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To: whitehouse.



Subject: National Security needs your attention

Date: August 2nd, 2019

Dear Mr. President,

Coming from someone that works for the federal government, aside you, I think you will
understand my views on your decision to provide Dr. William Happer, a climate science
critic, the opportunity to serve as a top adviser in the National Security Council. It is our
job as leaders to prepare for every possibility that poses a threat to our future
development. We are required to work as a team with little to no bias on potential
threats and to keep climate change out of the world of politics.

Our home needs our help

I am writing this email to express my concerns about the approaching threat of climate
change and to also address the insufficient amount of concern expressed by others
within our federal government. With little to no efforts being put forth by the President
of the United States, climate change progression will negatively impact our country and
more importantly our planet. Being a protector of our country and having the honor to
serve for the United States Department of Defense, it is our duty to provide the greater
good of our citizens. There are locations around the world that are already suffering,
one of which, is suffering at a rate much higher than the rest. The Arctic is warming
faster than the rest of the world, leading to the rapid melting of sea-ice and snow, which
then leads to a rise in sea levels. The Arctic tundra is essential to the U.S. National
Security, stated by the Council on Foreign Relations, and is the fourth coast of the
United States.

Proposed solutions & Reason for action

That being said, I am writing this email to propose solutions that further explain my
ideas in the efforts to revert your attention away from downplaying climate change and
more towards stopping it. I feel confident that after presenting you with my problem
solutions, you will include climate change caused by fossil fuels and carbon emissions in
future State of the Union speeches along with other issues you address like immigration,
workers, infrastructure, health care and prescription drugs, and national security.
My first proposal is in regards to the peer-review panel which will be led by Dr. William
Happer. I believe that our science agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency,
NASA, and U.S. Department of energy have revised and analyzed the data on climate
change sufficiently. Therefore, Dr. Happer and the panel that he accumulates will waste
their time triple checking the data. The solution to this would be to use the time
management skills you have gained as the leader of our country and revert your
attention to what has already been researched and proven.

My second proposal is in regards to serving an injustice to the National Defense and

their already established research. I believe that bringing an outsider, who vocalizes his
bias views on climate change, is a disservice to the public. Dr. Happer has been under
scrutiny for emails sent to the NASA Chief, Jim Bridenstine, involving advisement to
“sidestep” climate change data released freely to the public. With that being said, there
needs to be a restriction on time spent reviewing data that has already been proven and
on top of the revision that Dr. Happer and his council makes, a new revision needs to be
made in search for disinformation and fabrication.

Benefits worth fighting for

I am eager to hear your thoughts about these solutions. I will continue to search for
more solutions that could help with decisions on Dr. Happer’s role in our government.
With a topic as sensitive as climate change there is little to no time left to confront it
head on. As leaders we must have our goals set high and our vision should be on one
thing, making sure our country is in the hands of people who care. Your views are
important to me as well as mine should be to you. If you would like to discuss these
strategies further, feel free to come to my office or contact me personally.

Kindest Regards,

Secretary of Defense

Kimberly Smith