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Standard Extra Low

Voltage A60
Standard ELV 40W E27/BRC 24V A60 CL 1CT

Clear lamp (A-bulb) for operation on voltages of 12, 24, 42

and 50 V

Product data

• General Information
Cap-Base E27 [ E27] • Mechanical and Housing
Bulb Shape A60 [ A 60mm]
Bulb Finish Clear
Operating Position UNIVERSAL [ Any or Universal (U)]
Cap-Base Information Brass Cap
Nominal Lifetime 1000 h
Switching Cycle 4000X • Approval and Application
Energy Efficiency D
• Light Technical Label (EEL)
Energy Consumption 40 kWh
Luminous Flux 580 lm
kWh/1000 h
Luminous Flux 580 lm
(Rated) (Nom) • Product Data
Correlated Color 2700 K
Full product code 871150002293684
Temperature (Nom)
Order product name Standard ELV 40W E27/BRC 24V A60
Color Rendering 100
Index (Nom)
EAN/UPC - Product 8711500022936
Order code 920011020503
• Operating and Electrical Numerator - Quan- 1
tity Per Pack
Power (Rated) 40 W
Numerator - Packs 120
per outer box
Starting Time (Nom) 0.0 s
Material Nr. (12NC) 920011020503
Warm Up Time To instant full light
Net Weight (Piece) 28.000 g
60% Light (Nom)
ILCOS Code IAA/C-40-24-E27-60
Voltage (Nom) 24 V

• Controls and Dimming

Dimmable Yes
Standard Extra Low Voltage A60

Dimensional drawing

D ELV 40W E27/BRC 24V A60 CL

Product D C

Standard ELV 40W E27/BRC 24V A60 CL 1CT 60 mm 107.5 mm

E27, A60


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