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Leyte Colleges

Tacloban City

First Quarter Exam

TLE – 8
S.Y. 2019 - 2020

Name: ________________ Year & Sec.:____________ Date:_______________ Score:______

I. Multiple Choice:

Direction: Choose the correct answer that corresponds to the statement. Write the
letter only.

1. ______________ it is a group of people related by blood, marriage, or adoption

living together in a certain house.
a. Marriage
b. Family
c. Conjugal
d. House

2. _______________ it is a building structure where the family lives.

a. House
b. Home
c. Family
d. All of the above

3. ___________ it is characterize by changes.

a. Puberty
b. Adolescence
c. Teenager
d. Growth

4. Life is not a bed of roses. It means _____________________.

a. Life is full of happiness
b. Life is not easy to manage
c. Life is not the same at all
d. Life is a challenge

5. ____________ it is assigned work often finished within a certain time.

a. Duties
b. Task
c. Undertaking
d. Function

6. Successful achievement resulted to: ____________________

a. Happiness and satisfaction
b. Expressing gaiety and feel good
c. Goodness and happiness
d. all of the above

7. Open communication among family members will lead to:________________

a. Relieve tension and fear inside
b. It makes family happy
c. Understand each other better
d. Give insight to each member
8. Learn to laugh at your own faults instead of others. Such practice is a sign of: ___
a. Humanity c. Mistakes
b. Humility d. All of the above
9. Learn to affirm each other’s accomplishments. It means ____________
a. Congratulate them
b. Praise them
c. Acknowledge their achievement and celebrate with him/her.
10. No man is an island. It means________
a. Man literally is an island.
b. Men is an independent person
c. Men cannot live alone by himself
11. What makes your life complete and meaningful?
a. Boyfriend
b. Presence of our friends
c. Girlfriend
12. He who found true friends has found _________________.
a. Money
b. Friendship
c. Treasure
13. Value yourself first. This means ______________
a. Have self-respect
b. Have confidence
c. Have trust
14. Learn the art of listening. It means ___________
a. Let others reveal themselves
b. Let other share their own stories
c. Let others impress their own image
15. Be ready to lend a helping hand. It means___________
a. Share your own blessings
b. A little help is a joy forever
c. Be kind and generous to others
16. ______ active participation in the community affairs is a good sign of public
a. Community involvement
b. Community cooperation
c. Community participation
17. What family holds dear or value weekend dinning outside, while others prefer
watching television.
a. Priorities of the family
b. Values, attitude, and habits of the family
c. Recreation of the family.
18. The battle cry of every family, in this regard is “first thing first!” it means ______
a. Stability is a major factor
b. first come first
c. priorities of the family
19. Be aware of the wealth of resource in your family
a. Use of avoidable resources
b. Priorities of the family
c. Community involvement
20. Be aware what the role that a family performs.
a. Rule management
b. Family activities
c. Duties and responsibilities

II. True or False:

Direction: write TRUE if the statement is correct and FALSE if it is wrong or

1. Home management is the art of running the home smoothly sided by the wise
use of resources.
2. Every family is challenge to bring out the best of each member.
3. Decision making is an art of finding out solutions to certain problems
4. Knowing the problem must always be sound to achieve the goals and
objectives he/she belongs.
5. The home is the best place where we can be for ourselves.
6. The home is the training ground of the family members.
7. It is better to sin than to suffer. The evils besetting the lives of the majority of
the youth.
8. There is no substitute for role modeling.
9. Recent survey reveals that Filipino youth are involved in internet café a mass
10. The TV is one medium, which highly influence the teenagers.
11. There are 15 Million OFW scattered in 140 countries all over the world are
good dollar earners.
12. Done to influence of barkada teenage pregnancy and the worst of all stow
away children are prevalent.
13. Teachers should serve as a role models so that desirable values are developed
in their children.
14. Successful home management is achieved through careful consideration of
family, activities, resources, priorities, values, and attitudes.
15. Despite the minimal resources, family can survive and hold on to each other
because of money.

III. Enumeration: