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FIRST PERIODICAL TEST IN _____________________________

GRADE ____, SY 2019 – 2020

GENERAL DIRECTIONS: Multiple Choices: Choose the letter(s) that correspond(s) to the correct
answer(s) in the provided answer sheet.

1. This media is designed to help people who have visual and reading impairment.
A. assistive media B. social media C. bookmark D. accessibility
2. Modern technology nowadays work on a similar goal, such as creating word document in
personal computer can also be created using smartphone. What trends in ICT does this
innovation belong?
A. Social Media B. Convergence C. Social News D. Media Sharing
3. A feature of a dynamic website that allows users to put their own content
A. rich user experience C. user participation
B. long tail D. mass participation
4. The following are tips to stay safe online, except ___
A. Read Terms and Conditions
B. Keep a private profile
C. Add friends as many as you like
D. Buy the software; do not use pirated ones.
5. Liza downloads her favorite music every day using her laptop. What security does her laptop
A. headset B. anti-virus C. flash drive D. earphone
6. Select which malicious software/program that transfer from one computer to another by any type of
means; it uses computer networks to spread itself.
A. Trojan C. Worm
B. Virus D. Spyware
7. What do you think might happen if adware virus enters to your computer?
A. You will often receive advertisement
B. It will monitor what you are currently doing and typing
C. You will receive unwanted email
D. It will allow hackers to get you information
8. What actions would you take to perform if someone uses your work without your consent?
A. I’ll just ignored it.
B. I’ll talk to him and ask why he used my work.
C. I’ll file a case of plagiarism against him
D. I’ll let him pay my work
9. How would you distinguish the difference between phishing and pharming?
A. Phishing acquires sensitive personal information like passwords while pharming is a more
complicated way of phishing where it exploits the (Domain Name Service) system
B. Pharming acquires sensitive personal information like passwords while phishing is a more
complicated way of phishing where it exploits the (Domain Name Service) system
C. Phishing is telling the user how the website will handle its data while pharming a program
that runs in the background without you knowing it
D. Phishing is a malicious program that is disguised as a useful program but once downloaded
or installed, leaves your PC unprotected and allows hacker to get your information while
pharming is a malicious program designed to replicate itself and transfer from one file folder
to another and also transfer to other computers
10. How would you determine if the virus entered to your computer is a Trojan virus?
A. if disguised as a useful program but once downloaded or installed, leaves your PC
unprotected and allows hacker to get your information
B. It is has the ability to monitor what you are currently doing and typing through key

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C. if it replicate itself and transfer from one file folder to another and also transfer to other
D. All of the above
11. What would happen if someone committed or assisted through the use of the Internet?
A. He will be punished by law.
B. He will be filed a cybercrime case.
C. He will be imprisoned.
D. All of the above.
12. This feature allows create documents and combine or merge them with another document or data
A. Label Generation C. Mail Merge
B. Form Document D. Data File
13. This is quite useful when preparing reports that correlate and present data in a graphical manner.
A. Shapes B. Clip Art C. Chart D. Smart Art
14. Which file format has the best quality image to integrate with document but does not work well
with simple graphics?
A. .gif B. .jpg C. .png D. none of the above
15. Your teacher asked you to present a report about the product survey assigned to you which
shows the data in detail. Which of the following application is better to use?
A. Powerpoint presentation C. Microsoft Excel
B. Microsoft Publisher D. Microsoft Word
16. In figure 1.1, Create a formula to get the number of items of Food in the category field.

A. =COUNTIF(“Food”) C. =COUNTIF(B4:B13.”Food”)
B. =COUNTIF(C4:C13,”Food”) D. =COUNTIF(”Food”,C4:C13)
17. Its goal is to acquire sensitive personal information like passwords and credit card details.
A. Phishing B. spam C. malware D. Virus
18. Which of the following statements described think before you click?
A. Avoid sharing fake news C. Make a comment on your friends pictures
B. Sharing of news from reliable website D. open an email from unknown source
19. what is the meaning of PNG?
A. Peaceable B. Portable New C. Portable Network D. portable network
Network Graphics Graphics Graphics game
20. Refer to the image below. The image is an example of what type of format?

A. .png B. .jpg C. .bitmap D. .gif

21. Creates a hyperlink that allows you to jump to a specific slide in your presentation.
A. Place in this Document C. Create new document
B. email address D. Existing file or web page
22. Most Font Families include the regular font face along with the italic, bold and _______.
A. bold italics B. html C. modern serif D. picture
23. Which of these is a method to create emphasis in a design?
A. unity B. proximity C. repetition D. isolation
24. Which of the following is the correct formula for average?
A. =a1+b1+c2/2 C. =(a1+b1+c1)/2
B. =a1+b1+c2/3 D.=(a1+b1+c1)/3
25. Which of the following Application software can be use in product demonstration?
A. MS word B. MS Excel C. MS Powerpoint D. MS Publisher
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26. Choose the answer that illustrate the basic principles of lay out.
A. construct it with a complex structure
C. make it with many image and different font style
B. make it convenient to read and unique
D. make it with no pattern at all
27. Select the answer that shows the correct analogy between the selections.
A wordpress – social media platform C. twitter – blogging platform
B. facebook – social media platform D. wix – social media platform
28. Compare the selection and choose the answer that shows the proper procedure of inserting
hyperlinks of youtube video.
A. go to insert choose hyperlinking  paste C. go to insert choose slide show choose
the link on the dialog box from the beginning
B. go to insert choose Animation paste D. go to insertgo to new slide paste the
the link on the search button link on the slide do not press enter
29. Select the answer that justify the use of Prezi presentation
A. it makes us go dizzy and lazy during the C. it can attract the viewers’s attention due to
presentation its unique animation effects
B. it is outdated compare to powerpoint D. it has no difference compared to
application powerpoint presentation
30. Choose the answer that creates and propose the right steps in making a Wordpress account
A. go to choose Get Started choose start with a blogchoose a
theme create an address choose Start with a free accountenter e-mail add, user
name, and passwordcheck your own website
B. go to your wordpress application make a blog post it  and view your site
C. go to choose sign in  and view yor website
D. sign up with facebook choose an account no.  register it online purchase the app
view your purchased account make a blog
31. This online platform allows you to create not only personal accounts but also pages and groups
where you can share content.
A. Blogging sites C. Content Management System
B. Social Media D. Photo-editing applications
32. Leigh wants to drive from home to work. What best application tool will help her arrive at her
A. Weebly B. Wix C. Waze D. Wikipedia
33. Which of the following website is an example of web 1.0?
A. personal website B. facebook
C. D. instagram
34. It is a graphics that can be inserted using Microsoft word. It is use to easily make a visual
representation of your information.
A. chart B. smart art C. online pictures D. screenshots
35. He invented the Word Wide Web.
A. Charles Babage C. Mark Zuckerberg
B. Tim berners Lee D. Pierre de Coubertin
36. Which of the following is an example of dynamic website?
A. personal website C. social media website
B. company website D. old website
37. This allows you to create not only personal accounts but also pages and groups where you can
share content.
A. Facebook C. Messenger
B. Social Media Platforms D. Blogging Platforms
38. You have your Facebook account which is set to public and have gained 1000 friends online.
One day, you wanted to open an online selling of your pre-loved dresses, what will you do?
A. Create another Facebook account for online selling only and gain new friends online.
B. Create a group within your Facebook account so that all your friends may see it.
C. You will just post a picture of your pre-loved dress so that your friends will see it.
D. You will use Facebook Live
39. How effective is Facebook Live?
A. You can communicate with the person in real time.
B. You can watch what’s happening at the moment.
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C. You can comment and give feedback right away.
D. all of the above
40. How effective is google drive?
A. It is best for using B. It creates word, C. it is a Cloud D. It is user friendly
online collaboration excel, Powerpoint file storage
41. Online Collaboration means
A. working together even if the members are in the distant places.
B. It is working together as if you are already in one own office.
C. both a and b
D. none of the above
42. Your teacher asked you to make a compilation of the activities and survey you have done for
Empowerment Technologies subject. You have to create a layout and design for this project and
publish it o the Internet. What will you create to see this online?
A. Website C. Advanced Spreadsheets
B. Powerpoint presentation D. Microsoft Word
43. How was Google Drive similar to Microsoft Yammer?
A. It is an online collaborative tool
B. Working together
C. private social network
D. public social network
44. Which is very useful in doing online-checklist?
A. Microsoft Yammer B. Trello C. Jimdo D. Google Drive
45. This the first step to create a Trello account.
A. Register C. Check for email verification
B. Login D. Sign up
46. The website that contains information from different sources and places them in one location in a
uniform way.
A. B. C. web portal D. Facebook
47. Online collaboration is working together which means it helps the group “go the distance” even
without the presence of each other. Which of the following tools that does not belong for online
A. Facebook B. Google Drive C. Online shopping D. Microsoft Yammer
48. The teacher asked the students to create a report about the “Gulayan sa Paaralan” for the whole
year. The teacher created a template for each section of grade eleven. The instructions were to
update the progress of the “gulayan” as well as to generate statistics every week while the
teacher will check the progress of the report during weekend. What online collaboration tool does
your teacher used?
A. Google Drive C. Microsoft Office
B. Facebook group D.
49. Which online collaboration tool is more visible to other members, can add multiple contributors
and able to communicate ideas with others?
A. Yammer C. Trello
B. WordPress D. Facebook group
50. Evaluate the online collaboration tools when teacher asked you to collaborate on one blog only?
A. Yammer B. WordPress C. Trello D. Jimdo

School ID:342242 | | Facebook Page:@binancitySHS | Telephone:(049) 511-8164

1 A
2 B
3 C
4 C
5 B
6 B
7 A
8 C
9 D
10 D
11 D
12 C
13 D
14 B
15 C
16 B
17 A
18 C
19 C
20 A
21 A
22 A
23 C
24 D
25 C
26 B
27 B
28 A
29 C
30 A
31 B
32 C
33 A
34 A
35 B
36 C
37 B
38 B
39 D
40 A
41 C
42 A
43 A
44 B
45 D
46 C
47 C
48 A
49 D
50 B

School ID:342242 | | Facebook Page:@binancitySHS | Telephone:(049) 511-8164

School ID:342242 | | Facebook Page:@binancitySHS | Telephone:(049) 511-8164