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Uganda Certificate of Education Page 1

SECTION A [40 marks]

Answer all the questions in this section

1. A rain drop fall down due to

A: atmospheric pressure

B. frictional force

C: gravitational force

D: surface tension

2. A Sound wave

A: is an electromagnetic wave

B: can travel through a vacuum

C: is a longitudinal wave

D: is a transverse wave.

3. The self-starter of a motor car uses a current of 20A for 10 seconds.

What quantity of electricity flows through the starter?

A. 200V B. 0.200C

C: 0.100C D: 200C

Uganda Certificate of Education Page 2

4. Which one of these substances is a soft magnetic material?

A: Iron B: Nickel

C: Steel D: cobalt.

5. An object placed between the principal focus, and the optical centre
of a converging lens will produce an image which is

A: erect, Diminished and real

B: erect, magnified and virtual

C: upside down, magnified and virtual

D: upside down, diminished and real.

6. Figure 1 shows a micrometer screw gauge. The reading on ‘the

instrument is

Figure 1

A: 8.94mm B: 6.600mm C: 6.90mm D: 6.84mm

7. Overhead electric cables are made loose in order to allow

Uganda Certificate of Education Page 3

(ii) Contraction

(ii) Expansion

(iii) Free movement.

A: (i). (ii) and (iii) B: (i) and (ii) only

C: (ii) and (iii) only D. (iii) only

8. Both boiling and evaporation

A: occur at fixed temperature

B: occur throughout the liquid

C: results in a change of state

D: occur at the surface of a liquid.


Figure 2

Figure 2 shows a ray of light AO the angle made by AO with N is called.

Uganda Certificate of Education Page 4

A: angle oil incident

B: angle of incidence

C: angle of reflection

D: angle of refraction

10. The total power expanded by a person of mass 50kg climbing 8m is

200W. Find the time taken climbing

A: B:

C: D:

11. The electrolyte used in a dry cell is

A: Manganese (lV) oxide A C: Potassium dichromate

B: Ammonium chloride D: Dilute sulphuric acid.

Uganda Certificate of Education Page 5

I2. The volume of a fixed mass of a gas at constant pressure is 400cm3 at
a temperature of -73°C. When the temperature is raised to 27°C the
volume is

A. 400cm3 B. 300cm C: 0.600m3 D. 600cm3

13. Given that the distance between 6 successive crest is 20cm. Calculate
the wavelength in metre

A. 0.40 B: 0.20 C. 0.04 D: 0.02

l4. In a room temperature at 20°C liquid naphthalene melting at 80˚C is

allowed to cool form 100°C. Which one of the graphs in fig 3 best
represents this cooling process?

Figure 3

Uganda Certificate of Education Page 6

15. Accommodation in the eye is achieved by the

A. pupil varying its size

B. lense changing its shape

C. irish contracting

D. cornea changing size

16. Roofs structure and many bridges are designed with triangular
sections to

(i) Minimize material used

(ii) Withstand compression forces

(iii) Minimize tensile force under compression

A. (ii) only C. (i) and (iii) only

B. (ii) and (iii) only D. (i), (ii) and (iii)

l7. The traces on an oscilloscope is shown in fig 4(a). A student then

alters one of the controls and obtains the trace in (b)

Uganda Certificate of Education Page 7

Figure 4
Which control is altered?

A: The Y-gain
B: The Y-shift
C: The X- shift
D: The time base frequency

18. A single movable pulley has a velocity ratio of

A: 1 C: 3
B: 2 D: 4 I

19. Which of the following quantities share the small unit

(i) Resistance

(ii) Potential difference

(iii) Current

(iv) Electromotive force

A. (ii) and (iv) only C: (iii) and (iv) only

B. (i) and (ii) only D. (ii) and (iii) only

Uganda Certificate of Education Page 8

20. The process by which electrons are emitted form a metal surface
when struck by ultra-violet light is

A: thermionic emission
B; radioactivity
C: photo electric emission
D: total internal reflection


Figure 5

Figure 5 shows a charged rod P brought near conductors Q and R in

contact. If is removed alter separating Q and R, and Q is negatively
charged then the charges on P and R are

A + -
B - +
C - -
D + +

Uganda Certificate of Education Page 9

22. A uniform meter rule s pivoted at the 50cm mark. A load of 2ON is
hang at the 15cm mark. Where would a load of 25N be placed in order for
the meter rule to balance horizontally?

A: B:

C: D:

23. The force per kilogram in mechanics is equivalent to

A. Pressure C. Velocity

B. Acceleration D. thrust

24. The following electric equipment does work on the principle of a

force on at current carrying conductor

(i) Motor

(ii) Electric hell

(iii) Galvanometer

(iv) Generator

Uganda Certificate of Education Page 10

A: (i), (ii) and (iii) only

B: (ii) and (iv) only

C: (i) and (iii) only

D: (ii), (iii) and (iv) only

25. An object of height 2cm is placed 5cm in front of a pin-hole camera.

Find the height of the image if the film is 2cm away from the pin-hole.

A. 0.8cm C. 5.0cm

B. 2cm D. 10cm

26. The equation below represents a radioactive decay in which a particle

P is emitted

If A=284 and Z=88 identify particle P

A: Beta particle

B: Alpha particle

C: Gamma rays

D: Neutrons

Uganda Certificate of Education Page 11

27. Which of the following occurs in a wheel and axel machines when the
radius of the wheel is reduced?

(i) The efficiency of the machine is increased

(ii) The efficiency of the machine remains the same.
(iii) Both velocity ratio and mechanical advantage increase.

A: (i) and (iii) only C: (iii) only

B: (i) and (ii) only D: (ii) only

28. Magnetic saturation is a state whereby a magnet

A: Can acquire more magnetism

B: Has acquired excess magnetism

C: Has acquired maximum magnetism.

D: Can‘t he magnetized by any means.

29. When current .is passed through a wire placed perpendicular to a

magnetic field.

A: becomes magnetized

B: becomes demagnetized

C: produces a neutral point below it

D: experience a force

Uganda Certificate of Education Page 12

30. Two resistors R1 and R2 are connected in parallel. A third resistor R3
is connected in series with the parallel combination and a battery. Which of
the following is true?

A: Current through R2 is the same as current through R3

B: Potential difference a cross R1 is the same as that across R2
C: Current through R1 is the same as current through R3
D: Potential difference across R2 is the same as that across R3

31. An un magnetized bar of soft iron is tested at both ends by the south
pole of a permanent magnet which of the following is observed

A: Attraction to both ends

B: Attraction to one end only
C: Attraction to one end and repulsion from the other end
D: Repulsion form both ends

32. The amount of hear absorbed by a body of mass 2kg at a constant

temperature is called.

A: latent heat

B: heat capacity

C: Specific heat capacity

D: Specific latent heat.


Uganda Certificate of Education Page 13

Figure 6

Figure 6 shows a 3.0V battery of negligible internal resistance connected to

an ammeter and two resistors of 3Ω and 6Ω which are in parallel determine
the ammeter reading.

A. 1.00A C: 0.67A

B. 1.50A D: 0.33A

34. When an uncharged conductor is brought near the cap of a positively

charged electroscope the gold leaf

A: gains a positive charge

B: increases the divergence i

C: decreases in divergence

D: remains uncharged

33. An a.c generator can be modified to produce a d.c by

Uganda Certificate of Education Page 14

A: increasing the number of coils

B: Increasing the number of turns in the coil

C: Using an electromagnet instead of permanent magnet

D: Replacing the slip rings with split rings.

36. A body accelerates uniformly from rest and acquires a velocity of

60ms-1 after half a minute. Find the distance covered by the body.

A: 15m B: 30m C: 1800m D: 900m

37. An experimenter standing 160m from a vertical cliff makes a loud

sound and hears an echo. If the speed of sound in air is 32Oms -1, how long
does it take to hear the echo?

A: 05 seconds C: 4.0 Seconds

B: 1.0 second D: 2.0 seconds

38. Which one of the following is an example of mechanical energy?

A: light energy C: sound energy

B. magnetic energy D. electrical energy

Uganda Certificate of Education Page 15

39. A beam may be designed with much of its central part removed in
order to improve on its

A: stiffness C: ductility

B: brittleness D: stability

40. During land and sea breezes, heat is transferred by

(i) Conduction

(ii) Convection

(iii) Radiation

A. (ii) and (iii) C: (i) and (ii) only

B. (i) only D:(ii) only

Uganda Certificate of Education Page 16

Section B (40 Marks)

Answer all questions in the section

All working must be shown clearly in the spaces provided

41. (a) What is uniform acceleration? (01 mark)

(b) A stone is thrown vertically upwards with an initial velocity of

20ms-2. Find the time taken to reach the highest point. (03 marks)

42. (a) Define the term radioactivity. (01 mark)

(b) What are the values of p and q in the nuclear equation given below?

(03 marks)

Uganda Certificate of Education Page 17

43. (21) State Snell’s law. (1 mark)



Figure 7

Figure 7 shows an object placed 6cm from a plane mirror. Complete the
diagram to shows the formation of the image in the mirror. (03 marks)

Uganda Certificate of Education Page 18

44. (a) Define the term specific latent heat of vaporization of a
substance. (01mark)

(b) An immersion heater rated 15W is used to heat a liquid in an open

beaker. The beaker contains 300g of the liquid. After the liquid boils, the
heater is left on for 10 minutes before being switched off.

Determine the amount of heat supplied by the heater during the 10

minutes of boiling (03 marks)

45. A vibration is used to produce water waves in a ripple tank. The

distance between the first and the fifth crests is 200mm. The waves travel
30Omm in 1.5 seconds. Determine

(a) The wave length of the wave in mm (01 mark)

Uganda Certificate of Education Page 19

(b) The frequency of the vibration

46. (a) Define the term kilowatt hour (kWh). (01 mark)

(b) A clubby uses a 750-watt electric iron to press clothes for an;
average of 5 hours a week. What is the cost of the electricity used in 4
weeks if the electrical energy cost shs. 6.20 per kWh? (03 marks)

47. (a) State the laws of magnetism. (01 mark)

Uganda Certificate of Education Page 20


Figure 8

Figure 8 shows an arrangement that can be used to investigate how

electromagnetic force varies with current. Explain what happen when
current is passed though the solenoid. (03 marks)

48. (a) Distinguish between a tie and a strut (02 marks)

Uganda Certificate of Education Page 21


Figure 9

Using figure 9 above, identify all girders which are struts and ties

(02 marks)

49. (a) Define the term principal focus as applied to thin lenses. (01 mark)

Uganda Certificate of Education Page 22

(b) A microscope is used to focus a mark on a surface. When a
rectangular glass block 30mm thick is placed on the mark, the microscope
is adjusted 10 mm upwards to bring the mark back to focus. Determine the
refractive index of the glass. (03 marks)

50. An S.4 student was provided with a positively charged electroscope,

glass rod and a silk duster. State and explain what is observed when

(a) The glass rod is rubbed with the duster and then brought near the cap
of the electroscope.

(b) The duster and the rod are rubbed together then brought near the cap.

Uganda Certificate of Education Page 23


Uganda Certificate of Education Page 24