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KAB Clothing Brand is a combination of modern and vintage styles that can
be found in Lapu-Lapu Street in Tagum City. KAB Clothing Brand is applicable for
men and women where you can explore your true style, express yourself as a
unique one and be classy from head to toe because in KAB Clothing Brand you can
be as confident like a model. KAB Clothing Brand is a manufacturing type of
business which is approximately 5,000 square feet that consists of 20 employees.

Before KAB Clothing Brand existed, my grandmother’s business was

Porferia’s Clothing Store that was built in 1990 was the reigning clothing store in
Ormoc City but because of Ormoc tragedy where they hit Super Typhoon that
caused flash flood way back in 19991 my grandmother’s business faced a greatest
downfall and it takes years to finally cope again, because of that tragedy many
people lost their money and it came to the point that my grandmother’s customers
was decreasing so she decided to go to another place and that leads her in Tagum
City. But because of being too old already she decided to passed the business to
me and it became KAB Clothing Brand which stand for my initials name.

KAB Clothing Brand was built to provide men and women a comfortable
clothes, approachable staffs and help them learn what clothing styles go best with
their unique personalities so that the customers would be satisfied with the quality,
price of our clothes, and the unique customers service we provide.

Customers is the lifeblood of our business so we as the staff should have a

good manners in order for them to like our products and also the service we provide.

KAB Clothing Brand sells gowns, dresses, coats, tuxedos and other clothes
except lingerie for special events like parties, weddings, meetings, and dating
events. My business is a combination of market value and handmade in which the
products are assembled or crafted from scratch by hand to a more fashionable style
for only cheap cost, because our target market are specific customers, customers
with particular way of life, and customers who want to minimize their impact on the

In KAB Clothing Brand customers is the first priority because in the world of
business customers is always right.

KAB Clothing Brand is a fashion industry that is

located in Lapu-Lapu Street. KAB Clothing Brand has a
strong focus on fashion, quality and price of the product
that are offered to its customers in Philippines. In running
a clothing brand company our always major problem that
we encounter are the customer’s preferences, because of
the changing needs and trends. For us to fulfill the needs
and demand of the customers, KAB Clothing Brand need
to focus on innovating and developing new designs to
give satisfaction to the customers. KAB Clothing Brand’s
product can be purchased online for those who are far
away in Tagum City but only in Philippines.


In KAB Clothing Brand our target market is

composed of men and women, 15-40 years of age. The
target customer is very fashion forward and trend
conscious. They are either shopping for themselves or for
their children. KAB’s customers are definitely sensitive
towards having the most up to date and fashionable
clothing but at an affordable price.


KAB Clothing Brand has three major competitors

when it comes to clothing business. The A.G Closet and
Ticketing Services that opens 9:30am-7:30pm every
Monday to Saturday; Kylie’s Boutique that opens from
Monday to Saturday same as Trendscapes Boutique.
KAB Clothing Brand opens every 24/7 and we can
guarantee the customers choice of clothes and request
because we are also the one who’ll create it. KAB
Clothing Brand does not purchased clothes in other’s
business just to sell it to our company. KAB’s product
were not bought from anyone but only produce and
create by the staff or designer of our own company. KAB
Clothing Brand has their own creative way of selling
clothes that competitors doesn’t have. To prove to the
customers that our product is from us we have our own
physical evidence which is a paper bag that has a print
logo of our own company, even in our products the logo
can be found in the neck area part of the clothes.