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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Lavanya doing a research on“ Customer’s satisfaction towards

Supermarkets -A study with reference to Chennai”. Kindly fill the following
questions as this study is being conducted as a requirement for partial fulfillment of
Master of Philosophy Degree in Commerce. The data is collected purely for research
purpose and shall be kept highly confidential.

1. Name (optional) ………………..
2. Age 18-23 years 23-28 years 28-33 years
3. Gender Male Female
4. Educational qualification
Up to +2 Degree / Diploma Post Graduate
5. Occupation Student Govt Employee
Private Employee Self Employed
6. Marital status Married Unmarried
7. Family type Joint family Nuclear family
8. Monthly Income Below Rs.10000 Rs.10000-Rs.20000 Rs. 20000 - Rs.30000
Above Rs. 30000

9. How often do you shop Supermarket?
Frequently Occasionally Rarely According to the need
10. How many hours do you spend for shopping in supermarkets?
Less than ½ an hour ½ an hour-1 hour 1-2 hours 2 hours and more
11. How many years are you shopping Supermarket?
Less than 1 year 1-2 years 2-3 years
12. Please tick the item(s) that you buy Supermarkets.
Rice Grocery Cosmetics Fruits and Vegetables
Household appliances Eatables Furniture Other commodities
13. How much money do you spend on a single purchase?
Less than Rs.1000 Rs.1000-5000 Rs.5000-10000 More than Rs.10000
14. Reason for buying in supermarkets

Reason for Buying SA A N DA SDA

All commodities are available under one roof

Supermarkets are big in size

Wide varieties of commodities

Neat arrangement (Display) of products

All commodities axe available without shortage

Good quality products are sold

Prices are low

Provides sales offers

Good Internal atmosphere (ambience)

Good Assistance from employees

Located near to my residence

Renders faster billing

It offers discount

15. What is your level of satisfaction with the Supermarkets on the following factors?

Factor HS S N NS HNS

Price fixed by the supermarkets are nominal

The merchandise of supermarkets are of good quality

All the commodities are available in supermarkets

Supermarkets provide their service as they promise

Supermarkets are the pioneers in introducing new


Sales transactions in supermarkets are error-free

The employees of supermarkets offer personal

attention on each customer

Supermarkets immediately attend to complaints of a

customer on their employees