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Writing Class: Letter to an Editor

Task Type: Letter to an Editor

You have read the letter below which was sent to a newspaper by a reader. Other readers
were invited to give their views in response. You decide to write to the editor giving your
opinion about the points made:

I have just returned from a holiday to a destination that would once have been
described as 'exotic'. Imagine my dismay at being confronted with the kinds of
shopping centres and fast-food outlets that I can find on my own doorstep back
home! Is it inevitable that different cultures merge into one or can we do more to
ensure that local traditions are kept?

Write your letter for the newspaper editor, but do not use postal addresses. (around 280 -
320 words)

Makeover: Laura
Read Laura's answer to this question below. Try correcting the piece of writing yourself
first: use the marking codes to think about what might be wrong (or what's good) about the
piece of work. Then when you're ready, click the green buttons in the text for our feedback.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have read the letter entitled 'Merging cultures-can it be stopped?', which appeared
in Monday's edition of your newspaper and I was very pleased to see that other
readers were invited to give their opinions on the subject.

Although I am an eighteen year-old student I have been all over Europe and have
heard the opinion of many teenagers concerned with WW this problem. It is obvious
that American culture has gained popularity in the past fifty years due to so many
fields of activity that are being dominated by Americans. Nevertheless, European
kidsin WW my generation are turning their back on American culture and displaying
a much greater enthusiasm for European culture than their elders.

Home-grown youth culture is the unifying force of the new generation. People
watch US films, but do not consider the US or its culture the source of all
inspiration. European kids listen to music, wear French and Italian jeans and also
enjoy the particularities of European culture. When they do look beyond Europe it
is to the East or the Orient. They seem to be extremely interested in the Oriental
culture. In this case it seems clear to me that there is still hope for places with
centuries-old cultural traditions. Gd

On the other hand, there are already many spots - that were once considered 'exotic'
- on the verge of becoming a cultural desert. On one of my journeys - to the Middle
East - I visited the city of Jeddah, a wonderful combination of old and new, /\ sense
of history and rapid development. Surprisingly enough, people here didn't
just thought WW of the city's modernization, they were also concerned with the
preservation of the old city. On one side there was the old town with its strange
odors and sounds of the old shopping streets, and on the other there was this whole
new occidental-like city with big shopping malls. It was just amazing to see it all in
front of your eyes, like history speeded up on one side and yet at the same
time, what stayed the same was what retained. PE

Surely there can be a wide range of cultural influences, but I cannot entirely agree
that cultures are merging into one. There is still that feeling of culture shock when
visiting a foreign country. Gd

This answer is nicely written, Laura, with a very good (and on occasions, excellent) range
of vocabulary and grammatical structures. There is the odd time when your phraseology
isn't quite natural but here I have attempted to guess what you meant.
Your letter is organised appropriately into paragraphs and your register is spot-on! You
express your views in a heartfelt way, which makes this an interesting task to read.
Overall, this is a strong answer for CPE level.

write a letter to the editor of a widely circulated newspaper, you are

actually reaching out to a much larger audience. If your letter to the
editor gets published, it will be read by millions of people.


Here is a sample letter to the editor.

A newspaper has published an article that defames somebody you

know. Write a letter to the editor of that newspaper explaining what details
were wrong in the article. Your letter should also suggest what the editor
should do about the article.

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