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1-200 ITEMS a. The vernacular c.

PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION b. Spanish and the vernacular d. Spanish
9. Standard deviation is to variability as mean
1. In mastery learning the definition of an is to ________.
acceptable standard of performance is called a. Discrimination c. Correlation
a. SMART c. Criterion measure b. Level of difficulty d. Central tendency
b. Condition d. Behavior
10. One strength of an autobiography as a
2. Under what value measurement instrument technique for personality appraisal is that
does sentence/story completion fall? a. It can replace data obtained from other data-
a. Opinionnaire c. Projective technique gathering technique
b. Moral dilemma d. Observation guide b. It gives complete data about the author
c. It makes possible the presentation of intimate
3. Teacher B clears his throat to communicate experiences that can not be revealed in a face-to-
disapproval of a student’s behavior. Which face situation by shy students
specific influence technique is this? d. It may be read by unauthorized people
a. Proximity control c. Signal interference
b. Interest boosting d. Direct appeal 11. If teacher wants to develop in the learner
the skills to organize ideas which one should
4. Which is the first step in planning an he employ?
achievement test? a. Histogram c. Graphic organizer
a. Select the type of test items to use. b. Venn diagram d. K-W-L technique
b. Decide on the length of the test..
c. Define the instructional objective 12. Russel thinks that some amount of
d. Build a table of specification constraints and discipline is indispensable to
education. Therefore, it is necessary for the
5. Which may NOT be a benefit derived from teacher to.
the use of graphic organizers? a. Allow the child to react in any manner to these
a. Make relationships among detail clear constraints
b. Enable students to identify important ideas and b. Help the child see the importance of these
details constraints
c. Strengthen team work c. Apologize before parents for these necessary
d. Represent stated information in concrete form constraints
d. Convince the child that he/she has no choice
6. Whitehead’s “ educated man” is the man of but to subject himself/herself to these constraints
culture and expertise. Which one most
completely describes the “ educated” man 13. Which characteristic of a good test will
according to Whitehead? pupils be assured of when a teacher
constructs a table of specification for test
a. Highly dependent and deeply involved construction purposes?
b. Critical and deeply involved a. Scorability c. Economy
c. Productive and deeply involved b. Reliability d. Content validity
d. Productive and obeys blindly
16. Which one will most likely increase student
7. Rights which can not be renounced or participation?
transferred because they are necessary for the a. Feeling or emotions are not permitted in the
fulfillment of man’s primordial obligations are discussion
called b. The group leader allows quiet members to
a. Perfect rights c. Acquired rights remain quiet
b. Alienable rights d. Inalienable rights c. The teacher models good listening habits
d. Repeat directions over and over until everyone
8. During Spanish period the medium of listens.
instruction in schools was (were)
17. Which is implied by a positively skewed 23. Which statement about Grade 7 is correct?
score distribution? a. Grade 7 was introduced in America but never in
a. The mean, the median, and the mode are equal the Philippines
b. Most of the scores are high b. Spain introduced Grade 7 in the country
c. The mode is high c. Grade 7 was established by the Education Act
d. Most of the scores are low of 1940
d. The 1901 Department of Public Instruction
18. Learning takes place best when established Grade 7
a. Learning exercises are focused on the right side
of the brain 24. Marvin, a Grade I pupil, plays with his
b. Learning exercises involve both sides of the classmates but can not accept defeat. Based
brain on Piaget’s theory or cognitive development, in
c. Learning exercises are focused on cognitive what developmental stage is Marvin?
objectives a. Concrete operation c. Formal operation
d. Learning exercises are focused on the left side b. Sensorimotor d. Pre-operational
of the brain
25. Which guideline in test construction is NOT
19. A negative discrimination index means that observed in this test item? EDGAR ALLAN
a. Less from the lower group got the test item POE WROTE _____________.
correctly a. The length of the blank suggests the answer
b. More from the lower group answered the test b. The central problem is not packed in the stem
item correctca c. It is open to more than one correct answer
c. The test item could not discriminate between the d. The blank is at the end of the question
lower and upper group
d. More from the upper group answered the test 26. In her Science class Teacher H uses the
item correctly process approach. Which order of process will
she follow?
20. Your teacher is of the opinion that the I. Identifying the problem
world and everything in it are ever changing II. Formulating the hypothesis
and so teaches you the skill to cope with III. Setting the experiment
change. Which is his governing philosophy? IV. Drawing tentative conclusion
a. Existentialism c. Idealism a. II, III, I, IV c. I, III, II, IV
b. Realism d. Experimentalism b. II, I, III, IV d. I, II, III, IV

21. Which is a characteristic of infused or 27. Whitehead’s “inert ideas” apply when the
integrated instruction? teacher
a. Does not allow deviation from intended a. Relates what is taught to life concerns
objective b. Covers the Philippine Elementary/Secondary
b. Includes all thinking process from low level to Learning Competencies without relating them to
high level daily life
c. Excludes related topics c. Shows how the learner is concerned with what
d. Confines itself to higher level thinking process is taught
d. Leads the learner to see how all that is taught
22. Here is a performance objective:” WITH hangs together in a meaningful whole
will list the atomic weights of the first ten 28. For brainstorming to be effective which one
elements.” The capitalized words are referred should be out?
to as the. a. Non-threatening atmosphere
a. Performance statement c. Behavior b. Teacher’s judgmental attitude
b. Minimum acceptable performance d. c. Openness to idea
Condition d. Making use of other’s ideas shared
29. Which is the highest level of a. The utilization of varied techniques and
comprehension? approaches
a. Critical Comprehension b. The laughter and enjoyment of students
b. Critical evaluation c. The application of concept learned in daily life
c. Integration d. The variety of instructional materials used
d. Literal comprehension 37. Which feature was true to Philippine
education during the Spanish regime?
30. Which statement on spaced and massed a. Establishment of a normal school
learning is CORRECT? b. Separation of Church and state
a. Both massed learning and spaced learning are c. Vernacular as medium of instruction
not effective d. Emphasis on religious instruction
b. Massed learning is better than spaced learning 38. Q1 is to 25th percentile as median is to
c. Massed learning is as effective as spaced a. 40th percentile c. 50th percentile
learning b. 75th percentile d. 60th percentile
d. Spaced learning is better than massed learning 39. Which graphic organizer provides a visual
representation of analytical thinking where the
31. If teacher wants to elaborate on a central concept, the focus of analysis, is written at the
idea by adding details to the central idea which center of a circle and major characteristics are
one should he use? placed like the sun’s rays from the center?
a. Time line c. Venn diagram a. Sequence chair c. Web
b. Cluster map d. Story map b. Story map d. Attribute wheel

32. Mother equally divided the pineapple juice 40. Which group activity is illustrated when a
in two glasses for her two boys. One glass is teacher allows the evaluation of members’
short but stout; another long but thin. Both work by the group and encourage the giving of
boys wanted the long but thin glass believing constructive moment’s and suggestions about
that it contained more. In what developmental ways to improve the work?
stage are the boys? a. Jury trial c. Consensus decision
a. Concrete operation c. Senrorimotor b. Critiquing session d. Round table
b. Formal operation d. Pre-operational
41. Which one indicates a teacher’s genuine
33. A teacher is a facilitator of learning and of enthusiasm and pride teaching?
the development of the youth. Which practice a. Telling everyone that he went to teaching for
is NOT in keeping with his role as facilitator? there was no other choice then
a. Keeps himself abreast with educational trends b. Belittling the renumeration one gets from
b. Dialogs with parents and with other members of teaching
the community c. Engaging himself in continuing professional
c. Considers the multiple intelligences of learners education
d. Humiliates misbehaving pupils d. Sticking to teaching for the moment that three
are no better offers
34. What can be said of Jones who obtained a
score of 75 in a Grammar Test? 42. It is necessary that the parts of a lesson
a. He performed better thanh 75% of his plan from the first to the last have
classmates a. Completeness c. Symmetry
b. He answered 75 items in the test correctly b. Conciseness d. Coherence
c. He got a raw score of 75
d. He answered 75% of the test items correctly 43. When is giving praise INEFFECTIVE? When
35. Which does NOT belong to the group? a. Provide information to students about their
a. Completion c. Multiple choice competence and the value of their
b. Matching d. Alternate response accomplishments
b. Uses the accomplishment of peers as the
36. Which best indicates the effectiveness context for describing a student’s present
classroom activities? accomplishments
c. Shows spontaneity, variety and other signs of 50. Teacher Y does norm-referenced
credibility interpretation of scores. Which of the following
d. Focuses students attention on their own task- does she do?
relevant behaviour a. She uses a specified content as its frame of
44. In writing performance objective which b. She describes group performance in relation to
word is NOT acceptable? a level of mastery set
a. Delineate c. Intergrate c. She compares every individual student scores
b. Manipulate d. Comprehend with others’ scores
d. She describes what should be their
45. In what way does cultural alienation fail to performance
contribute to nation-building?
a. The Filipino will look at his culture as something 51. Out of the 3 distracters in a multiple choice
superior over others type of test namely, A, B, and D, no pupil
b. The Filipino has no sense of national pride chose D as answer. This implies that D is
c. The Filipino closes himself to foreign influence a. A vague alternative
d. The Filipino operates on a Filipino model of b. A plausible distracter
development c. An ineffective distracter
d. An effective distracter
46. Just as selected Filipino teachers today are
sent abroad to study, the Americans did the 52. The main purpose of the compulsory study
same in 1903. These teacher scholars then of the Constitution in Philippine schools is to
were known as: a. Prepare students for law-making
a. Insulares c. Peninsulares b. Acquaint students with the historical
b. Pensionados d. Reformists development of the Phil. Constitution
c. Make constitutional experts of the students
47. Which according to Rizal is the main d. Develop the students into responsible, thinking
formula for national redemption? citizens
a. Gaining economic recovery
b. Stabilizing the political situation 53. Which must be primarily considered in the
c. Opening our doors to foreign influence choice of an instructional aid?
d. Upgrading the quality of the Filipino through a. Must be new and skillfully made
education b. Must be updated and relevant to Filipino setting
c. Must stimulate and maintain student interest
48. An American student enrolled in the d. Must be suited to the lesson objective
Philippines is repelled by the Filipinos’ lack of
punctuality and use of euphemism. Which term 54. In a study pupils were asked about their
refers to his experience? preference for a mother country. Only 4.83%
a. Ethnocentrism c. Xenocentrism preferred Philippines. This finding shows that
b. Colonial mentality d. Culture shock several pupils
a. Don’t know their country
49. What is claimed to be the overall advantage b. Are not sure of what they want
of criterion-referenced over norm-referenced c. Haven’t developed national consciousness
interpretation? d. Are not enlightened citizens
a. An individual’s score is compared with the set
mastery level 55. All the examinees obtained scores below
b. An individual’s score is compared with that of the mean. A graphic representation of the
his peers score distribution will be:
c. An individuals score is compared with the a. Negatively skewed
average scores b. Perfect normal curve
d. An individual’s score does not need to be c. Leptokurtic
compared with any measure d. Positively skewed
56. The lesson is on the pros and cons of a. Did the LA SOLIDARIDAD accomplished its
declaring a state rebellion in the country. purpose? Why or why not?
Teacher B wants his students to arrive at a b. Who was the first editor of the LA
view of the declaration of the state of rebellion SOLIDARIDAD?
from different perspectives. Which technique c. Why did the LA SOLIDARIDAD come about?
will be most appropriate? d. If you were editor of the LA SOLIDARIDAD what
a. Role playing c. Panel discussion would you do?
b. Simulation d. Braistorming
64. Here is a performance objective: Given a
57. Which statement applies when score compass and a straight edge, construct a
distribution is negatively skewed? pentagon within 5 degrees of accuracy on any
a. The mean corresponds to a high value of the inside or outside angles. Which is the
b. The mode corresponds to a low value condition statement?
c. The median is higher than the mode a. Within 5 degrees of accuracy
d. The mode and median are equal b. Constrcut a pentagon
c. On any of the inside or outside angles
58. In a normal distribution curve a T-score of d. Given a compass and a straight edge
70 is:
a. Two SDs below the mean 65. Which view on intelligence runs counter to
b. Two SDs above the mean Gardner’s MI theory?
c. One SD below the mean a. Learners possess multiple intelligence’s
d. One SD above the mean b. Learners can develop each of the eight multiple
59. STUDY THE TABLE ON ITEM ANALYSIS c. Learners have a single, quantifiable intelligence
FOR NON-ATTRACTIVENESS AND NON- d. Learners are strong in some and weak in other
THE LETTER MARKED WITH AN ASTERISK IS 66. Some students who are high in the
THE CORRECT ANSWER scholastic aptitude tests have failed in college.
Some who are below the standards set for
Based on the table which is the most effective admission, but who, for various reason, were
distracter? admitted, attained satisfactory standings. This
a. Option D c. Option A proves that
b. Option C d. Option B a. Aptitude tests can be perfectly relied on
b. Human beings are certainly predictable
60. Teacher T wants the group to evaluate an c. Admission tests are not accurate, hence should
issue by having the group act out a jury trial. not be used
Which technique will he employ? d. Aptitude tests do not measure all factors
a. Critiquing c. Majority-rule decision making important for success
b. Panel d. Simulation
67. The use of the process approach gives the
61. Which activities should a teacher have students the opportunity to
more for his students if he wants them to a. Learn how to learn
develop logical-mathematical thinking? b. Make use of laboratory apparatuses
a. Storytelling c. Independent study c. Apply the scientific method
b. Problem solving d. Drama d. Learn on their own

62. Which type of test measures higher order 68. Teacher H and Teacher I are rivals for
thinking skills? promotion. To gain the favor of the
a. Enumeration c. Completion promotional staff, Teacher I offers her beach
b. Matching d. Analogy resort for free for the members of the
promotional staff before the ranking. As one of
63. Which is a convergent question? the contenders for promotion, is this becoming
of her to do?
a. Yes, the rare invitation will certainly be a. A candidate who has the making of a public
welcomed by an overworked promotional staff servant
b. Yes, this will be professional growth for the b. A neighbor who is closet to you in times of need
promotional staff c. A candidate who helped you concretely by
c. Yes, there’s nothing wrong with sharing one’s giving cash
blessings d. A Ninong from whom you owe your father’s job
d. No, this may exert undue influence on the
members of the promotional staff and so may fail 75. Teacher F wanted to teach the pupils the
to promote someone on the basis of merit. skill to do cross stitching. Her check up quiz
was a written test on test on steps of cross
69. A child who gets punished for stealing stitching. Which characteristic of a good test
candy may not steal again immediately. But does it lack?
this does not mean that the child may not steal a. Scorability c. Validity
again. Based on Thorndike’s theory on b. Objectivity d. Reliability
punishment and learning, this shows that.
a. Punishment strengthens a response 76. The search for related literature by
b. Punishment removes a response accessing several data bases by the use of a
c. Punishment does not remove a response telephone line to connect a computer in a
d. Punishment weakens a response library with other computers that have
database is termed:
70. Standard deviation is to variability as is to a. Computer search
central tendency b. Compact disc search
a. Mode c. Range c. On-line search d. Manual search
b. Quantile d. Pearson
77. The strongest disadvantage of the
71. A comprehension skill of higher level which alternate-response type of test is:
may be inferred or implied from reading is a. The demand for critical thinking
a. Noting specific details b. The absence of analysis
b. Picking out the main idea c. The encouragement of rote memory
c. Following directions d. The high possibility of guessing
d. Drawing conclusion
78. Teacher wants his pupils to master the skill
72. One philosopher considers education as in adding unlike fractions. Which teaching
the acquisition of the art of the utilization of method should he use?
knowledge. This implied that. a. Discovery method c. Unit method
a. A learner’s application of what she has learned b. Type method d. Drill method
is necessary
b. A learner’s interest in art is commendable 79. If the teacher’s pattern in questioning
c. A learner’s acquisition of information is sufficient consist of calling on a student then asking the
d. A learner’s acquisition of information is not question.
important a. The student called to answer may be able to
think well of his answer
73. For professional growth which source of b. The rest of the class may just dictate the answer
teacher performance evaluation is considered c. The rest of the class may not engage
more valid and reliable considering time spent themselves in thinking of the answer
together? d. All students may be encouraged to participate
a. Self –evaluation
b. Supervisory evaluation 80. A student was asked to respond to a series
c. Students’ evaluation of pictures, ink blots and to similarly
d. Peer evaluation ambiguous stimuli for personality appraisal. To
what tool was he subjected?
74. If you have to vote for the sake of the a. Anecdotal record c. Projective technique
nation you will vote for b. Sociometry d. Problem checklist
81. The guidance counselor as a social worker 89. Which statement about Median is
means that the guidance counselor will CORRECT?
a. Spend much time planning, giving, the a. It is measure of variability
interpreting tests b. It is the most stable measure of central
b. Give vocational guidance tendency
c. Do tutoring c. It is the 50th percentile
d. Do counseling with children who are disturbed d. It is significantly affected by extrema scores
90. Why should learning activities be carefully
82. The “brain” of the computer is the planned?
a. Monitor c. Keyboard a. This is required of a teacher
b. UPS d. CPU b. The ability of the teacher to plan is tested
c. The accomplishment of objectives is dependent
83. A class is composed of academically poor on the plan
students. The distribution will most likely to be d. This is expected by pupils
a. Leptokurtic c. Skewed to the left
b. Skewed to the right d. Very normal 91. In Russel’s negative theory of education”,
for which reason must impositions on the
84. In the Preamble of the Code of the Ethics of learner be minimized?
Professional Teachers, which is not mentioned a. To allow the learner to do what is required
about teachers? b. To train the learner to live within limits
a. Possess dignity and reputation c. To allow the learner to discover and to inquire
b. With high moral values as well as technical and d. To direct the learner to do the right thing
professional competence
c. LET passers 92. In order to avoid disgrace, a pregnant,
d. Duly licensed professionals unmarried woman takes drugs to induce
abortion. Is she morally justified to do that?
85. According to Confucius, what is the best a. No. The unborn child can not made to suffer
way to rule a people and attain harmony? the consequences of the sins of his parents
a. By allowing people to do as they please b. Yes, It can save her and the child from disgrace
b. By consulting the governed when he grows up
c. By force c. No. The act of inducing abortion is bad in self
d. By moral example d. No. It is better to prevent the child from coming
into the world who will suffer very much due to the
86. Which technique gives a group an absence of a father
opportunity to listen to other groups’
comments or suggestions regarding the 93. In which way does heredity affect the
group’s work? development of the learner?
a. Majority-rule decision-making a. By compensating for what environment fails to
b. Critiquing session develop
c. Panel b. By placing limits beyond which the learner can
d. Forum not develop
c. By blocking the influence of environment
87. Which factor hampers mastery of d. By providing equal potential
developmental tasks?
a. Creativity 94. When a teacher teaches the idea that it is
b. Lack of motivation wrong to think that Filpino lifestyle, products
c. Absence of physical defect and ideas are inferior to those of other
d. High level of intelligence nationalities he fights against feelings of
a. Culture shock c. Xenocentrism
88. Which is referred to as a list of instructions b. Ethnocentrism d. Acculturation
that the computer carries out one at a time?
a. Diskette c. Computer program 95. Which is the best indicator of a well-
b. File d. CD managed class?
a. The learners pursue their task without inhibition a. Skills c. Facts
b. The learners are controlled by the teacher b. Values d. Concepts
c. The learners blindly obey teacher’s instructions
d. The learners are earnestly engaged in an 103. Which statement is NOT true of guidance?
activity that leads them to realize the staged goal a. Guidance is concerned with the entire individual
b. Guidance is an integral part of education
96. Which measure(s) of central tendency is c. Guidance helps individuals develop the ability to
(are) most appropriate when the score make intelligent choices
distribution is not badly skewed? d. Guidance makes choices for individuals
a. Median and mode c. Mode
b. Mean d. Median 104. Which on stifles student’s initiative?
a. Rationalism
97. Which of the following teacher behaviors b. Extreme authoritarianism
my NOT enhance the developmental of high- c. “Utang-na-loob
level thinking skills? d. “Bahalana”
a. Encouraging credibility as a criterion
b. Asking convergent question 105. Which does NOT belong to the group?
c. Making students aware of their mental process a. Short answer
d. Teaching for meaning b. Restricted-response essay
c. Completion
98. What does a skewed score distribution d. Multiple choice
a. The scores are normally distributed 106. The following are trends in making and
b. The mean and the median are equal reporting system, EXCEPT:
c. The mode, the mean, and the median are equal a. Indicating strong points as well as those
d. The scores are concentrated more at one end needing improvement
or the other end b. Conducting parent-teacher conferences as often
as needed
99. Which is implied a negatively skewed score c. Raising the passing grade from 75 to 80
distribution? d. Supplementing subject grades with checklist on
a. Most pupils are underachievers traits
b. Most of the scores are high
c. Most of the scores are low 107. A teacher discovers that a product of a
d. The scores are evenly distribution from the left certain bottling company brings about damage
to the right to teeth. Much as he wants to share the
products of his research, he could not because
100. The principle of individual differences of harassment from all sides. Which teacher’s
requires teaches to right is violated?
a. Treat all learners alike while in the classroom a. Right to make a livelihood
b. Provide for a variety of learning activities b. Academic freedom
c. Give greater attention to gifted learners c. Right to one’s honor
d. Prepare modules for slow learners in class d. Right to property

101. Which activity is are meant for the bodily- 108. Which is a type of graph in which lines
kinesthetically intelligent pupils? represent each score or set of scores?
a. Cooperative learning a. Scattergram c. Frequency polygon
b. Individualized instruction b. Histogram d. Scatterplot
c. Independent study
d. Dance 109. Which term refers to a model which is
constructed so as to emphasize a particular
102. The three-level approach to teaching part or function?
includes the teaching of facts and skills, a. Simulation c. Audio recording
concepts, and values. Which teaching is in b. Mock up d. Realia
highest level?
110. Why can the calculator do arithmetic? a. Performance objectives assure the learner of
Because learning
a. A TV inside shows it b. Not every form of learning is observable
b. A typewriter inside does it c. The success of the learner is based on others’
c. A computer inside the calculator tells it how performance.
d. A watch inside directs it d. Learning is defined as a change in the learner’s
observable performance
111. On which constitutional provision is the
full or partial integration of capable deaf and 117. Which is unethical for teachers to do?
blind students in the classroom based? The a. Obeying the legitimate policies of the school
provision on administration
a. Creating scholarship for poor and deserving b. Maintaining cordial relation with parents
students c. Refusing to serve in worthwhile neighborhood
b. Academic freedom activities as these will adversely affect her
c. Providing citizenship and vocational training to teaching
adult citizens and out-of-school youths d. Conferring with the next of kin about the
d. Protecting and promoting the right of all citizens problems and needs of a student
to quality education
118. Which statement is TRUE to guidance?
112. Which of the following is (are) the least a. Guidance is aimed merely at the
stable measure(s) of central tendency? amelioration of trauma
a. Median c. Mode b. Guidance is concerned with the maximum
b. Mean d. Mode and median development of the individual
c. Guidance is confined to one type of life situation
113. Teaching in the cognitive, psychomotor, like social
and affective domains is based on the concept d. Guidance is making intelligent choices for
that the learner is a confused individuals.
a. Material and an acting being
b. Moral and a feeling being 119. In time of war, soldiers must be ready to
c. Spiritual and material being give up their lives in defense of the nation.
d. Thinking, feeling, and acting being Which principle is applied?
a. More common good-Public safety before private
114. Which statement on responsibility is safety
CORRECT? b. Closer relationship-Friends before strangers
a. A person’s degree of responsibility is fixed at c. Wider social order-Family before the individual
birth d. Nobler person-God before man
b. A person’s sense of responsibility decreases as
he grows in age 120. “ What I hear, I forget. What I see, I
c. A person’s sense of responsibility can not be remember. What I do, I understand.” This
developed means that pupils learn best when they
d. A person’s sense of responsibility increases as a. Learn independently
he grows in age b. Work with groups
c. Watch TV
115. Which may NOT help develop attentive d. Take active part in the learning process.
listening in the students?
a. Conducting oral tests frequently 121. Both Muslim and Christian value marriage
b. Assigning student to give a summary of the but the Muslim practices polygamous marriage
lesson while the Christian practices monogamous
c. Repeating direction, comments, and questions marriage. What is this called?
d. Asking a student to paraphase a previous a. Ethical relativism c. Acculturation
student’s response b. Enculturation d. Cultural relativism

116. Which assumption underlies teachers’ use

of performance objectives?
122. Which of the following is true of the 129. Which is an example of a perfect duty?
brainstorming technique? a. Supporting a poor but deserving student to
a. Quality is given the same stress as quantity school
b. Picking up others’ ideas is encouraged. b. Paying the worker the wages agreed upon
c. Only practical ideas are accepted. c. Donating an amount for a noble project
d. Each suggested idea is scrutinized. d. Giving alms to the needy

123. Research found out that children learn 130. The test item “Group the following items
visual discrimination tasks more rapidly if they according to shape” is a thought question on
talk to themselves. This shows that a. Creating c. Comparing
a. Visual discrimination can not be learned without b. Generalizing d. Classifying.
b. Visual discrimination may be learned without 131. Marvin, a Grade I pupil, is happy when he
vocalization. wins in a game but sulks when he doesn’t.
c. Vocalization assists visual discrimination. Which does Marvin’s behavior indicate?
d. Vocalization does not enhance visual a. Egotism c. Rigidity of thought
discrimination. b. Egocentrism d. Sernilogical reasoning

124. Which one should Teacher Y use if he 132. A melody may sound sad to one and yet
wants to teach to pupils the relationship when the individual notes are played
among details? separately there is nothing sad about it. This
a. Journal entries c. Graphic Organizers viewpoint is based on the doctrine that
b. Story frame d. Learning log a. The whole of experience is equal to the sum of
its parts.
125. If teacher M wants to build teamwork b. The whole of experience is more than the sum
among his students which should he use of its parts.
more. c. The whole experience is less than the sum of its
a. Lectures c. Independent study parts.
b. Cooperative learning d. Brainteasers d. The whole of experience is not in any way
related to the sum of its parts.
126. Teacher C wants to compare 2 concepts.
With which technique can he accomplish this 133. On which theory is the logical sequencing
best? of curriculum based?
a. Histogram c. Venn diagram a. Perennialism c. Essentialism
b. K-W-L technique d. Spider web b. Progressivism d. Reconstructionism

127. The problem method can have an 134. In what way can instructional aids
incalculable value for children because enhance learning?
a. Learning problem-solving skills will eliminate all a. Hold students in the classroom
life problems. b. Entertain students
b. Problem-solving skills are needed for lifetime. c. Take the place of the teacher
c. Learning problem solving skills will mean no d. Reinforce learning
more misbehaved children.
d. Life is full of problems. 135. To build a sense of pride among FILIPINO
young which should be done?
128. Test norms are established in order to a. Re-study our history from the perspective of our
have a basis for colonizers
a. Establishing learning objectives. b. Replace the study of folklores and myths with
b. Identifying pupils difficulties technical subjects that make youths globally
c. Planning effective instructional devices. competitive
d. Comparing test scores. c. Re-study our history and stress on our
achievements as a people
d. Set aside the study of local history
136. Teachers often complain of numerous 141. Authority comes from GOD and is meant
non-teaching assignments that adversely to:
affect their teaching. Does this mean that a. Distinguish the powerless from the powerful
teachers must be preoccupied only with b. Be lorded over others
teaching c. Be used to exploit others
a. Yes, if they are given other assignments justice d. Be used to serve others
demands that they be properly compensated.
b. No, because every teacher is expected to 142. With which function is the left hemisphere
provide leadership and initiative in activities for of the brain involved?
betterment of communities a. Intuitive c. Nonverval
c. Yes, because other community leaders, not b. Visual d. Logical
teachers, are tasked to lead in community
activities 143. The study type of reading exercises gives
d. Yes, because teaching is enough full time job practice in
a. Picking out the main ideas
137. When necessary conditions are present, b. All sorts of study methods
the use of inductive method is preferred c. Reading skills needed in other subjects
because d. Recognizing the precise meaning of words
a. It needs only a few instruction materials
b. There is greater active participation on the part 144. For effective classroom management,
of pupils when should a teacher undertake the task of
c. It gives the teacher more time to rest setting up of routine activities?
d. Academic time is used wisely a. Every Homeroom day
b. Everyday at the start of the session
138. Which is the best reason why Mr. Cruz c. As soon as the students have adjusted to their
begins a lesson in Math by checking and schedules
reviewing on the previous day’s assignment d. On the very first day of school
and provides practice and drills?
a. Prepare the students for the mastery test 145. The score distribution follows the normal
b. Make learning interesting and enjoyable for curve. What does this mean?
students a. Most of the scores are on the –2 SD
c. Check if parents guide their children in the b. Most of the scores are on the + 2 SD
making of assignment c. The scores coincide with the mean
d. Make sure that the students understand the pre- d. Most of the scores pile up between –1 SD and +
requisite skills of the lesson 1 SD

139. Here is a test item: “Jose Rizal was born 146. The computed for English and Math
in Calamba, Laguna on June _________, 1861.” scores is___75. What does this mean?
What is wrong with the item? a. The higher than scores in Math the higher the
a. The blank is very short scores in English.
b. It is concerned with trivia b. Math and English scores are not in any way
c. The blank is near the end related
d. It is open to more than one correct answer c. The higher the scores in Math, the lower the
scores in English
140. How students learn may be more d. The lower the scores in Math the lower the
important than what they learn. From this scores in English
principle, which of the following is particularly
important? 147. To which Filipino trait can one attribute a
a. Solving a problem within time allotted Filipino student’s resistance to scientific
b. Getting the right answer to a word problem methods and unquestioning obedience to
c. Knowing how to solve a problem authority?
d. Determining the givens a. Impersonalism c. Personalism
b. Rationalism d. Non-rationalism
148. In her conduct of item analysis, Teacher G d. Teachers of academic, vocational, special,
found out that a significantly greater number technical or non-formal institutions
from the upper group of the class got test item
# 5 correctly. This means that the test item 155. Education in human rights starts with
a. Has a negative discriminating power a. Loving the other
b. Is valid b. Liking the other
c. Is easy c. Caring for the other
d. Has a positive discriminating power d. Respect towards the other

149. For counseling to be successful which 156. What is the advantage of standard scores
assumption must be AVOIDED? over percentiles?
a. The student is willing to participate in the a. They have a zero reference point
process b. They have scales of equal units
b. The counselor tells the student what to do c. They indicate an individual’s relative standing in
c. The environment must provide assurance of a group
confidentiality d. They indicate specific points in the normal curve
d. The counselor must be able to relate to the
student 157. Teacher Q shares this concept with her
students: “What you do not want done to your
150. Which is selective reading technique self do not do to others. “This concept is
meant at getting at important facts very fast? a. Buddhist and Confucian
a. Silent reading c. Oral reading b. Muslim and Christian
b. Skim reading d. Scanning c. Christian and Confucian
d. Hindu and Christian
151. Which element should be present for
brainstorming to be effective? 158. A teacher by reason of having gotten tired
a. Lax atmosphere of elections resulting to no change did not
b. Teacher’s non-judgmental attitude exercise her right of suffrage last May 14, 2001.
c. Teacher’s use of “put down” strategy Which provision in the Code of Ethics did she
d. Threatening atmosphere fail to observe?
a. Every teacher shall possess and actualize full
152. Which technique is most appropriate commitment and devotion to duty
when a teacher wants a group to agree on a b. A teacher shall not engage in the promotion of
plan of action? any political, religious, or other partisan interest
a. Agenda c. Every teacher shall vote and shall exercise all
b. Composite report other constitutional rights and responsibilities
c. Symposium d. Every teacher shall enjoy academic freedom
d. Consensus decision-making
159. The Continuous Progression Scheme
153. Which order is observed in the task introduced in the elementary level in the
analysis model of lesson organization? Philippines, in the school year 1970-1971 had
a. Facts, principle, concepts, generalization as its objective.
b. Facts, generalization, concepts, principle a. Mastery of the 3 r’ s
c. Facts, concepts, generalization, principle b. Pupil’s progression according to capacity
d. Facts, concepts, principle, generalization c. Mass promotion
d. Access to education
154. Who are NOT covered by the Code of
Ethics of Professional Teachers? 160. To educate the child for freedom is to
a. Teachers in the tertiary level educate him/her to
b. All full time or part time public and private I. Respond to himself/herself
school teacher and administrators II. Respond to others
c. Teachers in all educational institutions at the III. Do as he/she pleases
preschool, elementary and secondary levels IV. Live as he/she desires
a. II, III b. I, III c.I, II d. I, IV
161. Peter sees Tony being attached by a bully 167. Determining the pronunciation and
classmate and realizes that, unless assisted, meaning of words by analyzing roots, affixes,
Tony will be badly beaten up. He decides, and derived forms is called
however, not to stopthem because Peter a. Contextual attack c. Structure analysis
enjoys seeing the fight. Did Peter act b. Phonetic analysis d. Blending sounds
a. Yes, because by not taking part he prevented 168. The cultivation of reflective and meditative
the fight from becoming worse skills in teaching is an influence of
b. Yes, because he did not involve himself in the a. Confucianism c. Shintoism
fight b. Taoism d. Zen Buddhism
c. No, Peter’s motive did not lead to any good
d. Yes, because anyway Tony, a bully himself, 169. Which test item is in the highest level of
deserves to be beaten Bloom’s taxonomy of objectives?
a. Explain how trees receive nutrients
162. In the problem solving method of b. Explain how a tree functions in relation to the
teaching, which is the primary role of the ecosystem
teacher? c. Rate three different methods of controlling tree
a. Director c. Lecturer growth
b. Classifier d. Judge d. List the parts of a tree

163. The schema theory asserts that 170. If the student is encouraged to develop
a. We learn by the process of conditioning himself to the fullest, which of Maslow’s
b. We are passive learners hierarchy of needs should he satisfy?
c. We organize what we learn according to a. Safety needs c. Belongingness
patterns b. Physiological needs d. Self-actualization
d. We are totally conditioned by our environment
171. When plateau is reached in a student’s
164. Which term applies to the search for learning curve, it is advisable for the learner to.
related literature by computer access of data a. Continue reviewing
bases on discs kept in libraries? b. Give up learning
a. Manual research c. Take a rest
b. On-line research d. Force himself/herself to get interested
c. Compact discs computer research
d. Computer research 172. Based on Piaget’s theory, in what
cognitive development stage in the learner
165. Which one can enhance the comparability who is capable of abstract, hypothetical, and
of grades? logical reasoning?
a. Individual teachers giving weights to factors a. Concrete operation stage
considered for rating b. Pre-operational stage
b. Using a common conversion table for translating c. Formal operation stage
test scores into ratings d. Sensori-motor stage
c. Allowing individual teaches to determine factors
for rating 173. When teachers are convinced that it is
d. Formulating tests that vary from one teacher to best to teach students the skill to adapt to
another change since change is the only thing
permanent in this word, they subscribe to the
166. Lorelie obtained a NSAT percentile rank of philosophy of
80. This indicates that. a. Realism c. Pragmatism
a. She surpassed in performance 80% of his fellow b. Existentialism d. Idealism
b. She got a score of 80 174. The old adage “ Do not to others what you
c. She surpassed in performance 20% of his fellow do not want others do to you” is a teaching of
examinees a. Lao tsu c. Mohammad
d. She answered 80 items correctly b. Confucious d. Buddha
175. Which is the ultimate aim of classroom b. Always do what is right
management? c. The end does not justify the means
a. To remove the physical conditions in the room d. Between two evils, do the lesser evil
that distract children’s attention
b. To set up conditions that bring about effective 181. Of the following methods used to discover
teaching and learning the interests of people, which does NOT
c. To secure conformity to rulers with ease belong to the group?
d. To make children realize that they can not do a. Analyzing activities that an individual performs
everything they want b. Using interests tests and inventories
c. Using anecdotal records
176. Which violates the spirit of Filipinization d. Asking individuals what they like to do
of educational institution?
a. An educational institution owned by a 182. A child refuses to obey orders or displays
corporation of which 40% of the capital is owned negativism as a development trait. How may
by Filipino citizens you best handle him?
b. An educational institution owned by a religious a. Insist on compliance to the same degree
order required of pupils.
c. An American President serving as President of b. Take every opportunity to praise him for every
the educational institution positive attitude displays
d. An educational institution owned by a charitable c. Avoid giving him orders or if you do and he
institution objects take back the order
d. Detain him after office hours for him to do what
177. Which is an element of norm-referenced he has been ordered to do.
a. The student’s past performance 183. Which process enhances the
b. An absolute standard comparatibility of grades?
c. The performance of the group a. Determining the level of difficulty of the test
d. What constitutes a perfect score b. Using a table of specifications
c. Giving more high level questions
178. Which can effectively measure students d. Constructing departmentalized examinationsm
awareness of values? for each subject area
a. Anecdotal record c. Likert scales
b. Projective techniques d. Moral dilemma 184. Royalty rights acquired through the
authorship of a book are examples of
179. Teacher K delegates some of her a. Imperfect rights c. Inalienable rights
responsibilities to the whole class. She b. Alienable rights d. Acquired rights
separate student monitors for attendance,
classroom cleaning, and distribution of 185. For grades to be made valid indicators of
learning materials. In which aspect is she students achievements which process should
good? be observed?
a. Instructional planning c. Classroom a. Adopting letter grades such as A,B,C and D
management b. Defining the course objectives as intended
b. Value development d. Classroom teaching learning outcomes
c. Explaining the meaning of marks or grades
180. The Second World War has caused too d. Giving objective type of tests
much destruction to life and property and the
Allied forces consisting of the United States, 186. Using the six descriptions of the elements
Great Britain and France wanted to end it but of a good short story, IDENTIFY IN WRITING
Japan consistently refused. To force Japan’s THE SIX ELEMENTS IN THE SHORT STORY BY
surrender the Allied forces dropped the first O HENRY with complete accuracy. The
atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, capitalized words are referred to as the
Japan on August 9, 1945. Which principle of a. Minimum acceptable performance
morality applies in this situation? b. Performance statement
a. The end justices the means c. Criterion success
d. Condition 195. Teacher U wants to make use of a
structured format where two positions on a
187. For comparing and contrasting, which controversial issue are presented formally and
graphic organizer is most appropriate? each speaker is a given a center amount of
a. Story map c. Web time to state a position. Which technique
b. Venn diagram d. Cycle should he use?
a. Simulation c. Debate
188. Under which teaching strategy does a b. Symposium d. Critiquing session
School’s Division practice of assigning a Girl
Scout to serve as Superintendent of the Day or 196. A test is considered relievable if
Major of the Day for leadership training fall? a. It is easy to score
a. Symposium c. Panel discussion b. It serves the purpose for which it is constructed
b. Simulation d. Dramarization c. It is consistent and stable
d. It is easy to administer
189. Which is characteristic of the country’s
educational system during the American 197. A class is composed to bright students.
regime? The distribution will most likely be
a. Religious c. Filipinistic a. Platykurtic c. Skewed to the left
b. Centralized d. Decentralized b. Skewed to the right d. Very normal

190. Which term refers to the collection of 198. An arsonist is seen preparing to burn a
student’s products and accomplishments for a public market. Can he be shot to death in the
period for evaluation purposes? name of self-defense?
a. Anecdotal record c. Observation report a. Yes, but the act of killing can not be called self-
b. Portfolio d. Diary defense
b. Yes, the good to be defended is of great
191. With Republic Act 7836 the licensure importance and is proportionate to the evil done by
exams for teachers is with the aggressor
a. Commission on Higher Education c. No, shooting him to death is not proportionate to
b. Professional Regulation Commission the arson he is preparing to do
c. Department of Education, Culture, and Sports d. No, in no way is killing justified, only God can
d. Civil Service Commission take away life

192. Which one helps produce an environment 199. If a student’s appropriate behavior is mild
conducive for learning? and that it appears that the misbehavior will
a. Cooperative learning not spread to others, it is sometimes best for
b. Long assignments the teacher not to make a fuss of it. Which
c. Individual competition influence technique is this?
d. Excessive praise a. Antiseptic bouncing
b. Planned ignoring*
193. With which goals of educational c. Proximity control
institutions as provided for by the Constitution d. Signal interference
is the development of work skills aligned?
a. To teach the duties of citizenship’s 200. Which materials consist of instructional
b. To develop moral character units that cater to the different needs and the
c. To inculcate love of country varying mental levels of pupils?
d. To develop vocational efficiency a. Multi-level materials
b. Multi-grade materials
194. Which human right does libel violate? c. Minimum learning competencies
a. The right to one’s own life d. Plantilla
b. The right to one’s honor
c. The right to make a livelihood
d. The right to property
“The strongest single factor in prosperity
consciousness is self-esteem: believing you
can do it, believing you deserve it, believing
you will get it.”


1. C
2. B
3. C
4. C
5. C
6. B
7. D
8. D
9. D
10. C
11. C
12. B
13. D
14. C
15. A
16. C
17. B
18. C
19. B
20. B
21. B
22. A
23. C
24. D
25. C
26. D
27. D
28. B
29. B
30. A