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Lesson Plan in Introduction to Philosophy of the Human Person

Grade Level: 12

I. Objectives
 Distinguish opinion from truth (PPT11/12-Ic-2.1)

II. Learning Tasks

Subject Matter: Methods of Philosophizing


Materials: pen, paper, LCD TV, Laptop,

III. Learning Procedure

A. Preparatory Activities
1. Drill: Word Web: TRUTH
- Give words that are related to or synonymous with the word TRUTH
2. Motivation: Infer something from the following lines:
 Nothing is hidden under the heat of the sun.
 A penny for your thought.

B. Development Activities
1. Presentation:
 How do we arrive at a sound decision?
 Why do we rely for knowledge and experience when we want to arrive at a
sound decision?
 In decision making do we rely on the truth or an opinion?

2. Lesson Proper
a. Activity: FACT OR BLUFF.
The class will say whether the following statement is a fact or a bluff.
1. Ormoc City is nicknamed the City of Beuatiful People.
2. Ormoc is located at the eastern part of Leyte.
3. Ormoc is the number 1 unsafe city in whole Philippines.
4. Ibong Adarna is the national bird of the Philippines.
5. Alto peak is located at barangay Cabingtan, Ormoc City.
6. Richard Gomez is the representative of the 4th district of Leyte.
7. Pinya Festival is celebrated on the 20th of October.
8. The mouse deer is the national animal of the Philippines.

b. Analysis
 How many statements were true or a fact?
 How did you arrive at a conclusion that these things were true a fact?
 Why is it important to check if something is the truth or just a simple
c. Abstraction.
 How can you distinguish truth from opinion?
 How do you determine if a statement is true?
 When can we say that something is an opinion and not the truth or a

Generalization: Can you now clearly immediately distinguish something that is

true, real and a fact from an opinion?

d. Application: Tell whether the following statement is a truth or an opinion. Write

down your answers on the chart below.
1. A student living near the school can save more from his/her daily
2. My sister is selfish because she didn’t share the last piece of pizza
with me.
3. It only takes me 30 minutes to walk from home to school.
4. Police officers in Davao City are the best.
5. Words can also hurt people.

e. Assessment: Draw a if the statement is true. If the statement is an opinion
draw a . Draw your answers on the space provided before each number.

__________1. Sir Cary is the School Director of ACLC College of Ormoc.

__________2. The philosophy teacher of grade 12 is handsome.

__________3. The president is not doing his job well.

__________4. ACLC College of Ormoc is a computer base learning center.

__________5. ACLC College of Ormoc is the best school in Ormoc City.

__________6. According to studies banana is rich in potassium.

__________7. Baguio is the best summer vacation spot in the whole world.

IV. Assignment: Read an editorial from any newspaper. Write the title of the editorial and the
name of its author. Determine whether the editorial is a simple opinion or an editorial based
on facts. Explain why is it a simple opinion or an editorial based on facts. Write your answer
on a one whole sheet of paper.