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Unit Description Objectives Short Answer Questions Long Answer Questions

I Nursing management of Describe theetiology,  Short note on Otitis Media  (i)Define Otitis Media
patient with disorders of pathophysiology, and  Note on Hearing Aids (ii)Write Down classification
Ear Nose and Throat clinicalmanifestations  Tracheostomy Care along with the Clinical
diagnosticmeasures  Describe common cold and write manifestations
andmanagementof down its management. (iii)Explain management of
patientswithdisorders  Short notes on allergic rhinitis. Patient with Otitis Media
of Ear Noseand Throat  Short notes on peritonsillar  (i)Define meniere`s Disease
abscess. (ii)Enlist causes and clinical
 Short notes on pharyngitis manifestations of Meniere’s
 Short notes on Laryngitis disease.
 Short notes on Epistaxis. (iii)Write the post-operative
management of a patient with
 (i)Define rhinitis
(ii)Describe types
(iii)write medical and surgical
management of the patient
with rhinitis.
 (i)Define Nasal septum
(ii)Explain pathophysiology of
the deviated nasal septum
(iii)Enlist clinical
manifestation and surgical
management.of deviated nasal
Unit Description Objectives Short Answer Questions Long Answer Questions
II Nursing management of Describe the  National blindness control  Write classification of
patient etiology, Program Glaucoma.
With disorders of eye pathphysiology,  Short Notes on: Write surgical management of
clinicalmanifestations Cataract Glaucoma.
diagnosticmeasures corneal ulcer Explain pre and post -
andmanagementof Eye exercises operative nursing management
patientswith Ptosis of Glaucoma .
disordersof eye. Diseases of the eyelids
Tumors of the orbit
Macular degeneration
 Discuss about Retinal
 Describe conjunctivitis and write
down its nursing management.
III Nursing management of Describe the  Glasgow coma scale.  (i)Define Meningitis
patient etiology, patho  Note on Epilepsy (ii)Write down Classification of
With neurological physiology  Parkinson’s disease meningitis with clinical features
disorders clinical manifestations,  Short notes on:- (iii)Explain management of
diagnostic measures Anencephaly patient with Meningitis.
and nursing Guillainbarre syndrome  (i)Define CVA
management of Spinal cord injury (ii)List down etiology and clinical
patients with Myasthenia gravis features and nursing
neurological disorders Meningitis management of CVA
Unit Description Objectives Short Answer Questions Long Answer Questions
IV Nursing management of *Describe the  Breast Self Examination  (i)Define Breast Cancer
patient s etiology,  write short notes on : (ii)List down the causes and risk
With disorders of pathophysiology Dysmenorrhea factors of breast cancer
female clinical manifestation, Menorrhagia (iii)Explain the pathology,
reproductive system diagnostic measures Vaginitis clinical manifestations
and nursing Endometriosis (iv)Write the medical, surgical
management of Mastitis and nursing management of
patients with Menopause breast cancer
disorders of female Infertility
reproductive  Write down the methods for
system . induced abortion.
*Describe concepts of  Write down different methods of
reproductive contraception
health and family
welfare Programme

V Nursing management of * Describe the 1.Fluid management of Burns 1.Define Burns.

patients etiology, patho 2.Fluid replacement Therapy Write the types of burns
With Burns, physiology, clinical Explain in detail the
reconstructive and manifestations, pathophysiology of burns.
Cosmetic surgery diagnostic Explain the nursing management
measures and nursing of burns.
management of
with burns
and cosmetic surgery
Unit Description Objectives Short Answer Questions Long Answer Questions
VI Nursing management of * Describe the  TNM classification of Cancer  (i)Define radio-therapy
patients etiology,  Warning signs of Cancer (ii)Describe the types of
With oncological pathophysiology,  Bone Marrow Transplant radiation therapy
conditions clinical  Note on Palliative Care (iii)How you managed side-
manifestations,  Note on Rehabilitation Care effects associated with
diagnostic radiation therapy?
measures and nursing
management of
with oncology

VII Nursing management of *Describe  Role of Nurse in Disaster  (i)Define disaster nursing.
patient in emergency & organization Management (ii)Discuss the causes and
disaster of emergency  Phases of Disaster types of Disaster.
and disaster  Short note on Disaster (iii)Write down disaster
care services management cycle.
*Describe (iv)Describe major roles of
The role of nurse in nurse in disaster.
disaster management
*Describe the role of
nurse in management
of Emergencies
VIII Nursing care of the *Explain the concept  Elder abuse
elderly and problem of aging.  Role of nurse for Elderly
*Describe nursing care
of the elderly
IX Nursing management of  Describe  Write short notes on  (i)Define critical care unit.
patient in critical care Organization of classification of crical care unit (ii)Descibe various level of
units critical care units Intensive care unit critical care unit
management Oxygen delivery device (iii)Write down the physical
 role of nurse in Central venous catheter set-up of critical care unit.
management of Defibrillator
patients in critical Ethical and legal aspects in
care units. intensive care.
Critsis interventions and
X Nursing management of Describe the  Write short notes on
patients adult including etiology, Heat emergencies
elderly with pathophysiology, Frost bite
occupational and clinical Lead poisoning
industrial disorders manifestations, Coal workers pneumoconiosis
assessment, Laptospirosis
measures and
management of
patients with
and industrial
health disorder