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Paper : Hours: 40

Mobile Application
Theory/Week:4 Hours IA :
Development using Android
Credits:4 Exam:

Unit - I 8hrs
Android Fundamentals Mobile Application development and trends – Android
overview and Versions – Android open stack, features – Setting up Android environment
(Eclipse, SDK, AVD)- Simple Android application development – Anatomy of Android
applications – Activity and Life cycle – Intents, services and Content Providers
Unit – II 8hrs
Android User Interface Layouts: Linear, Absolute, Table, Relative, Frame,
Scrollview, Resize and reposition - Screen orientation – Views: Textview, EditText, Button,
ImageButton, Checkbox, ToggleButton, RadioButton, RadioGroup, ProgressBar,
AutocompleteText, Picker, Listviews and Webview– Displaying pictures with views: Gallery
and ImageView, ImageSwitcher, Gridview – Displaying Menus: Helper methods, Option and
Unit – III 8hrs
Data Persistence Shared User preferences – File Handling: File system, System
partition, SD card partition, user partition, security, Internal and External Storage – Managing
data using SQLite – Content providers: Data sharing with query string, projections, filters and
sort and User defined content providers
Unit – IV 8hrs
Messaging, Networking and Services, SMS Messaging: Sending and Receiving – Sending
email and networking – Downloading binary and text data files – Access Web services –
Local and remote services, Asynchronous threading, communication and binding services
Unit – V 8hrs
Location Access and Publish Android application Location based services: Display
map, zoom control, view and change, Marking, Geocoding, Get location - Publish Android
applications and Deployment

Reference Books
Pradeep Kothari (2016), “Android Application Development Black Book”, Dreamtech
WeiMeng Lee (2012), “Beginning Android Application Development”, Wrox
Publications (John Wiley, New York).