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My Test 20/20 Click on the correct answers. a 1 Td like to try oysters "Would you like to try frozen yogurt T "Yes, | would. like avocados. They're delicious. 4 "Do you want dessert?” "Yes. Ill have the pie ~S "Would you like to try plantains ? "Yes, thanks.” 6 An example of aside dish is mixed vegetables. GD sees) GD Ee I think carrot juice is great! He'd like to try soy milk “Would you tike to try seaweed 7 "No, thanks." 10 I'd recommend going to TJ's Diner to eat. Get dessert there. The cheesecake is great! 11 "Do you want to share a main dish “Yes. How about the chicken stir-fry?” 12 "You'd like mashed potatoes for the side dish.” "Yes, that’s right.” Gateipts; a E> 13 The appetizers are great. | love the gartic bread. SSS rte) GD 14 “Are you ready to order your main dish?” “Yes. I'l have the cheese ravieli » please.” GED GERD cress ly 15 "What would you like for your appetizer?” “I'd like the tomato soup , please.” tomato on, GD GISED “fs ——] iY They serve squid at Joe's Seafood Restaurant. She likes blue cheese 18 "Do you want an appetizer?” "Yes. Ill have the crab cakes 19 They think dates are delicious! 20 “Anything else?” “Yes. Can | have the fruit salad for dessert, please?” Faur Comers 2 CD-ROM © Cambridge Untvesty Press