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International Journal of Applied Engineering Research ISSN 0973-4562 Volume 11, Number 5 (2016) pp 3160-3167

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Review of Green Building Index in Malaysia; Existing Work and Challenges

Saleh M. Algburi*
Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Faculty of Engineering,
Universiti Putra Malaysia, UPM Serdang, Selangor, 43400, Malaysia.
*Diwaniyah investment commission, Diwaniyah province, Iraq.

A. A. Faieza
Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Faculty of Engineering,
Universiti Putra Malaysia, UPM Serdang, Selangor, 43400, Malaysia.

Baharudin, B.T.H.T
Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Faculty of Engineering,
Universiti Putra Malaysia, UPM Serdang, Selangor, 43400, Malaysia.

Abstract idea within the construction industry and many definitions are
Energy is becoming one of the most critical and important founded of the term “green building”, this term “Indicates to
aspect to the nation, countries with high percentage of energy the quality and characteristics of the real structure created
and resources is considered powerful as nowadays energy and utilizing the standards and methodologies of sustainable
resources of the country is key measurement for its power and construction”. Green Buildings tend to be known as people
development. Economic improvement has now taken an that are equipped for reducing the passive effects of real estate
imperative part in the current world as characteristic assets are evolution on the environment and also human health with the
a rare thing and accessible lodging area is decreasing with the target of promoting sustainable life [2]. Placed in a different
blast of human population. Which increase the need of way, green building might be indicated to as which that its life
implementation of Green building construction to ensure of operation and construction “ensure the healthiest potential
sustainable development and reduce the consumption of environment whereas representing the large efficient and
resources. Green building is the act of building structures and minimum disruptive utilize of energy, water, resources, and
utilizing procedures that are ecologically benevolent and asset land [3]. Studies have not solely discovered which buildings
productive all through a building's life-cycle from account for around thirty eight percent to fifty percent of the
arrangement to outline, development, operation, upkeep, greenhouse gas emissions, and also one-third of the world’s
remodel and deconstruction. In Malaysia some world class total energy has been consumption in the built environment, it
Green Buildings have built in recent years, yet the idea of has also certain that promoted green building request and
green buildings for general masses is in outset stage. During supply may participate to ‐ thirty five percent mitigation of
this paper, it will explore the overall of sustainable carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions; thirty to fifty percent
development with its concept and its importance of this mitigation of total energy use; seventy percent savings on
approach and goals of green building. Advantages and waste output; and forty percent mitigation of water usage [4].
elements of the assessment for Green building Index had been There are different certification bodies which be able to
discussed with a number of the barriers to application and a decide if a building achieves the criteria of a green building or
review of existing mobile applications. In Malaysia, the not. The standard used in Malaysia is known as the Green
dynamic development of practice development by the Building Index (GBI) [5]. In Malaysia's industry, the Green
legislature, non-governmental associations and instruction, Building Index (GBI) realized green rating tool for
foundations in the recent years have demonstrated some constructions to encourage sustainability in the constructed
empowering advance in this field as it had revealed in this environment and elevation awareness amongst Developers,
paper. Designers, Engineers, Architects, Contractors, Planners and
the Public about environmental problems and our
Keywords: green building, green building index, green accountability to the upcoming generations [6]. The GBI
building barriers. rating tool offers a chance for developers and structure owners
to plan and build green, sustainable constructions that can
offer water savings, energy savings, a healthful indoor
Introduction environment, improved connectivity to common transport and
Green building has currently become a significant of the implementation of recycling and greenery for their
sustainable development during in this century [1], totally projects and decrease our influence on the environment [7].
different countries worldwide takes responsibility to apply this During this paper, section two will explore the overall of

International Journal of Applied Engineering Research ISSN 0973-4562 Volume 11, Number 5 (2016) pp 3160-3167
© Research India Publications.

sustainable development with its concept and its importance the environmental degradation because of carbon emissions,
of this approach and goals of green building. Section three in addition it generates a powerful green economy and
will look at the advantages and elements of the assessment for industry, in line with the country’s vision as well as the
Green building Index, i.e., Energy Efficiency, Indoor remainder of the globe economies. Via the green technology
Environmental Quality, Sustainable Site Planning & used, it will help on the provision predestined of RM 1billion
Management, Water Efficiency, and Innovation. A number of in energy linked costs for users and RM 5billion associated to
the barriers to application of green building will be looked in investments in usefulness infrastructure. Via the method of
section four and a review of existing mobile applications that sustainable development, it is going to keep the depleting non-
are discussed in fifth part. Finally, conclusion will be the last renewable fuels as a sustainable development emphasized on
section in this paper. the utilization of energy efficient method that keeps overall
fuel consuming and also expands the lifetime of scarce
reserves. Most significantly, a sustainable development is
Sustainable Development in Construction necessary to maintain the environment via utilizing the green
Sustainable building (also called as green construction or technology to reduce the exploitation of the natural
Green building). Sustainable development is development that environment [13].
meets the wants of the present while not compromising the
capability of future generations to fulfill their own needs [8]. Goals of green building
Also, a sustainable development is ought to decrease existing Green building, making mixes a vast selection of exercises,
levels of consuming of energy and resources and reproduction techniques, and also skills to minimize and ultimately exclude
of waste in order not to harm the natural systems that future the effects of constructing buildings on the environment and
generations will depend on to supply them with resources, also human health. It typically focuses on taking benefit of
ingest their waste and supply safe and healthful living renewable sources, e.g., applying sunlight by passive solar,
conditions [9]. active solar, and photovoltaic equipment, and also applying
According to Depaah, he defines Green Buildings to as those plants and trees via green roofs, rain gardens, and reduction of
that are capable of reducing the harmful effects of real estate rainwater run-off. Several other approaches are utilized, such
development on the environment and human health with the as using low-effect building resources or using packed gravel
aim of promoting sustainable life [2]. Economically, Malaysia or permeable concrete rather than traditional concrete or
has one of the rapidest growing construction industries on the asphalt to enhance replenishment of floor water [14] . There
planet; be that as it may, the fundamental balance between are many goals for apply green building which are:
financial and ecological system frameworks - to keep away
from further ecological harm has not yet been arrived at by the Technological Resources
business. Cost turns into one of the real explanations behind Mokthsim, argues that, the persons coming into this world are
the low advance in executing ecological well-disposed coming into an inexorably innovative age, where there is too
practices in building activities. Socially, there is still a wide much reliance on technology for about every part of their lives
hole of learning and mindfulness on maintainability issues than any other time in recent history. Obviously, these
among partners, clarifying the absence of duty in innovations are not fabricated of flimsy plans. They involve a
accomplishing social supportability [10]. vast usage of minerals and different inputs essentially to be
Tan, (2009) adds that, Malaysia government has constantly produced. This does not represent the measure of assets
urged engineers to construct green buildings which have long needed to create them in any case [15].
haul advantages. Energy, Green Technology and Water
Deputy Minister Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid said such Provision of Basic Human Needs
endeavors would be proceeded in spite of difficulties in He further argues that, an ever increasing populace will
regulations relating to the building outlines. For forming likewise make utilization of the basic needs of life, for
reasons, the planners need to submit the plans to the area example, sustenance, water, and haven. The obtaining of these
council. To date, there have been a few building plans which essentials is based pretty much altogether around having a
have the gimmicks of a green building. This integrates plans base that can support them for the long time. In the event that
in aeration and cooling systems and water maintenance energy is constantly growing on limited fossil energizes rather
outlines for toilets which permit reused water to be consumed than maintainable alternatives, the expense and ecological toll
for different purposes. Launched dialog and presentation of of supplying even fundamental needs can get to be amazing
the proposition to all the partners of the building business by [15].
means of the individuals from the Building Industry
Presidents Gathering (BIPC) [11]. Control Climate Change
Environmental change is an alternate issue that can be at any
Importance of sustainability in green building construction rate halfway helped through practical development. Feasible
Sustainable development is very significant on the saving to improvement practices would command a lower utilization of
assure the future generations able to entertain the similar fossil powers, which are not practical and which create
benefits as the existing generation able to [12]. nursery gasses. As the populace climbs, more individuals will
Pursuing sustainable development out of the use of green be obliging more energy and will be putting a much more
technology in economic and social developments not solely prominent strain on the world atmosphere [15].
helps keep the non-renewable fuels, safeguards and reduces

International Journal of Applied Engineering Research ISSN 0973-4562 Volume 11, Number 5 (2016) pp 3160-3167
© Research India Publications.

Financial Stability Waste subsiding

Lastly, feasible development can likewise deliver all the more Green building strategy, moreover looks to diminishing
monetarily supportable economies all through the world. misuse of energy, water and materials used in the midst of
Asset poor economies will get access to free and available development. For example, in California just about 60% of the
energy through renewable while additionally having the state’s waste starts from business structures. During the
chance to prepare laborers for occupations that won't be development organize, one target should be to decrease the
dislodged by the fundamental reality of limited assets. measure of material going to landfills. Sufficiently created
Employments manufactured around the "old" model of structures also help decrease the measure of waste delivered
unsustainable improvement essentially have no spot in by the occupants likewise, by giving on area courses of action,
economies without bounds. This has nothing to do with for instance, compost canisters to lessen matter going to
governmental issues or morals, yet rather the uncovered landfills. To reduce the impact on wells or water treatment
mechanics of how economies cost out limited assets over the plants, a couple of options exist. "Greywater", wastewater
long haul. Commercial ventures based around a dependence from sources, for instance, dishwashing or garment washers,
upon an asset that won't be available in the future will can be used for subsurface watering framework, or if treated,
eventually come up short, leaving practical development as for non-consumable purposes, e.g., to flush toilets and wash
the main alternative to getting up and go [16]. cars. Water gatherers are used for near purposes. Brought
together wastewater treatment structures can be absurd and
Resources Efficiency use a lot of energy. An unmistakable choice for this strategy is
Reused Content are items with identifiable reused substance, changing over waste and wastewater into fertilizer, which
combining post-industrial substance with a slant of post buyer avoids these costs and shows diverse benefits [16].
content. Resource capable amassing technique products are
made with resource gainful strategies including reducing
energy use, minimizing waste (reused, recyclable and source GBI Certification in Malaysia
reduced thing packaging), and diminishing nursery gasses. By In Malaysia, the government has set up a framework which
provincial principles available, for example, building will be referred to as the "Green Building Index" for assessing
materials, portions, and systems found commonly or the ecological design and performance of Malaysian
regionally saving energy and resources in transportation to the buildings. The GBI rating system was established jointly by
endeavor site. Solid materials that are longer persevering or Malaysian Institute of Architects and the Association of
are like routine things with long fates [17]. Consulting Engineers Malaysia (ACEM). The motivation
behind this inventory is to structure mindfulness among all the
Indoor ecological quality improvement players in the development industry on the essentials of
Indoor Air Quality tries to diminish unstable natural mixes, or economic development. This framework has set up a
VOCs, and other air pollutions, for example, microbial progression of necessities which are thought to be ecological
contaminants. Structures depend on a legitimately planned cordial amid the course of the life cycle of the building
ventilation framework (inactively/commonly or mechanically- development [20].
fueled) to give satisfactory ventilation of cleaner air from
outside or recirculated, sifted air and additionally separated The Malaysian building industry has taken a major jump
operations (kitchens, cleaners, and so on.) from different towards the Green Movement by propelling its own 'Green
places. Low or non-deadly: Materials that discharge couple of Building Index' (GBI) in 2009. GBI is composed particularly
or no carcinogenic operators, conceptive toxicants, or for Malaysia's tropical climate, remembering the social,
aggravations as demonstrated by the maker through fitting infrastructural and financial development in Malaysian
testing. Products and structures that restrict sogginess or limit connection and in the meantime consolidating high need
the improvement of natural contaminants in structures. worldwide difficulties. A Green building spotlights on
Structures or apparatus and products that propel strong IAQ expanding the productivity of asset utilization – energy, water,
by perceiving indoor air poisons or enhancing the air [18]. and materials – while lessening building effect on human
wellbeing and the earth amid the building's life cycle, through
Operations and support development better siting, configuration, development, operation, upkeep,
Regardless of how supportable a building may have been in and evacuation. Structures to be evaluated are partitioned into
its planning and development, it can just remain so on the off Non Residential Existing Building (NREB), Non Residential
chance that it is working mindfully and looked after New Construction (NRNC), Mechanical Existing Building
appropriately. Each part of green building is coordinated into (IEB), Mechanical New Construction (INC), Private Existing
the O&M period of an Ensuring operations and maintenance Building (REB) and GBI Rating System [21].
(O&M) work force is a piece of the ventures arranging and
improvement procedure will help hold the green criteria Structures are evaluated on six distinctive criteria which are
outlined at the onset of the undertaking structure's life. The Energy Efficiency (EE), Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ),
expansion of new green developments likewise falls on the
Reasonable Site Planning, Management (SM), Material &
O&M staff. Despite the fact that the objective of waste
Resources (MR), Water Efficiency (WE) and Innovation (IN)
decrease may be connected amid the configuration,
development and devastation periods of a structures life-cycle, [22].
it is in the O&M stage that green practices, for example,
reusing and air quality improvement happen [19].

International Journal of Applied Engineering Research ISSN 0973-4562 Volume 11, Number 5 (2016) pp 3160-3167
© Research India Publications.

GBI Classification Liability period has to be attained by establishing the Energy

Four (4) classifications are given for the green building Monitoring Committee (EMC) and supplying maintenance
certifications to show the gradient of compliance with the office together with a permanent maintenance team from one
requirements [23]. The complete indexing is shown in table1. to three months before practical fulfillment [27].

Table 1: Green building index Classification Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

( An energy efficient strategy can be integrated into passive
strategy that is mostly included in the design stage. It can also
Points GB Ratings Interference be integrated into active design strategy which is mostly
86 Platinum Global excellence included in the mechanical factors’ installation. The
76-85 Gold National excellence equipment and instruments for natural air conditioner and
66-75 Silver Excellent practice ventilation has caused a quite high cost of green building
50-75 Certified Good practice projects to be implemented [28].
The building is needed to fulfill ventilation rate’s minimum
requirements in indoor air quality (IAQ) process of ASHRAE
Benefits of getting GBI Certification 62.1 or local building code. Specifying minimum ventilation
Green building practices can diminish a building working cost rate together with indoor air quality that will be accepted by
by as much as 9 percent, rise building values by 7.5% and human inhabitant and are aimed to minimize the possible
realize a 6.6 percent rise in return on investment. So green harmful health influences are the main goals of the standard of
buildings do not simply bode well – they bode well as well. ASHRAE 62.1. Different techniques that are introduced in
Other than this legislature has additionally reported certain tax ASHRAE 62.1 include: efforts such as ventilation system
cuts for green building develop [21]. control, exhaust dust location and natural ventilation [29].
A GBI certification provides a measurable evaluation that
shows how “green” or sustainable a building is. There are Sustainable Site Planning & Management (SM)
different benefits for green building. Some of which are: Minimizing the disturbed area and the ways to do it for the
 Green buildings are designed in the way that minimize the project should be considered by a site planner. The main
toxic substances’ emission during its life cycle, save factor in order to minimize the disturbed area is the extent to
resources and energy and recycle materials. which open space and habitat are created and preserved [30].
 Green buildings are in harmony with traditions, local In this section, a critical role is played by the choice of site.
climate, surrounding environment and culture. The minimum density of 20,300 m² per hectare net is needed
to construct the building. Moreover, when it is located in 1km
 Green buildings are capable of sustaining and improving
of a residential zone or at least 10 fundamental services, it
the quality of human life while preserving the ecosystem’s
would be the best condition. The current site’s redevelopment
capacity at global and local levels.
can decrease the exploitation of the site in which the natural
 Green buildings utilize resources efficiently, they have
environment is preserved.
significant operational savings and lead to workplace
The activities should be done in a way throughout the
productivity enhancement.
earthworks so that the loss of soil, storm water’s
sedimentation and air pollution is prevented with the help of
Green buildings deliver the accurate message regarding an
executing an ESC Plan. The design of storm water must be in
organization or company meaning, it is fully run, responsible
a way that results in decreasing the disruption of natural water
and obliged to the future [24].
courses through providing on-site infiltration of contaminants,
minimizing impermeable surface and promoting groundwater
Components of Green Building Index (GBI)
recharge [31]. The utilization of greenery on rooftops can lead
There are many Components of GBI which are:
to the reduction of urban heat island influence cooling and
shading the buildings. The utilization of car pools together
Energy Efficiency (EE)
with green vehicles, i.e. low emitting and fuel efficient
The government of Malaysia played a key role in promoting
vehicles can be encourage through establishing proper policies
the significance of (EE). This was through implementing
such as providing the priority of a car park.
different EE initiatives that covered incentives, education and
subsidiaries over the last three decades [25]. It is worth
Materials and Resources (MR)
mentioning that energy efficiency is not considered as an issue
The utilized materials are very significant in decreasing the
that needs to be highlighted by professionals [26].
environmental effect caused throughout the extraction and
The use of auto-sensor to control lighting together with
virgin resources’ processing through utilizing the products and
motion sensor for lighting zone is encouraged. In order to
pre consumer content or post-consumer recycled content
have a greater flexibility regarding light switching, individual
materials [32]. An important role is played by waste
switches should be utilized. For energy utilization≥100 KVA,
management of construction in diverting the waste of
separate sub-metering should be applied through making use
construction or debris from disposal of landfill. The reusable
of the Energy Management system for the purpose of
materials are redirected to the relevant site and recyclable
monitoring and analyzing energy consumption in the building.
materials are redirected to the manufacturing factories. A
Sustainable preservation to guarantee the energy system will
suitable storage area together with recycled bin should be
be executed as anticipated beyond 12 months of Defects and

International Journal of Applied Engineering Research ISSN 0973-4562 Volume 11, Number 5 (2016) pp 3160-3167
© Research India Publications.

made ready for the purpose of storing the nonhazardous Another barrier of implementing sustainable development is
materials for recycling to decrease waste. Since restricted the absence of knowledge and expertise [41]. The greatest
plants are used to produce timbers, certified wood-based parts of parties in construction do not have any expertise in
materials’ proof should be gained for the purpose of sustainable building design. Moreover, the shortage of
identifying that the utilized materials are not illegal and can professionals together with tradesman with proper
result in the encouragement of the environmentally qualification, experiences and skills in this area can be
responsible forest management [33]. Ozone Depleting regarded as other reasons behind implementing sustainable
Potential (ODP) with environmental friendly products of development.
refrigerants and cleaning agents can be utilized to decrease the
environmental effects. Perception of Higher Cost for Sustainable Options
It is common that there is always the perception that the cost
Water efficiency (WE) required for green building alternatives are always higher than
According to a water report done in 2006, the supply of edible the conventional building method. This is due to the cost of a
water is inadequate, if the percentage of usage of the water building is often measured in terms of the construction cost
remains, there will be a suffering from the water difficulty instead of the life cycle cost. It has been stated that the cost
soon [34]. The GBI has introduced the rainwater harvesting efficient will ultimately benefit the owner, but not the
system to reuse the rainwater and the grey-water, i.e. all waste developer. Generally, the developer will always emphasize of
produced in the home is greatly encouraged for recycling for the instant payback rather than the return in a long run. The
building consumption or irrigation [35]. additional cost can be incurred from many aspects, it can be
Fletcher, argues that, the type of plant for redesigning could the higher purchase cost, the learning curve cost, employing
also contribute for the water reduction such as the native and skilled labor and the special design work programme for the
flexible plant. Another means to lessen the water utilization project [28].
will be to use a sufficient water framework such as automated Williams adds that, sustainability is still a generally new idea
closing toward oneself gear to dispose of further water in most developing nations, including Malaysia. The majority
wastage [36]. of the business partners, for example, contractors, developers
Water recycling is incorporated in the green strategy to and architects do not realize the profits of sustainable
achieve water efficiency. The recycling, is by means of development; accordingly, the driving of its usage in the
recovering the water that would otherwise be directed to the building industry is therefore restricted. Shortage of
waste system and cleaning it for reuse in potable water knowledge and mastery is therefore an alternate obstacle to
consumption [37]. actualize sustainable improvement [41]. Moreover,
There are various water reusing plans that can be utilized, for discoveries from existing studies demonstrate that just large
example, the layer bioreactor process (MBR) in local spots, engineers are starting to take notice towards sustainable
Ultra Biological System (UBIS) for gigantic structures and execution in their ventures. The additional expense can be
Collective Night-Soil Treatment Plants for the ooze created brought about from various perspectives, it can be the higher
amid the site treatment. MBR will be utilized as a part of little purchase cost, the desire to ingest data cost, using capable
waste water framework plants due to its high venture on work and the remarkable setup work program for the endeavor
starting expense of establishment of the film [38]. Solid budgetary on account of the higher costs need to apply
the manageable development in building [42].
Innovation (IN)
Having at least one main participant in the project for the Insufficient Supply of Green Product
purpose of being the GBI facilitator to promote the design There is saying about the supply of green building product is
integrated with the need of GBI and streamline the not as easy to reach compared to the conventional building
certification and application procedures is needed [27]. materials because it has not been widely promoted in the
country. In most of the country whereby the developments of
green buildings are still in initial stage, most of the green
Barriers to application of green building technologies and green product have yet to form a mature
Lack of Awareness system for the user [40].
The request for sustainability is recognized as “always there” Sustainable materials cannot be gained easily in Malaysia.
but the implementation is very poor because there is a lack of Sustainable materials such as low volatile organic compound
awareness among client, consultants and contractors [39]. (VOC) paint have higher priced compared to normal paints. It
Landman argues that lack of public awareness is barrier of is difficult and costly to source sustainable technology. All
green building application. Even though the awareness of developers intend to increase their profit to the maximum
sustainable development has been aroused, yet the instruction level. They are not eager to waste any money in this concept.
for the practice is still deficient. The greater part of the Sustainable features that would result in instant payback
partners frequently disregard the significance of the green idea would be adopted by clients.
to be connected into development and henceforth it is normal Sustainable development in housing is lacked of sustainable
that these ideas will be opposed regularly. Without fitting materials, method and technologies [42]. In spite of the fact
instruction, the interest for maintainable improvement will not that the government advances sustainable housing
be getting [40]. development in Malaysia, yet a portion of the sustainable
materials and the technology utilized as a part of a sustainable

International Journal of Applied Engineering Research ISSN 0973-4562 Volume 11, Number 5 (2016) pp 3160-3167
© Research India Publications.

house can't be acquired in Malaysia. Case in point, technology structures or organizations and rating frameworks like LEED,
used to accumulate low-stream water structure and grey water Living Building Challenge (LBC), Passive House, BOMA
reusing structure is all obtained from abroad [43]. These BESt with wonderful results showed on an intuitive guide. A
sustainable materials are expected to be foreign from remote mobile application of the Open Green Building Society with
nations. This can critical build the cost of a sustainable house backing from the City of Vancouver, and the Canada and
if contrast and conventional house. Cascadia Green Building Councils. Sound Tours gave by
Green Building Audio Tours. Get a sound visit for your
Lack of Technical Understanding building today [47].
Due to the green technologies that being introduced are
always something innovative, it will cause the lack of Green Building Guide & Quiz
understanding of the staff in the constructions regarding the This is an interactive mobile app for studying. It is available
technical specifications and operation of the technologies. in the Google Store for a price of RM6.52. It enables users to
Undoubtedly, it would contribute a higher risk that error and plan for the LEED exam by evaluating the 350+ various
delay will occur throughout the construction process due to decision inquiries, cheat sheets and a glossary of terms. The
unfamiliarity of the skill possessed [28]. LEED exam has 100 different decision questions. Planning for
The vast majority of the players in the construction industry the exam obliges a ton of data put away in your fleeting
has no mastery in Sustainable development outline. Also, memory. The cheat sheets and numerous decision inquiries
another reason is the shortage of professionals and tradesman will enhance your insight into LEED wording through
with the fitting skills, credentials and experience in this sector. repetition remembrance, the best technique for strengthening
Another barrier of executing sustainable development in data maintenance. Incorporates more than 350 various
housing is shortage of sustainable materials, technique and decision test inquiries, cheat sheets, and a glossary with
procedures [42]. regular terms and definitions. With eight modules going from
acronyms to water proficiency you will take in the key data
Confidence on Sustainable Options for the certification exam. The app has a number of learning
The reliability of the green building product is yet to be Modules to assist users in learning such as (Module 1:
observed. For the green approaches such as the utilization of Sustainable Sites, Module 2: Water Efficiency, Module 3:
renewable energy, it is said to be fluctuating performance Energy and Atmosphere, Module 4: Materials and Resources,
because it has to rely on the seasonal fluctuations and weather, Module 5: Indoor Environmental Quality, Module 6:
which is beyond the human’s control [44]. Aside from that, Innovation and Design Process and Module 7: Acronyms)
there is still the requirement for individuals to change their [48].
ways of life and acknowledgement to things that are more
environmental friendly. The changing of attitude to be eco-
cognizant must be ceaseless. There must be a purposeful Conclusion
exertion for people to gather and to society before we can Green building will be today the most generally utilized
have a full "green" cycle [45]. structure of structural engineering. Building green buildings
will be a vital center of building holders and even
governments around the world. In Malaysia some world class
Review of Existing Mobile Applications Green Buildings have built in recent years, yet the idea of
Green Building Construction Checklist Mobile App green buildings for general masses is in outset stage. In
The Green Building Construction Checklist App was general, there are some issues that delay the implementation
developed in the United States of America. It spreads site of Green Building which are:
arranging and sustainable building materials. It incorporates  Unclear policy from government and lack programs to
straightforward methods can be connected to site wanting to promote and implement.
lessen the ecological effect and improvement costs. Consider  No standard Accreditation tools that can evaluate and
building materials that utilization less, and require less energy recognize green building according to standard and
to fabricate than conventional ones. By utilizing "green" recognize auditing.
building materials and procedures you can successfully  Lack of support from the professionals and service
decrease the natural foot shaped impression of the structure industry for Green Building Design.
and enhance the long haul wellbeing of building inhabitants  Resistance and lack of understanding of local and state
and the more noteworthy area. The app is in English and is agencies in Green Building.
readily available for different platforms such as: iPhone, iPad
Android Blackberry, Playbook Windows Mobile, Desktop From this review, it has been revealed that, in Malaysia, the
[46]. dynamic development of practice development by the
legislature, non-governmental associations and instruction,
Green Building App foundations in the recent years have demonstrated some
This app is listed in Google Play Store and can be downloaded empowering advance in this field. There is a need to educate
for free. It enables users to find out and learn about green the public on the issues at hand. Doing so will enable all the
buildings close you and as far and wide as possible utilizing stakeholders to combat, the application and implementation of
this free portable application. Perspective venture pictures, green building construction.
read contextual analyses and listen to sound visits. Scan for

International Journal of Applied Engineering Research ISSN 0973-4562 Volume 11, Number 5 (2016) pp 3160-3167
© Research India Publications.

References change initiatives," Cem. Concr. Res., vol. 38, pp.

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