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1. The potential difference between a certain thundercloud and the ground is 7x106V.

Find the
energy dissipated when a charge of 50C is transferred from the cloud to the ground in a
lightning stroke. 3.50x10^8(ans) sol: 7x10^6 multiply by 50
2. A storage tank 15m deep is filled with water. The top of the tank is open to the air. What is
the absolute pressure at the bottom of the tank? 2.48x 10^5 (ans) sol:P=Po + pxgxh >
1.10x10^5 + 1000x9.8x15
3. A harmonic oscillator has mass 0.50 kg and an ideal spring with force constant of 140 N/m. Find
its frequency.
a. 7.58 Hz
b. 2.66 Hz (ans)
c. 5.32 Hz
d. 2.25 HZ
4. Compute the resistance of a hardened copper rod 2 meters long and 8 mm in diameter if the
resistivity of the material is 1.756 x 10-8 ohm-meter
a. 2.56 x 10-4 ohm
b. 6.99 x 10-4 ohm (ans)
c. 8.97 x 10-4 ohm
d. 4.79 x 10-4 ohm
5. Which of the following is not a unit of impulse?
a. Newton-meter (ans)
b. Pound-second
c. Newton-second
d. Pound-hour
6. Lightning bolts can carry currents up to approximately 20kA. We can model such current as the
equivalent of a very long, straight wire.
(a) If you were unfortunate enough to be 5.9 m away from such lightning bolt, how large a
magnetic field would you experience.
(b) How does this field compare to one you would experience by being 5.9 cm from a long
straight household current of 11 A?
Solution and ans:
7. Three batteries, each of emf 12v, and internal resistance of 0.1 ohms, are connected in parallel
with load of 2 ohms. What is the current in the load?
Solution and ans:

8. A fisherman reels in 12 m of line while pulling in a fish that exerts a constant resisting force of
25 N. If the fish is pulled in at a constant velocity, how much work is done on it by the tension in
the line?
a. 52 joules
b. 300 joules (ans)
c. 150 joules
d. 25 joules
9. A shearing stress acting on a body changes its ____.
a. Area
b. Volume
c. Shape (ans)
d. Length
10. A hiker walks 53.1 degrees north of east for 2.5 km then due east for 2.0 km. What is her total
displacement from her starting point if you measure the distance along a straight line?
11. The resultant of this figure is ____.

Ans: 66.5 N, 222o

12. Two forces 3 N and 4 N are acting at a point such that the angle between them is 60o. Find the
resultant force.

13. The rotating blade of a motor turns with constant angular acceleration of 1.30 rad/s2. How much
time does it take to reach an angular velocity of 2.60 rad/s, starting from the rest?
a. 2.40 s
b. 2.25 s
c. 2.68 s
d. 2.00 s (ans)
14. How much is the kinetic energy of a 7000 kg truck moving at a speed of 5 kph?
a. 28 kJ
b. 4.32 kJ
c. 56 kJ
d. 6.75 kJ (ans)


15. Compute the torque developed by an industrial motor whose output is 150 kW at an angular
speed of 4000 rev/min.
a. 318 Nm
b. 239 Nm
c. 358 Nm (ans)
d. 279 Nm
16. A senior physics class conducting a research project on projectile motion constructs a device
that can launch a cricket ball. The launching device is designed so that the ball can be launched
at ground level with an initial velocity of 28 m/s at an angle of 30o to the horizontal. Calculate
the horizontal component of the velocity of the ball initially.
a. 14.7 m/s
b. 24.2 m/s (ans)
c. 19.23 m/s
d. 17.4 m/s
17. A bicycle wheel has an initial angular velocity of 1.50 rad/s
(a) If its angular acceleration is constant and equal to 0.300 rad/s2, what is its angular velocity at
t=2.50 s?
(b) Through what angle has the wheel turned between t=0 and t=2.50 s?

Solution and ans:

18. A bicycle wheel has an initial angular velocity of 1.50 rad/s. If its angular acceleration is constant
and equal to 3.00 rad/s2, through what angle has the wheel turned between t=0 s and 2.50 s?
a. 5.82 rad
b. 6.91 rad
c. 8.69 rad
d. 4.69 rad (ans)
19. You want to throw a ball straight up into the air so that it reaches a height of 3.3 m above the
ground. You may ignore any effects of air resistance throughout this problem. If the ball leaves
your hand at a height of 1.2 m above the ground, how fast do you need to throw it?
a. 6.4 m/s (ans) sol: 0=v1^2 +2(-9.8)(3.3-1.2)
b. 3.8 m/s
c. 8.0 m/s
d. 4.3 m/s
20. The boom in this figure is 2 m long and weighs 100 N. If the 800 N load is suspended 50 cm from
the end, the cable tension is approximately ____.

a. 512 N
b. 424 N
c. 352 N
d. 310 N

21. Find the tension in the cable for this arrangement.

a. 37.2 N
b. 67. 3 N (ans)
c. 45.0 N
d. 72.1 N
22. Which of the following cannot apply for a body in transitional equilibrium?
a. Summation Fy=0
b. Increasing Speed (ans)
c. Summation Fx=0
d. Constant Speed
23. The banking angle for a curve of radius 400 ft for a speed of 60 mi/h should be approximately
____. (Note that 1 mi = 5280 ft and g = 32.2 ft/s2)
a. 31o (ans)
b. 16o
c. 37o
d. 26o
24. Lightning bolts can carry currents up to approximately 20 kA. We can model such current as the
equivalent of a very long, straight wire. If you were unfortunate enough to be 5.0 m away from
such lightning bolt, how large a magnetic field would you experience?
a. 850 uT
b. 800 uT (ans)
c. 825 uT
d. 875 uT
25. A beam of light strikes and enters a lake at an angle of incidence of 40o with the normal. Find the
angle of refraction and the critical angle. The index of refraction of water is 1.33
26. A 15 kg tuna fish swimming at 1.10 m/s suddenly gobbles up a 4.50 kg milkfish that is initially
stationary. Neglecting any drag effects of the water, find the speed of the tuna fish just after it
eats the milkfish.
a. 0.621 m/s
b. 0.927 m/s
c. 0.846 m/s(ans) sol:15(1.10)/ (4.50+15)
d. 1.571 m/s
27. Where should an object be placed with reference to a concave spherical mirror of radius 180 cm
in order to form a real image having half its linear dimensions?
a. 270 cm from mirror (ans)
b. 154 cm from mirror
c. 350 cm from mirror
d. 87 cm from mirror
28. Identify the following quantities as scalar or vector: the speed of a snail, the time it takes to run
a mile, the free-fall acceleration.
a. Vector, scalar, scalar
b. Scalar, vector, vector
c. Vector, scalar, vector
d. Scalar, scalar, vector (ans)
29. Three batteries, each of emf 12 V and internal resistance 0.1 Ω, are connected in series with
load of 2 Ω. What is the current in the load?
a. 25.4 A
b. 5.67 A
c. 10.7 A
d. 15.7 A (ans)
30. Which of the following statements about distance and/or displacement are TRUE?
I. A person makes a round trip journey, finishing where she started. The
displacement for the trip is 0 distance and the distance is some nonzero value.
II. A person starts at position A and finishes at position B. the distance for the trip
is the length of the segment measured from A to B.
III. If a person walks in a straight line and never changes direction, then the
distance and the displacement will have exactly the same magnitude.
IV. The phrase “20 mi, northwest” likely describes the distance for a motion.
V. The phrase “20 mi, west” likely describes the displacement for a motion.
a. 1, 2, 3 only
b. 1, 3, 5 only (ans)
c. 2, 3, 5 only
d. All of the above
31. A 2 kg steel ball is attached to the end of a flat strip of metal that is clamped at its base. If the
spring constant is 8 N/m, the frequency of vibration will be approximately?

32. If an object moving at a rate of 20 m/s collides with a stationary object and the two objects
move away together, the velocity of the combined objects will be ___.
a. Less than 20 m/s (ans)
b. 40 m/s
c. Greater than 20 m/s
d. 20 m/s
33. The face of a golf club exerts an average force of 4000 N while in contact with the ball for a time,
t. If the impulse is 80 Ns, what is the contact time?
a. 2 s
b. 0.2 s
c. 0.02 s (ans)
d. 0.002 s


34. A 2,500 lb car collides with a 25,000 lb truck. During the collision, the car exerts a force of 550 lb
on the truck. What force is exerted on the car by the truck?
a. 550 lb (ans)
b. 1100 lb
c. 2,500 lb
d. 25,000 lb
35. A 60-lb block rests on a smooth horizontal surface. The horizontal force that just starts the block
moving is found to be 30-lb. Which of the following is true for this situation?
a. us = 0.18
b. Fk = 30 lb
c. uk = 0.5 (ans)
d. us = 0.5
36. Find the speed of sound in the water, which has a bulk modulus of about 2.1 x 109 Pa and a
density of about 1.0 x 103 kg.m3.

37. The speed of sound in water is 1450 m/s. Compute the bulk modulus of water.
a. 2.1 x 109 N/m2 (ans)
b. 1.58 x 109 N/m2
c. 0.35 x 109 N/m2
d. 3.5 x 109 N/m2
38. A mass of 5 kg on a spring oscillates with a period of 1 second. When the mass is 1 cm away
from its equilibrium position, what is the net force that it experiences in N?
a. 1.67 N
b. 1.87 N
c. 1.77 N
d. 1.97 N
39. A wheel initially rotating at 12 rad/s has a constant angular acceleration of -2.0 rad/s2. By the
time it stops it has turned through___.