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Kate Coleen Cubacob and Annie Loraine Eva

The clock is ticking; thus the time also is accelerating. It is so overwhelming having such a long term for treasured
memories we deemed, cherished every moment we shared since we enter a sanctuary where our young minds have been
molded and nurtured by intelligence and good character that youngsters like us deserve to obtain. We’re not just typical
teenagers, we also have dreams which we aim and attain to achieve that can fulfill our satisfactions in life. We’re closely
like warriors who were valiant and bold in nature, we’re not afraid of losing our own battles. We embrace hardships,
commit mistakes, meet failures and exert a lot of efforts and sacrifices but we end up smiling and winning in the end.
There are plenty of exquisite pleasures which are much to be considered essentially as we take our journey in the heart
of our Alma Mater and spent most of our time in this learning institution.
A batch composed of seventy-three mighty and aspirant hotties and beauties, born in between 1990’s and 2002’s
from different barangays but the same municipality, stumbled in this school named Concepcion Castro Garcia National
High School, in which they’ve established strong bonds and extent harmonious relationships towards another, despite of
everyone’s imperfections and differences for the recent years.
We first relished the delicate sensation of oh so called maturity when we were in the first level of being Senior
High School learners, the Grade 11. Possessing different kinds of talents, we had really achieved to prove that we’re really
passionate in dancing when we won the cheerdance competition for the third time as champion during the celebration of
Intramural Meet 2017. Annie Loraine Eva joined the Pop Song Contest and garnered 2nd place during the Buwan ng Wika.
The innovative dancers Melora Mae Olbe, Gileen Puliga, Angel Ann Gener, Nathalie Feca, Joan Francisco, Nica Mae
Funtinilla, Jeboy Gemor and Ivan Erl Gem Forel made also a mark as they were awarded 2nd place in P-pop. The prominent
and active intellect of Kint Morante enabled him to be the 1st place in Impromptu and Raffy Escalada got 2nd place in
Filipino Declamation. It is such a bliss for everybody as they took pride of that day.
At our tender age, we became arduous to receive sophisticated yet marvelous titles and prized from strenuous
battles against competing the mighty contenders of different schools in celebrating Paskwa sa Plaza 2017. Annie Loraine
Eva, Angel Ann Gener, Jeremiah Jude Panes and Joan Francisco together with the pioneers won the “Daigon Contest” as
1st place, the same merit also awarded to Gileen Puliga and Ivan Erl Gem Forel together with the pioneers had their
greatest grooeves in the “Sinaot Contest”. We took every challenge and achievement as our inspiration and motivation as
another chance for supremacy and a huge possibility for improvement.
As days moved, our second year has come. It was really a thrilling part of our journey as we were about to climb
the summit of our high school days. The transformation of everybody led to the discovery of many things to treasure not
just to show who we are but to prove what we’ve got. The year started and the colors bursted as the Grade 12 council
won 2nd place in Food Exhibit Contest. Jeremiah Jude Panes and Tzyy Fu Pan created an impression as they activated their
artistic hands in Poster and Making Contest and garnered 2nd place during the Celebration of Nutrition Month on July.
The head turning figure of Nica Mae Funtinilla wowed the crowd as she revealed her gorgeous side and was
crowned Ms. Intrams during the Intramural Meet.
In the field of sports, athletes always find ways for their victory. With the unbreakable strength and stamina, Jesse
Gardose won 1st place in running and Javelin throw. Rey Love Berry won 2nd place in 1,500 meter run and 1st place in 5000
meter run both Intramural and Triangular Meet and won 1st place again during the Unit Meet. Jerrald Lorque pushes his
wise set of mind as he won 1st place in Chess during Intramural and won 3rd place in Triangular Meet. Maria Kristy Missy
Faulve made a remarkable history in the World of Basketball as she proved that girls can do what boys can, when she
became part of WVRAA enthutiasts.
To honor our Philippine Culture, Emmanuel Gadian was awarded 1st placer and Nica Mae Funtinilla as 3rd placer in
Kasuotang Filipino Contest. Ella Marie Gerafusco won 2nd place in “Pagsulat ng Sanaysay “ and Kate Coleen Cubacob also
got 2nd place in “Pagsulat ng Tula” as they used their magical pen. Annie Loraine Eva won 2nd place in pop song and
Jeremiah Jude Panes also garnered 2nd placer in Classical Song as they rocked the mic with amazing voices. Tzzy Fu Pan
and Jeremiah Jude Panes also won 2nd place in Poster Making Contest during the Buwan ng Wika Celebration.
Germs ran away as it was kicked by the harmonious tone and moves of Jeremiah Jude Panes, Annie Loraine Eva,
Raffy Escalada, Jebot Gemor, Rosemimi Fadriga, Angel Ann Gener, Melora Mae Olbe, Nathalie Feca, Joan Francisco,
Desiree Pedronio, Nica Mae Funtinilla, Ella Marie Gerafusco, Jessa Fortaleza and Kate Coleen Cubacob as they were 3 rd
placer in Handwashing Jingle Contest. The heartfelt masterpiece of Maria Rolelyn Gabasa won 1 st place in Spoken Poetry
Contest. The deft hands of Tzyy Fu Pan and Kint Morante won 3rd place in Poster making and Hand T-shirt Printing Contest
during the Global Handwashing Celebration.
Through the collaboration of patience and unique styles of Marvin Fayo and Paolo Alimen won 1st place during
2018 Division Technolympics Furniture and Cabinet Making. Maria Rolelyn Gabasa and Gileen Puliga won 1st place in
Recycling Tarpaulin Category during the Yes-O Camp Division Level. Ella Marie Gerafusco also raised her magic wand (pen)
as she won 4th place in Editorial Writing during the Division Press Conference, this achievement paved the way for Ella to
qualify for the Regional Schools Press Conference in Iloilo City.
The biggest and most sensational achievement of our batch was when our hunk Ivan Erl gem Forel and our very
own hot babe Ella Marie Gerafusco garnered the Mr. & Miss CCGNHS 2019 title.
We learn just like how a dog learn from the tricks, impossible turns into a possible one. Fostering our hidden
abilities and talents is one of the best steps to expose and bring ourselves for the betterment. Despite the struggles we’ve
conquered along the way shrugging the shoulders, taking a deep breath and fighting those with smiles will be our reliever.
Through the dose of guidance and advices of our teachers, the so called burden among Seniors, the Research, Oral
defense, projects and exams will be lists of treasurable memories and experiences we’ve done. The institution where we
learned to open up our minds and accept different responsibilities will be the unforgettable place to be kept in our hearts.
To all who became part of our journey, those hardships are all for you. We we’re not at the place of this success without
the help of you. Just like a little bird who started to flap its wings up high, we are like those birds stepping away from the
nest where we learned to developed every single thing. Our last minute of adventure has come for we we’re about to bid
goodbye to our beloved Alma Mater. A goodbye not for an ending but a goodbye for a new beginning. Another journey to
treasure awaits us and we’re proud that we have engraved memories and became products of this institution – our
beloved CCGNHS.
Congratulations and God bless us all!