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Comelec eyes raps against cardema

The Commission on EIec- possibJe violations l

tions (Comelec) will be studyrng committed tio_nal youth commission chiel nominee of Duterte Youth party- youth and not a multi-sector
bvRonatdcardemarotm"iNi- ;h;; h;;&;
as subptitute list, an official said yesterday. parfy for the youth and young

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By SHETLA CRTSOSTOMO Comelec Commissioner Ro- professionals.
wena Guanzon said she is re- Guanzon said under the
ferring Cardema's case to the Party-list System Act, nominees
Comelec law department to of a youth sector "must at least
determine whethei or not a case be 25 years old but not r.norel
could be pursued against him. than 30 years old on the day of
"He could have committed a elections." Cardema is 34.
crime - material misrepresenta- "A perusal of the CONA of l

tion in his CONA"" she noted respondent Cardema indubi-

in an interview referring to the tubiy reveals his failure to rneetj
Certificate of Acceptance and the age qualification for a youth
Nomination that is filed with the sector nominee," she added.
Cornglec by aspiring party-list. The official 4lso posted in
nomrnees her Twitter account that the
Last Monday, Comelec's First "circumstances surrounding"
Division cancelled Cardema's the withdrawal of the five origi- I

nomination as substitute for nal nominees of the group and

Duterte Youth, thus disallowing Carderna's nomination "speak
him from serving as its sector resoundingly of a clear attempt,
representative. not just to circumvent the lawr
In her lS-page separate con- and the rules, but also to hide

curring opiniory Guanzon main- from the electorate Cardema's

tained that Cardema committed ineligibility as nominee."
ryaterial misrepresentation in Cardema will appeal his dis-
his CONA "when he declared qualificationby the Comelec as
that he is eligible to be a nomi- Duterte Youth representative.
nee of Duterte Youth when in He informed'his would-be
truth and in fact he is not." colleagues in the House yester-
She added that conffary to daythathe intends to challenge
Cardema's argument, the group the decision of the Comelec First
with Comelec as a
is registered Division before the entire com-
sectoral representative for the mission. - With |ess Diaz