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 Accessibility
 Control
 Availability
 Certification
 Dependency
 Documentation
 Efficiency (resource consumption for given load)
 Effectiveness (resulting performance in relation to effort)
 Extensibility (adding features, and properties at next major version upgrade)
 Legal and licensing issues
 Maintainability
 Performance
 Platform compatibility
 Price
 Quality (e.g. Faults Discovered, Faults Delivered, Fault Removal Efficacy)
 Reliability
 Resource constraints (processor speed, memory, disk space, network bandwidth etc.)
 Security
 Software, tools, standards etc. Compatibility
 Stability
 Supportability


Our new Computerized Ticketing System is accessible to each and every person. It means
that arrangements of every kind will be available i.e "ability to access" the functionality, and
possible benefit, of our system. Accessibility is often used to focus on people with disabilities
and their right of access to entities, often through use of assistive technology.

The system will be available only for the ticketing staff of the cinema to maintain the movie’s
record and for appropriate and correct entry of the data.
The complete documentation of whole system including the records will be provided to the
company. It will be in the form of hardware as well as software which will provide any sort
of help regarding to the system and user guides.

Efforts will be made in order to face the following problems
 correct defects
 meet new requirements
 make future maintenance easier
 cope with a changed environment
Efforts will be made in order to cope up with the conditions and to improve the quality along
with ability to meet quality standards.

Reliability is the ability of system to perform and maintain its functions in routine
circumstances, as well as hostile or unexpected circumstances. The system has made reliable
enough to cope up with hard situations.

Usability is a term used to denote the ease with which people can employ a particular tool or
other human-made object in order to achieve a particular goal. Usability can also refer to the
methods of measuring usability and the study of the principles behind an object's perceived
efficiency or elegance.



After settling down the initial stages and deciding the proper plan to constitute the software it
is necessary to determine the cost and time frame to complete the project. So after analyzing
the whole requirements and resources for project it is concluded that total budget required for
the project will be around 2, 50,000 rupees and time consumed to complete this project be
definitely around 1 month. The project will be completed and delivered in time.

Components of Access Database

Main components used in Access Database are
 Tables
 Queries
 Forms
 Reports

A table is made up of rows and columns of cells that you can fill with text and graphics.
Tables are often used to organize and present information. A table is a collection of data about
a specific topic, such as products or suppliers. Using a separate table for each topic means
that you store that data only once. This results in a more efficient database and fewer data-
entry errors.