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Making machine load visible

with torque measurements

Shaft fracture? – Learn why!

Increased system availability
Remote monitoring service concepts

Diagnostic monitoring system

Sensor signal Rotating
amplifier antenna

Strain gauge


Evaluation unit
Torque measurements make machine load visible
Machine manufacturers select RS
drive components such as gears,
R1 R4
couplings, motors and converters DMS
so as to ensure that the machines
U0 U1
have the necessary torque avail-
able to them at the required op- R3
erating speed. For cost reasons,
increasingly lighter and smaller
Fig. 3: Electrical shunt calibration
gears and couplings must trans-
mit ever more power. This can DMS

lead to sudden, dangerous tor-

sional vibration and even fatigue
fractures. Fig. 2: Full-bridge circuit with
four active strain gauges (DMS) for
Drive specialists know that after longitudinal strain
the second shaft fracture on
identical machines – at the latest components that must addition- Also possible are:
– it is time for torque measure- ally be installed are shown in the • Overload monitoring
ments with strain gauges. The illustration on the front page. The • Load collectives, e. g. accord-
only way to measure static and sensor signal amplifier and the ing to the rainflow method
dynamic loads over several weeks antenna rotate with the shaft. • Frequency & order analyses
is by mechanical torque measure- The strain gauge bridge feed and Fig. 4 shows the startup behavior
ment at high frequency. Critical the modulated torque signals are of a synchronous motor on a
natural vibrations are also looked transmitted via the stationary turbo compressor in Chile. The
for at this time. pickup antenna and the evalua- measurements, automatically re-
Fig. 1 shows the arrangement of tion unit. The measurement re- corded when the motor starts
measurement equipment used sults can be continuously record- turning, are electronically trans-
for simultaneous torque mea- ed with VIBNODE ®, VIBRO- mitted to drive specialists in Ger-
surement on the upper and lower WEB® XP or VIBRONET® Signal- many for remote diagnosis.
spindles of a rolling mill drive. master monitoring systems.

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Torque in kNm

Rated torque

Fig. 1: Arrangement for simultaneous

load measurement 5s
< >
Strain gauges (Fig. 2), connected
as a Wheatstone bridge and pro-
tected against humidity and con-
tamination, are applied to the Fig. 4: Synchronous motor starting up with prohibited additional load.
Source: antriebstechnik 07/2001, page 70-73
twisting shaft. The telemetry
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