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Guide to planning

Handout GTP1
Make a note of how your course addresses each of the following qualities.

Quality Description How it is addressed

Engaging The course is enjoyable,

engaging students and
developing their curiosity. The
material and concepts are age
appropriate and are made
accessible through the

Student centred The course develops individual

and student interests, passions,
differentiated skills and understandings. It is
designed with different types of
learners in mind.

Rigorous The course fulfills the formal

requirements set out in the
Theatre guide and prepares
students for the assessment

Authentic The course is relevant and

contemporary. The students
engage with processes and
tasks that are “real life” and
employed by theatre makers.
Students understand their own
context and create theatre that
fulfills their intentions and
considers their audience and
the impact they wish to have on

Practical The course is taught through

activity. Theatre is a
collaborative, dynamic, visual,
aural, synaesthetic and
kinaesthetic practice and the
manner of teaching is
appropriate to its form. Learning
is through action and

Broad The course covers a range of

areas of theatre, both
production and performance.
Students approach theatre
through multiple perspectives
(creator, designer, director,
performer and spectator).

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Quality Description How it is addressed

Local and global The course includes the study

contexts of theatre traditions, practices
and material that are both local
and from around the world.
Students examine the links
between theatre and its context
and understand that the study
of theatre is also the study of
the world we live in.

Transparent The students understand the

course, its aims and its
requirements. They are familiar
with the assessment tasks and
criteria. They have a clear idea
of their progress and

Organized The course is carefully

structured to ensure that all
areas are covered, all
requirements are met and all
students are prepared for the
assessment tasks. Time is
allowed for reflection.

Coherent The students experience the

course holistically. They
understand the relationships
between discrete areas of
theatre and the interrelated
nature of the discipline.

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