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School ROYAL CHRISTIAN SCHOOL Grade Level Grade 11


Teaching Dates and Time JUNE 17-21, 2019 SEMESTER FIRST

JUNE 17, 2019 JUNE 18, 2019 JUNE 19, 2019 JUNE 20, 2019
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
• Describe the structure and composition of the Universe, • Identify the large scale and small • Identify the factors that allow a
• Explain the red-shift and how it used as proof of an scale properties of the solar planet to support life,
I.OBJECTIVES expanding universe, and system, and • Identify the unique characteristics of
• Discuss and state the different hypothesis that preceded the • Describe the different hypotheses Earth that allow the existence of life
Big Bang Theory of the Origin of the Universe. explaining the origin of the solar define the concept of a system,
system, and • Recognize the Earth as a system
• Discuss and differentiate the scientific composed of subsystems, and
knowledge given in the cards with the • Decide and choose the planet they
other students. would like their spaceship to land.

A. Content Standard The learners demonstrate an understanding of the formation of the universe and the solar system
B. Performance The learners shall be able to conduct a survey to assess the possible geologic hazards that your community may experience.
C. Learning S11/12ES-Ia-e-1 S11/12ES-Ia-e-1 S11ES-Ia-2 S11/12ESIa-e-3
Competencies The learners state the different The learners state the different The learners compare the different The learners recognize the
(Write the CG Code) hypotheses explaining the origin hypotheses explaining the origin hypotheses explaining the origin of the uniqueness of Earth, being the only
of the universe. of the universe. Solar System. planet in the solar system with
properties necessary to support life.
The learners explain that the Earth
consists of four subsystems, across
whose boundaries matter and energy
II. CONTENT Universe and Solar System Universe and Solar System Universe and Solar System Universe and Solar System

III. LEARNING Earth Science (Initial Release) Earth Science (Initial Release) Earth Science (Initial Release) Earth Science (Initial Release)
A. Reviewing previous • Students will recall about the 3 • Photo Analysis: The teacher will • Pass the Earth Ball game: • Ask the learners what they know
Lesson or presenting theories of the origin of the present the picture of the solar Basketball Shoot, Volleyball Spike, about or have experienced
the new lesson universe system Baseball Bat, Soccer Kick regarding El Niño/ Global Warming.
• Learners will watch a video • Learners will watch a video clip. • Learners will watch a video clip and
about the Big Bang Theory present their ideas on the board.
B. ACTIVITY • Arrange the jumbled • 4Pics1Word: Learners will guess • Celebrity Bluff: Learners will guess if • Pinoy Henyo: Let the students take
words/term and explain in your the words of the prepared the statement given is a Fact or a Bluff. turns in guessing the word given to
own words in regards of the slides/pictures. them and their partner will help
universe. them in giving clues and tips about
the word/term.
C. ANALYSIS • “Why does the universe needs • “How does the Doppler effect • "What do you think is the reason why • "What is the importance of H2O in
to expand?” explain the expansion of the the sun is the center of our solar maintaining the temperature of a
• “Will the universe expand universe?” system?" planet?"
forever? Explain.” • “Relate heat to the expansion of • "What do you think is the reason why • "What do you think is the reason of
the universe.” the sun is the center of our solar the failure of mankind in protecting
system?" the environment and the life here on
D. ABSTRACTION Teacher will discuss about the Teacher will discuss the terms, Teacher will discuss the composition of Teacher will discuss the uniqueness
composition, structure, evolution & composition of the solar system and present the of Earth and its four subsystems;
accelerating expansion, cosmic universe, birth-death-rebirth of theories and hypothesis of the origin of geosphere/lithosphere, hydrosphere,
microwave background radiation stars, & expanding universe the solar system. atmosphere, and biosphere.

E. APPLICATION The article about 3 theories of The learners will watch two short The Truth Game: Interstellar Crash Landing :
the origin of the universe will be video clips filmed inside a car. Try Students will work in pairs. Different Ask students what factors would a
distributed and the learners will to determine where the horn is kinds of cards will be given that needed planet be habitable. Learners should
read and collaborate with each coming from. Is it coming from the to be matched together. Shuffle the try to elaborate on their responses.
other. inside the car or outside the car? If Provide a copy of Table 1 - "Factors
cards and lay them face up on the table.
outside the car, where? that Make a Planet Habitable" to
each of the group (can be the same
Find the six ‘Key Word Cards’ and grouping as Activity 1). Ask students
make them into the heads of six to read the document carefully and
columns. Find the six ‘Meaning Cards’ compare their answers they have
given at the start of the activity
and match them to the ‘Key Word
Ask the students to imagine
Cards’. Discuss any uncertainties that themselves in an interstellar voyage.
you have. Now, the students will need Their spaceship suffers mechanical
to place the 18 ‘Example Cards’ in the problems and will be forced to land.
appropriate columns. Fortunately they are passing through
the Yanib System , which is
Note that some columns will have more composed of a sun-like star
than others. Some may be suitable for surrounded by seven planets, some
placing in more than one column. of which have moons . The profiles of
planets and moons of the Yanib
People may not always agree. There
System are listed on Table 2
are not always ‘correct’ answers. Again, (Provide each group a copy of Table
discuss any uncertainties that you have. 2). Students are to decide the best
place to land their ship.
Ask students to write down on a
piece of paper their choice of planet
or moon. Reasons for their choice
should also be written down.
Reasons why they did not choose
the other planets should also be

F. ASSESSMENT The learners will create a Venn 1. Describe the structure Is the Solar System unique or rare? The learners will write an essay not
diagram showing the similarities and composition of the What is the possibility of finding a exceeding 200 words on how man
and differences of the 3 theories Universe (10 pts.) similar system within the Milky Way has altered the atmosphere,
of the universe. 2. Explain the concept of the Red Galaxy? What about an Earth like biosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere,
Short Quiz Shift and how it used as an planet? and as a consequence, the Earth
evidence for an Research on the library or the internet System as whole.
expanding universe (10pts.) about the presence of a solar system in The learners will write a 200 word
3. Explain the origin and the other galaxy. report/essay on the following topic:
evolution of the Universe ‘Can man alter Mars environment to
according to the Big Bang make it more suitable for human
Theory (10 pts.) habitation? How?’


G. AGREEMENT Storyboard on the Origin of the What is the fate of the universe? Illustrate/draw the eight planets of the Study for the short quiz on Monday.
Universe: Research and Will the universe continue to solar system based on the distance
make/develop your own expand or will it eventually from the sun. (20 pts.)
hypothesis or theory on the contract because of gravity?
origin of the universe or solar Research about large scale and
system using your imagination small scale properties of the solar
and what you learned from the system.
different theories we discussed.
Support your theories in your
own understanding based on
empirical data. (50 pts.)
Content - 20
Theme and Creativity - 10
Writing Processes - 15
Layout - 5

Deadline: ?


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Verna Flores