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Good morning everyone
My name is Sambhav Tripathi and I have done my summer internship from Oravel Stays popularly known as OYO rooms.

Oyo Rooms is a chain of hotels, rapidly expanding in India. OYO is commission-based managed
marketplace. The commission is a variable subject to various parameters – such as location and
performance. They enter into a partnership with hotel owners, aggregate their inventory (mostly in
the unbranded segment), get them visibly transformed (and standardized), brand them as OYO
Rooms and make them available for purchase online and offline through various sales channels.
The firm supports hotel owners by training their staff in house-keeping and services, uniformity
of supplies and technology integration
I was interning in the TA operations department of the MM hub. A TA is any mediator for
travel related bookings. They aggregate demand, add commission and sell to the direct
There are basically four types of TA which are associated with OYO.
Retail TA - TA who deals in mostly FIT bookings and leisure cities
Corporate TA - TA who deals with companies for their corporate travel and events
Group Specialized TAs - TAs who majorly work only for group bookings
Student/Family/Kitchen etc. MICE TAs - TA who work for events - Weddings, Functions,
Birthdays etc.
During my internship I worked closely with all the four types of TA.

Roles and Responsibilities handled:

During my stay with OYO I was responsible for handling before D Day, D day and after D
day shiftings. My key deliverables to the company were to create and implement shifting
process on churned properties and enabling team to process up to D-3 day shifting. My work
also involved predicting the check in denials due to floor price breach and resolving them
before time.

The relevance of my topic:

Travel Agent operations constitutes nearly 60% of the entire operation process at OYO. Travel
agents increases the brand visibility, boost the sales, gain the customer confidence and provides the
convenience to their customers. They help OYO to retain their customers and to attract new market
segment. Identification and onboarding of the right TA is of prime importance to the business because
in this case they are one who are representing the company to the consumer.

Work completed:
 Created and implemented processes for shiftings on the churned properties.
 Reduced the %age of D day shifting from 8% to 4%
 Predicted the check in denials due to floor price breach.
 Handled sold out and purge block queries
 Complimentary Amount exception process.
 Handled queries and issues related to the fixed pricing issue

3 Key Learnings:
1.How predictive modelling works in real life
2.How does a fixed booking gets adjusted with the complimentary exception process
3.How various properties are categorised under fixed pricing.

I would like to gratefully acknowledge the inputs of all the people who helped me throughout
and provided valuable support to me during this project. First of all, I would like to express
my sincere gratitude to my reporting manager Mrs. Arpita Sengupta for giving me an
opportunity to work in this project.

Then I would like to express my dearest gratitude to Rishi Jalan for his co-operation, valuable
assistance and readiness to clear all my doubts/ queries which helped me in the project.

At last, I would like to thank Renuka Mahajan my faculty mentor, to provide valuable
suggestions and support throughout the project.