrent fields for example its used in Control, Actuators and Sensors, feature.after 1980 when the computer
Robotics , Anti-lock brakes and Modeling and Design, System Integr- and technology were started to devel-
biomechatronics. ation, Manufacturing, Micro Devices ope increasingly that allowed variety of
and Optoelectronics, and Vibration and mechatronics products in diffrent size
Noise control which used in every field on our life .

Mechatronics Key elements

Today applications of mechatronics is extremely wide. This technology is used in
Mechatronics the automation of machines, industrial goods, biomedical systems, energy and
power systems, vehicular systems, data communication systems, computer aided [1] Alley, Charles L. (1973). Electronic
design. Robotics is dependent upon this technique. There are too many examples Engineering. Wiley
where mechatronics is involved. [2] Mechatronics- Tata McGraw Hill,
Robotics: A good example of a mechatronic apllications is robots most of them are Basics of Mechatronics- P.K Mohanty
built using software, electronics,and mechanical designs in a synergistic manner [3] introduction to mechatronics [book]
Also , there are much applications baised on mechatronics such as [4] 15 years of experience with
Anti-lock brakes : is a safety system that used to stop a speeding vehicle which Mechatronics research and Education
are on slippery road allows the vehicle to maintain tractive contact with the road job van amerongen
surface to measure the danger of situation to prevent accidents ,that system consist [5] Applications of Micromechatronics
of speed sensors and hydraulic valves and other components . in Minimally Invasive Surgery
[6] wikipedia Mechatronics Topic
Anti-lock brakes This research was supported by Dr- Mohamed El-dosoky