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Name: Abapo, Darren Dan M.

Grade & Section : 12-STEM E

Reflection Paper in Research

1.) What did I learn from it?

Doing our research was really challenging and it is not that easy, teamwork and
cooperation is really important to make our work much faster and for the success of our
study. Doing research has really taught me how to find reliable sources to support our
study and helped me develop research skills that will soon help me in my college. Also,
I learned to plan and manage my time very well and use my spare time to do our
research because in the end it will be a reward to me and my team mates for we will
know what will be the result and our hard work will pay off.

Curiosity made me and my team mates to come up with our study which is
“Reasons why First Year Nursing Students Choose St. Paul University Iloilo”, because it
made us wonder why they chose St. Paul University Iloilo instead of other schools that
offer Nursing course. Our research process started in determining the objectives,
statement of the problem, and scope and limitations. Next is our review of related
literature which supports our study. Soon as we finished our review of related literature
we made a letter of permission to conduct a formal study and a researcher made
questionnaire as our instrument to gather data from all the First Year Nursing students
in St. Paul University Iloilo which is our respondents, regarding their reasons why they
choose St. Paul University Iloilo and we used descriptive statistics to determine the

Our result came up and overall the First Year Nursing Students chose Paulinian
Values as their main reason why they chose St. Paul University Iloilo because of its
good moral excellence and the school is better known for its values and that’s why
people keep enrolling. So as a student of St. Paul University Iloilo I need to embody the
Paulinian Values and know how to respect and carry it in my career and also in my
everyday life.
2.) What did I do well and why did I choose this Item?

I did well in many things in our research study such us editing some parts and
also the format especially in making tables to make it clean and more organize, I chose
to do these part because I am good at editing and my team mates trusted me.

3.) What do I want to improve in?

I still need to improve my grammar skills, organizing and planning effectively

because I still lack in these parts and I really wanted to be good at it and I really want to
improve myself and do work more productive. Also, I still need improve my time
management skill because it will help me in finding time to spend doing research
because it really takes time to finish a study.

4.) How do I feel about my performance?

I feel good and satisfied about my performance since I contributed and do some
parts for our research study and I am really happy that me and my team mates finished
our research study without having some major problems with one another because we
communicate effectively and understand each other.

5.) What did I find difficulty?

The difficulties I encountered while doing the study are finding relevant studies or
sources that are related to our study and money because sometimes my extra money is
spent for the printing and etc. and also how am I going to allot time for research but
these difficulties didn’t become a hindrance for us to not be determined in finishing our
study instead it became a lesson to me and it helped me to become better.