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 Do you live in flat?

No, I don’t. I live in a medium house near the church "La Recoleta"

 Is your house/ flat in a nice part of town?

yes it is, my house is in a very quiet and safe part of the city, where the neighbors
are very friendly, they are not noisy and it is near to the language center

 Why do you like living there?

I like to live here, because I have always lived here with my grandparents and
my mother, it is a place with little traffic, I know all my neighbors, my house is
comfortable. Accidents don't happen often and there are restaurants , shops
and pharmacies one block away of the my house.

 Which is your favourite room?

my favorite room is my room, because it is the biggest in the house, I like to be
alone in my room, I can study, read, watch movies and listen to music all day,
then I can relax and take a nap in my bed.

 What colour is your kitchen?

my kitchen is white with dark red stripes, and I like it because I chose the colors

 Do you want to live in a different place? Why?

Yes,I do. because I would like to live in the country, far from the city, in a bigger
house with a large garden where my pets play, a quiet studio, 4 bedrooms, two
bathrooms for visitors, a nice living room, a living room be and a modern
kitchen and a dark red dining room. In my room I would like a large bed, many
lamps, a beautiful rug and a balcony to see my garden.