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Nathalie Feca and Nica Mae Funtinilla

The greatest reassure in life isn’t about all those shiny and brilliant things that have the value of millions and
uncountable dollars but the legacy and the throne of hope that we can pass to those who will experience the same shoes
and chairs.

Those who always finish every grade level with flying colors Ella Marie Gerafusco, Kint Morante, Nathalie Feca,
Kate Coleen Cubacob, Nica Mae Funtinilla, Joan Francisco, Christine Buenafe, Jessa Fortaleza, Shirly Manong, Shiella Jean
Simora, Maria Lourdes Panes, Crystel Faith Fagar, Desiree Pedronio, Maria Rolelyn Gabasa, Melora Mae Olbe, Melody
Olbe, Annie Loraine Eva, Angel Ann Gener, Rosemimi Fadriga, Jenifer Gemolaga, Lenny Faderudao, Gileen Puliga, Tzyy Fu
Pan, Princess Lyn Fuasan, Raffy Escalada, Jeboy Gemor, Jeremiah Jude Panes and Emmanuel Gadian will pass their medals
to Christian Jaryll Cuizon, Crizyl Ann Portin, Tricia Mae Bactong, Virgel Fatiga, Marcelo Olbe, Angel Borres, Giovanie
Tomarang, Dana Jean Halican, and Sean Knarylle Opeña.
The mathematical geniuses – Kint Morante, Ella Marie Gerafusco and Raffy Escalada will lend their formula to
Jaryll Cuizon, Crizyl Ann Portin, Tricia Mae Bactong, Virgel Fatiga, Angel Borres, and Giovanie Tomarang.
The pens of Ella Marie Gerafusco, Maria Rolelyn Gabasa, Kate Coleen Cubacob and Kint Morante will be entrusted
to Christian Jaryll Cuizon, Angel Borres, Divine Morante, Crizyl Ann Portin, Dianna Rose Cobrador, and Sherielyn Biaco.
Tzyy Fu Pan, Jeremiah Jude Panes, Kint Morante, Paulo Alimen, Maria Rolelyn Gabasa and Bryan Isiderio will pass
on their painting journey to Angel Borres, John Renan Ibañez, Cathrina Fuyoc and Divine Morante.
The creatures who don’t rely in discussions namely Maria Rolely Gabasa and Kint Morante will leave their critical
thinking skills to Criselle Buenafe, Celso Fulgar, Giovanie Tomarang, Arjohn Cueto, Sean Knarylle Opeña, and Alan Dave
The four chair turners of the Voice Annie Loraine Eva, Jeremiah Jude Panes, Joan Francisco, Rosemimi Fadriga,
Shirly Manong, Crystel Faith Fagar, and Kint Morante will lend their microphones to Nicka Laneta, Crizyl Ann Portin, Dianna
Rose Cobrador, Giovanie Tomarang, Danica Mae Farnaso, and Maria Mae Valenzuela.
The moves and grooves of Nathalie Feca, Nica Mae Funtinilla, Angel Ann Gener, Joan Francisco, Tzyy Fu Pan, Kate
Coleen Cubacob, Gileen Puliga, Rosemimi Fadriga, Jebor Gemor, Raffy Escalada, Miguel Oliver Faderon, Ivan Erl Gem Forel,
Genie Floro, Desiree Pedronio, Jerrald Lorque, and Roselyn Fenequito will be left to Angel Borres, Renalie Ibañez, Maevelyn
Teanchon, Shaquera Marie Perez, Jaryll Cuizon, Celso Fulgar, Virgel Fatiga, , Lorence Catanyag, Anthony Gadian, Monica
May Fullo, Jinky Basilonia, John Vincent Rivera, Crizyl Ann Portin, , , Edmar Faeldonea, Giovanie Tomarang, and Karen Joy
The unreachable heights of Harry James Galos,Louie Gallardo, Elmar Famucol, Henry Eleuterio, Mario Suyo, Bryan
Isiderio, Paulo Alimen, Marvin Fayo, Raymond Catalan, Francis Bela-ong, Joshua Fadriga, Jeremiah , Miguel Oliver Faderon,
Alfred Ortiz, Rey Love Berry, Kate Coleen Cubacob, Shiella Jean Simora, Maria Rolelyn gabasa, and Lenny Faderugao will
be passed to Chito Nel Conseerman, Kyla Mae Nielsen, Kenneth Joy Fajader, Angel Mae Denusta, Jayson Belo, Zandrick
Derecho, Edmar Faeldonea, Christian John Feca, Remegio Feolog and Arnold Tanda Jr.
The next generation minions, Melody Olbe, Crystel Faith Fagar, Shira Galvan, Regina Diche, Nica Mae Funtinilla,
Nathalie Feca, , Gileen Puliga, , Jerrald Lorque, Desiree Pedronio and John Rey Fagar will pass their 2 rulers height to
Marcelo Olbe, Anthony Gadian,, Trisha May Bactong, , , Maecel Fajarito, Raysel Feguro, Kriss Ann Flamiano, Renalie Freires,
, Vilrose Lianda, Lea Amor Parfan, Karen Joy Fulgar, , and Sharon Garotche.
The Skeletal system models, Marlon Rex Faderon, Mario Suyo, Jericho Odiaman, Maria Rolelyn Gabasa, Kate
Coleen Cubacob, Tzyy Fu Pan, Jeremiah Jude Panes, , Marvin Fayo, Genie Floro, Miguel Oliver Faderon, , Raymond Catalan
and Mary Joy Bongue will pass their bones to Monica May Fullo, Regen Fadriga, Maria May Valenzuela, Jasmine Gem
Amparo, Saribel Fatiga and Crissel Joy Bugna.
The personalized shirts of KInt Morante, Jessa Fortaleza, Shiella Jean Simora, Rovelun Grace Fano, Rhea Flamiano,
Crystel Faith Fagar, Roselyn Fenequito, and Jezrel Bernas will be passed on to Harriecel Angel Joy Fabicon, Sheena Fincale,
Shiella Fincale, Elmeh Jane Dellano, Nicole Lachica, Trisha Mae Bactong, , Christian John Feca, Paul Anthony Feguro and
Jayson Jay Falsis.
The next Catriona Gray of CCGNHS Ella Marie Gerafusco, Nica Mae Funtinilla, Roselyn Fenequito, and , will give
the run way to Shaquera Marie Perez and Crizyl Ann Portin.
The Adam with the heart of Eve Raffy Escalada, Jeboy Gemor and Jeremiah Jude Panes will pass their flags to Virgel
Fatiga, Giovanie Tomarang and Jason Paz.
The Mr. Muscles Jercicho Odiaman, Ryan Fagtanan, Joshua Fadriga, Joshua Sanchez, Louie Gallarado, Henry Mark
Eleuterio, Elmar Famucol, Rey Love Berry, Harry James Galos, Bryan Isiderio, Jessmark Gonzales, Marvin Fayo, Jayson
Fajanil, Jason Delfin, John Morwell Fuyonan, Helson Felongco, Paulo Alimen, Jesse Gardose, Genie Floro, Jezrel Bernas,
Mario Suyo and Alfred Ortiz will relinquish their Ala Captain Barbel abs to Celso Fulgar, Anthony Gadian, Adrian Francisco,
John Vincent Ortiz, Raymond Fagar Adrian Funtinilla and Alan Dave Faelon.
The KPOP enthusiasts Crizyl Ann Portin, Tricia Mae Bactong, Divine Morante, Rexcel Mae Biaco, Sherielyn Biaco,
Keah Bernas, Kyla Mae Fagtanan, and Jhossa Mae Facinal will inherit the obsession of Nathalie Feca, Joan Francisco, Maria
Lourdes Panes, Shira Galvan, Kint Morante, Shiella Jean Simora, Desiree Pedronio, Rogelyn Fenequito, Mary Joy Bongue,
Regelyn Francisco, Jocely Duyag and Roselyn Fenequito.
The unbreakable constellation of Pulang Araw, JENK and Dabarkads, Batang Gilyo, will leave their unity to Lonoy
Team, Shared Post Team, Katamnan Team and Central Team.
The innocent hearts of Kate Coleen Cubacob, Melody Olbe, Melora Mae Olbe, Maria Rolelyn Gabasa, Joan
Francisco, Arben Forteza, Jason Delfin, Francis Bela-ong, Bryan Isiderio, Jezrel Bernas and Jeremiah Jude Panes will be
passed on to Ailyn Mae HUngayo, Novy Albañez, Keah Bernas, Maria Ada Buna, Kyla Mae Nielsen, Catrina Fuyoc, Lea Amor
Parfan, Sherilyn Biaco, Angel Borres, Maecel Fajarito, Harriecel Angel Joy Fabicon, Nicka Laneta, Criselle Jean Buenafe,
Jinky Basilonia, Sharon Garotche, , , Jaryll Cuizon, Marcelo Olbe Jr. and Billy Joe Globio.
Grade 12’s frustrated singers Kate Coleen Cubacob, Jessa Fortaleza, Nica Mae Funtinilla, Ella Marie Gerafusco,
Jeboy Gemor, Jenifer Gemolaga, Melora Mae Olbe, Gileen Puliga, Nathalie Feca, Ma. Lourdes Panes, Desiree Pedronio,
Raffy Escalada, Princess Lyn Fuasan, Emmanuel Gadian, Mario Suyo, Elmar Famucol, Joshua Fadriga, and Rey Love Berry
will entrust their Golden Microphones to Criselle Jean Buenafe, Tricia Mae Bactong, Kyla Mae Nielsen, Renalie Ibañez,
Virgel Fatiga, Monica May Fullo, Jasmine Gem Amparo, , Edmar Faeldonea, Christine Villaruz, and Angel Mae Denusta.
The depressed artists of this batch Chris John Funtinilla, John Morwel Fuyonan, Joshua Sanchez, Lenny faderugao,
Raffy Escalada, Jeboy Gemor, Carlo Arellano, Reymart De Ama, Elmar Famucol, Shirly Manong, Ella Marie Gerafusco, Kate
Coleen Cubacob, Nica Mae Funtinilla, Angel Ann Gener, Jessa Fortaleza and Ivan Erl Gem Forel will pass their GAMABA
Awards to Sheena Fincale, Criselle Jean Buenafe, Maevelyn Teanchon, Kyla Mae Nielsen, Renalie Ibañez, Jaryll Cuizon,
Virgel Fatiga, Alan Dave Faelon, Adrian Funtinilla, and Giovanie Tomarong.
The patalbog-talbog na balikawang of Jessa Fortaleza, Rovelyn Grace Fano, Rhea Flamiano, Jezrel Bernas will be
inherited by Sheena Fincale, Shiela Fincale, Angel Borres, Elmeh Jane Dellano, Harriecel Angel Joy Fabicon, Renalie Ibañez,
Klenie Flores and Jason Jay Falsis.
The endurance and stamina of Maria Kristy Missy Faulve, Emmanuel Gadian, Ivan Erl Gem forel, Jerrald Lorque,
Ryan Fagtanan, Rey Love Berry, Jesse Gardose, Raymond Catalan, Rovelyn Grace Fano and Mary Joy Bongue will be left to
Harricel Angel Joy Fabicon, Shaquera Marie Perez, Criselle Jean Buenafe, Shiela Camus, Chito Nel Conseerman, John Renan
Ibañez, Anthony Gadian, Celso Fulgar, Adrian Francisco, Chonalin Lachica, Dimple Rose Hungayo, Jayson jay Falsis, and
Raymond Fagar.

The love birds of Grade 12 council Rhea Mae Panes and Jesse Gardose, Gileen Puliga and Raymond Catalan, Kate
Coleen Cubacob and Genie Floro, Jessa Fortaleza and Bryan Isiderio, Jezrel Bernas and Nathalie Feca, Marvin Fayo and
Joan Francisco, Jocely Duyag and Jason Delfin, Shirly Manong and Ryan Fagtanan, Nica Mae Funtinilla and Jerrald Lorque,
Ella Marie Gerafusco and Elmar Famucol will relinquish their romantic love stories to John Renan Ibañez and Chonalin
Lachica, John Vincent Rivera and Kyla Mae Nielsen.
The trying hard models of grade 12 league Raffy Escalada, Jeboy Gemor, Rosemimi Fadriga, Princess Lyn Fuasan,
Tzyy Fu Pan, Ivan Erl Gem Forel and Shiella Jean Simora will turn over their ultimate poses and auras to Rica Angela Catalan,
Rhea Mae Espiritu, Jasmine Gem Amparo, Christian John Feca, Virgel Fatiga, Criselle Jean Buenafe, Tricia Mae Bactong and
Kyla Mae Nielsen.

The housekeepers of grade 12 Joan Francisco, Angel Ann Gener, and Kate Coleen Cubacob will pass their magical
brooms and dustpans to Divina Frias, Ailyn Mae Hungayo and Ervie Joy Simora.
The early birds, Desiree Pedronio, Jocely Duyag, Kint Morante, Lourdes Faucbit, Alfred Ortiz, Rovelyn Grace Fano,
Melora Mae Olbe, Melody Olbe, and Jessa Fortaleza will pass their wings and alarm clocks to Jayson Belo, Angel Babe
Santia, Jasmine Gem Amparo, Giovanie Tomarong, Joven Falco, Sherilyn Baico, Rexel Biaco, and John Vincent Rivera.

The beauty salon experts, Rogelyn Fenequito, Roselyn Fenequito, Rogelyn Francisco, Shira Galvan, Raffy Escalada,
Jeboy Gemor, Rovelyn Grace Fano, Mary Joy Bongue will pass their makeup kits to Grace Ann Albañez, Jason Paz, Kris Ann
Flamiano, Criselle Buenafe, Dianna Rose Cobrador, Crizyl Portin, Renalie Ibañez, and Shaquira Marie Perez.
Kint Morante, Christine Buenafe, Roselyn Fenequito, Maria Rolelyn Gabasa, Raffy Escalada, Jeboy Gemor, Gileen
Puliga, Princess Lyn Fuasan, Jenifer Gemolaga, Jeremiah Jude Panes, Nica Mae Funtinilla, Rhea Flamiano, Ella Marie
Gerafusco, Rey Love Berry, Miguel Oliver Faderon, Rosemimi Fadriga will pass their distracting voices to Jhossa Mae
Facinal, Karen Joy Fulgar, Shaquera Marie Perez, Giovanie Tomarong, Virgel Fatiga and Jason Paz.
Our ever beloved grade 10 students, our younger brothers and sisters, we ask you guys to treasure, and appreciate
these entitlements that we had passed onto you no matter how embarrassing these are, and we encourage you to be
proud of it. We reiterate to you that nobody is perfect, and every one of us is unique and special in our own ways. What
is important is our dreams and our success will be the pride of our Alma Mater.
I am Nathalie Feca and I am Nica Mae Funtinilla do hereby declare this class will and testament of Batch 2019,
true and valid.