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Dear Balram Ji

Thanks for sending minutes of meeting. Although you have understood our requirements very well, I am
once again writing the work flow team wise / department wise:

A. Business Development
B. Accounts
C. Projects
D. Management

A. Business Development Team:

1. Customer inquiry is generated through phone, email or tender
2. Customer entry should be made in software
3. Proposal / tender document /bid document should be stored in a sever/database and visible and
accessible through software
4. Work order / purchase order stored in database and available to Business Development Team,
concerned projects team, accounts team and management
5. Maybe a good CRM module should tackle these issues

1. Software should have features to display all leads generated, converted, pending, their status in past
2. Customer coding / grouping to evaluate which customers have given us what quantum of business
3. Leads generated to converted ratio
4. Business segments which are more profitable / loss making
5. Some work orders have a definite life (1-2 years) whereas some orders have perpetual life, subject to
renewal. Software should remind the team for pending renewals
6. Pending payments, auto generated reminders for pending payments

B. Accounts:
1. Project related expenses should be booked in software for later analysis
2. Invoice generation will not be in software
3. Purchase orders should be readily available to accounts team for invoice generation
4. Client and project related information like GST, PAN, etc. of client should be available and accessible

C. Projects:
1. Our projects vary from EIA, ground water clearance, baseline data, long term/seasonal monitoring, etc.
2. Making a project timeline/calendar
2. Team allocation and division of responsibilities
3. Project tracking. Comparison with proposed deadlines and reality
4. Reminders for submission of reports to client, govt. authorities, reminder for invoicing
5. Work order, tender documents, scope of work, client information should be easily accessible to projects
teams. Important project related documents obtained from client or generated by us should be stored in
5. Various stages in project lifecycle should be linked with reminders to raise invoices
6. Once invoice is raised, pending payments against invoices should reflect with feature to remind client
7. Reports generation to see team performance, financial viability, break-even, ROI, etc.

D. Management:
1. Dashboard to view status of projects
2. View status of payments, financial performance, etc.