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By: Kint Morante and Joan E. Francisco

The future is always be undetermined and unexpected and is waiting for us all this time, and having
an ability to foresee the future is a very special gift. This class prophecy presents what the future of Batch
2019 will be. This could either come to reality or only a prophecy. But we hope that what is written here is
what we will be in the future.

April 4, 2032

Kint Morante POVS

I was awakened in the middle of my sleep when my phone rang. My eyes went big when I saw what’s
on the screen of my phone “Class Reunion Batch 2019-Meeting at Buena Hotel, 8:30 am”, . I took a look
again at the name of the hotel and a smile was drawn on my face. Buena Hotel is owned by my friend
Christine Buenafe , the woman whose success had been written in all forms of media around the world. I
rushed up in bed and went to the bathroom to prepare for my flight going back to my home. I failed to
mentioned earlier that I was settled here in Vatican for almost 12 years as a missionary, living my entire
years in here in the service of God and the people and humbly founded charity institutions and
organizations that aim for the empowerment of the youth and the children, after I became a lawyer I chose
to stay here.
As I went down the street, my phone rang again. It was Elmar Famucol , owner of the greatest
architecture, and engineering firm located in Italy. I couldn’t clearly hear what he was saying, and I heard
a very familiar voice, “honey”, I chuckled a little, it was Elmar’s wife, Sheilla Jean Simora owner of a
renowned restaurant in Rome. Ah, this is so cute. Another forever is proven by these two love birds blessed
with two children. I hang up the call, and I texted him instead, then he replied that they will go on the flight
with me. I rode a bus on going there and I told them that I was going to wait for them in the airport, as I
made my steps going down the stairs of the bus, a billboard surprised me and the faces printed upon it
really shocked me. They were Jocely Duyag, Regina Diche, Mary Joy Bongue, and Lourdes Faucbit, the girl
group sensation and they were based in South Korea having their world tour in Italy and had garnered
many prestigious awards. I wonder if they can attend our class reunion.
Walking on the aisle going to the waiting area of the airport, I saw the standy on the booking area, I
realized it was Ella Marie Gerafusco, the award winning model of JENKS Airlines founded by the four ladies
behind the success of the airline – Nica Mae Funtinilla, a businesswoman and founder of Fundai Cars, a
billionaire indeed, Ella Marie Gerafusco, a successful flight attendant, and a world class model hired by
luxurious brands of perfume and shampoo, Kate Coleen Cubacob, a UP Professor who had earned her
degree in engineering at Oxford University and a part time singer, and lastly, Jessa Fortaleza, founder of
Fortz University located in Consolacion City, a billionaire also.
I waited for a moment, a commotion took place on the field, I turned to look at the shouting girls
feeling so kilig kilig raising posters of those fierce looking gentlemen. I stared at the poster and I was like
“oh” they were Jerico Odiaman, Henry Mark Eleuterio, Joshua Sanchez, Jason Delfin aand Bryan Isiderio the
kilig ambassadors, the boy group that knocked out many groups by means of their moves and voice. . After
15 minutes I saw familiar faces approaching, they were Shiella and Elmar, but they were 6 so I looked at
the two couples at their back. Shewas, Maria Lourdes Panes, the Hollywood Star Sensation an award
winning actress, married to Rey Love Berry a Filipino singer-songwriter and a modern day icon. The
woman on the side was Shira Galvan owner of the biggest oil company in Asia, the most successful business
personality with big shares in foreign companies in U.K and Thailand, married to Miguel Oliver Faderon a
Hollywood actor, a multi awarded Grammy personality.
After a moment of hugs and kisses we decided to board the plane and when I heard the voice of the
captain , I couldn’t believe he was Louie Gallardo. I peeped at the window seeing a beautiful view of Italy,
then two ladies wearing intricate uniform approached me and said “Can we help you sir”? I turned to look
at them and I recognized the pretty faces of Rovelyn Fano and Rhea Flamiano.
I was napping whensomeone tapped my shoulders. It was Princess Lyn Fuasan, Philippine
Ambassadress to Iraq and she is also going back to the Malacañang Palace to report her mission to the
president. After a minute of talking, we were told to go the arrival station.
I called a friend of mine Joan Francisco and I told her about the class reunion.
April 4, 2032

Joan Francisco’ s POV’s

I was dozing off when Rogelyn Fenequito, my right hand and also a businesswoman herself
reminded me that my friend Kint Morante had arrived in the Philippines and he was on the phone right
now and she also reminded me that by 2:00 pm I have a meeting with a client, I am the owner/CEO of V-
Tech Company, the biggest company in Asia and still expanding Europe and America.
After I talked to Kint, I went to meet my client. As I was walking, I bumped into Jesse Gardose and
Rhea Mae Panes and it was only later when I realized they were my clients. They were managing a
computer shop and they are planning to expand their business more. We closed the deal. Then I went
straight to my office and decided to have some fun I called a close friend of mine, Nathalie Feca a Filipina
Ambassadress to Korea known for her famous novel “Behind the Mask”. We met at the S&M Mall owned
by our friend Shirly Manong, a successful businesswoman that had expanded her malls in the Philippines.
Inside the mall, we saw a bunch of people howling as they are enjoying a girl group band performing
on a wide stage, they were Gileen Puliga as the drummer who is married to Raymond Catalan, the acting
manager of their band, song composer and choreographer, Angel Ann Gener and Melora Mae Olbe as
guitarists and Jennifer Gemolaga and Melody Olbe as the lead vocalist, they are known as the Girl Band PH.
having their mall show. We emerged on the crowd and we decided to go to the movie theater to find out if
there is an interesting movie to watch. We were shocked to see a poster of a movie entitled
“Pinakamagandang Lalaki sa Balat ng Lupa” with Alfred Ortiz, Chris John Funtinilla, Marvin Fayo, and
Francis Bela-ong, as the most promising leading men known for their charm and inconceivable talent in
acting and modeling, with a leading lady Desiree Pedronio, the sexiest and most gorgeous actress, part time
model, and a calendar girl.
Later, I drove home and when I arrived, I turned on the television. A breaking news about an
ongoing commotion in the senate, Chief Justice Paolo Alimen defended the rights of people living on the
squatters of Mait together with the President of the Blue Ribbon Committee Mario Suyo and PNP Chief
Jerrald Lorque. The news was delivered by the famous anchor-Jessmark Gonzales.
The next morning, I was having my breakfast when secretary Fenequito called me reminding about
the meeting later at 9:30 am. Then I finished my morning routines and went straight to my company. When
I arrived there, everyone was all set. So the discussion began and we need three models for the
advertisement of the upgraded computer products and they suggested three international models,
Secretary Fenequito handed me the picture of the international models and I was amazed to see Jeboy
Gemor, Raffy Escalada, and Jeremiah Jude Panes with their dazzling looks as judges of the Asia’s Next Top
Model idolized by many Filipinas. I agreed at once knowing they are perfect for the role.
Afterwards, secretary Fenequito came to me to tell me that my next meeting with my clients was at
RDA Hotel, one of the five star hotels in the Philippines known for its luxurious and elegant design. I entered
the hotel and I noticed group of people wearing elegant dresses and looking so rich doing an auction of
luxuriously branded cars. I the man speaking with authority on the stage- Emmanuel Gadian with his
business partner Arben Forteza, luxury car magnates.
After that I went to the dining area to meet my unknown clients. A gorgeous lady ushered me and I
recognized that it was Roselyn Fenequito an international model and a beauty queen hired by RDA Hotel,
I approached her and had a little chat. When I approached the table, I saw three persons wearing elegant
suits and I found myself looking into the eyes Crystel Faith Fagar, Helson Felongco, and Jayson Fajanil,
the most successful business partners whose names were written on top 20 richest business groups in
Asia. I noticed a familiar face.I was speechless when I looked at Jezrel Bernas and I was even more
surprised when he told us that he was the head chef of the hotel. Jesrel told us that RDA Hotel is actually
Raymart De Ama, a business tycoon who is now in Dubai having his meeting with the board of directors
of Victorias Hotel. After the meeting, I took my way out, but on my way I saw a booth filled with so called
fans, there was ongoing fan signing of Legendary Basketball Players namely John Morwell Fuyunan, John
Rey Fagar, Carlo Arellano, Marlon Rex Faderon, and Joshua Fadriga mighty five and idolized Fiipino
basketball players, I wonder if they still know me, with their manager Rogelyn Francisco, the sport
enthusiast and a businesswoman also.
Outside the hotel, my phone rang. It was my aunt. She was whining about her friend who was a
victim of human rights violation.I knew she needed my help and I couldn’t turn her down. I called a famous
law office and asked for their best lawyer and they gave me Ryan Fagtanan. I couldn’t hide my amazement
when I met him and just like the good old days he could not say no to me. Afterwards I thanked him and
said goodbye to him as I needed to turn back to my company. On my way back, I noticed a familiar name
on one of the posters saying “vote Lenny Faderugao for the better future of this country’ and I was shocked
to see that she was running for Senator, I read the whole slogan and it’s for me to know that Lenny was the
youngest electorate for this year’s election. Looking at the other posters, I accidentally saw a familiar name
on the poster ‘Please vote! Rosemimi Fadriga for Senator’, I guess, that really surprised me and it made me
proud of myself to think that I have a politician schoolmate.
After that shocking moment, I saw my secretary rushing towards me then said, “Ma’am your pet
Yeontan needs a veterinarian, I took Yeontan to the nearest vet, In the clinic, I saw a sign saying “Harry’s
Veterinary Clinic” I asked the security guard is inside and he said that Vet. Harry , so I took my dog inside
and realized the vet was indeed a high school batchmate of mine. I knew then my pet will be ok. On my way
home I suddenly remembered my inaanak who was asking me for a toy.I went to a toy store to fulfill my
promise. Once inside the store I heard sounds.The sound seemed cheerful and there were children
laughing and singing, I went upstairs and saw there was an ongoing outreach program for children with
cancers and disabilities. When I saw the emcee, I had the shock of my life.
me. He was Ivan Erl Gem Forel, a lawyer and philanthropist together with his group, who dedicated their
lives to serve the people in need. with him I, saw Tzyy Fu Pan, a millionaire who served as the guest
speaker and donated 5 million to the charity. I want to stay there longer but my inaanak’s birthday was
about to start so I hurriedly went back to the toy section and picked the biggest teddy bear in the store and
drove back home for the party.That night, I kept on tossing in my sleep for the excitement of meeting Kint
the next day.

April 6, 2032

Kint’s POV

I woke up early, excited to meet Joan.. We talked first as to who will be the guest speaker of our
class reunion. First on the list was Maria Kristy Missy Faulve a former 2028 Miss Universe, award winning
actress and sports enthusiast. The second name on the list was Annie Loraine Eva a Genius World Book
title holder for the highest grossing sold out concerts worldwide and a Grammy Award collector for almost
3 years. And finally, there was Maria Rolelyn Gabasa a Political Analyst member of the court of United
Nations and a president-to-be of the country. Joan and I laughed because all of them are the best.
We laughed and laughed until I heard a loud voice on my left ear “Kint paano mag-ubra ka Chapter
5!” I lost my focus as I heard that voice again “Kint have you finished our class prophecy?” The surroundings
began to change as I rubbed my eyes, and widely opened, it was Joan Francisco beside me busy doing her
research study. It was too late to realize that it was all just a wonderful dream. .