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Wellness Plan: Part 1 • Are you looking for overall fitness, or are you

looking to build your core, your cardiovascular

1. Assess your current physical wellness health, your upper body strength, etc?
- Physical wellness encompasses nutrition ― I’m looking forward to build not only my core,
and physical fitness. Physical wellness also includes your cardio vascular, upper body, etc.. what I am
medical wellness. Good medical wellness includes planning is to build is my overall body. In order to
health-promoting medical practices like getting regular do such thing I need to do it step-by-step and one-
medical check-ups and using preventative healthcare. It by-one process in the near future I will set on what
also involves avoiding smoking, excessive alcohol will the sequence be, thus far I am looking forward
consumption, and recreational drug use. Helpful to build first my mental, and emotional health so
questions to consider when assessing your physical that I will not have any more difficulties in the outer
wellness include: me.
• What are your physical goals? Are you interested • Are you looking to build muscle tone, or are you
in seeking out a personal trainer, or is there a more interested in increasing stamina and
coach you may want to consult? endurance?
― My physical goal is to achieve a physical state ― I am fascinated by muscle tone whether buff or
of my body wherein I will not have any difficulties ripped but talking about in my current situation I
doing the physical activities that I wanted to do, think I will build my stamina and endurance first
regarding Medical Wellness I do not go to Doctor because in the near future I can chase my muscle
once a month so I am not updated to what is tone (buff or ripped depending on my type), but for
happening on my system thus far, good to know now I am looking forward to increase my stamina
that my worse disease is cold and cough it is not and endurance so I can cope up with the activities
getting any worse so far. In the near future, yes I that I am doing like basketball, and many more
am looking forward to have a physical coach minor activities.
wherein I can build and sustain my physical state
so that my limitations in certain activities will
lessen or in much case will disappear.
2. Assess your level of nutritional wellness. do you deal with those emotions? What changes
or improvements would you like to see to your
Nutritional wellness has to do with how well- mental state?
nourished and supported your body is.
― This time I am dealing with short
• Consider your current diet and how well it serves temper/patience emotion, honestly I am a short
your health. Note any areas for improvement. temper or patience kind of person and that
― Regarding my diet I can confidently say that my manifest my whole emotion when I experienced
diet is overall good, thankfully my grandmother that it will start to affect my mood and so on and so
cooks delicious and healthy foods, it has the effect forth. Thankfully I worked it out a little bit since I
on me wherein because my diet is good it affects enter my Grade 10 year. I really need to control it
the things that I am doing for example I have or else it will control me right? So luckily I manage
strong immune system so that the worst disease to control it and now I can say that my short
that can approach me so far is cold and cough. I temper/patience attitude is quite lessen. I deal with
think what I need to improve in my diet is to eat that by being observant, observing my
more fruits and vegetables, I mean I eat surrounding, the people around me, and observing
vegetables whether at home or school but my the whole environment. By being observant I have
system needs more vegetables that meat etc. learned that yes it is normal to lost patience in
while in fruits we only have fruits at our home once some things or so, but it is also important to know
or twice a month so I think I am lacking for some what is the real reason behind the emotion that
fruits in my diet. you are feeling is it because you are feeling
awkward or uncomfortable in your surroundings or
3. Assess your level of mental wellness. is it because you are not comforbale to the people
surrounding you.
Mental wellness is a measure of how you
cope with difficult situations and how well you balance For improvements I think I need more
your emotions. understanding on the things that I am
encountering in my life, nothing major to work out I
• Consider your present mental wellness. Which
really need to understand the things that I am not
emotions do you deal with most often? How well
4. Assess your level of spiritual wellness. 5. Assess your level of emotional and relationship
Spiritual wellness isn’t about religion or
personal faith but about how you perceive the meaning of Emotional and relationship wellness
life and your place in it. pertains to how well you are aware of, accepting of, and
able to deal with your feelings and the feelings of those
Spiritual wellness means that you are able to find around you. Having health emotional and relationship
meaning, hope, comfort, and inner peace in your wellness makes you feel more resilient and supported.
life, whether through work, nature, art, music, Conversely, lack of emotional wellness can sap your
family, or volunteer work. energy and happiness.

• Consider your current level of spiritual wellness: • Take account of your present relationships, stress
how fulfilled do you feel in your life? Do you lack a level, self-esteem, and life outlook. Are there areas
sense of purpose or efficacy? on which you’d like to improve?
― Fulfillment in life is a choice, that fulfillment ― In self-esteem I have no problem, stress level is
means to me that you will be the one to choose also good, while in relationships I think I might
whether you will be happy or sad, weak or strong, improve my social skills in people, honestly I can
lazy or hardworking, and etc. yes fulfillment can be quickly build strong relationship towards people but
acquired through our inner self by knowing the sadly those people are only selected, so I think I need
answers on the questions like “what is my real to widen myself to other people.
purpose?, what is the meaning of life?”, I am not
lacking sense for purpose and efficacy, but what I
do is searching for my real purpose in this world. Are you happy? Do you feel weighed down by your
For me knowing my real purpose is knowing my relationships or emotions?
real self-that’s why I am so motivated to ― I am confidently happy on the emotions and
know/learn on what really is my purpose. relationships I have today. I say that because I have no
problem on the people surrounding me while in my
emotion I feel 110% happy I don’t know maybe it is just
me that is so happy in my life (hahaha).
6. Assess your level of intellectual wellness. some things I use it always because basically I am a
student that needs to analyze things.
This refers to the amount of information and
knowledge you take in, and the amount of creative, 7. Assess your level of social wellness.
critical and analytical thinking you put out. Learning,
problem solving and mental productivity are important Social wellness has to do with how you see
aspects of intellectual wellness. your place in the world and in society and how well you
adjust to your role in society.
• Consider your level of intellectual wellness. Are
you intellectually stimulated by your life, or are you • Consider your level of social wellness. Do you feel
bored? secure and confident in your social roles?

― I am intellectually stimulated, so far I am happy ― 110% yes, I feel so confident and safe because I
studying. Learning and acquiring new things is fun know that the people surrounding me are great people
you can use it in your everyday life. they have trusted me so then I trusted them. They
give me their trust because they know that I can do
• Do you have sufficient creative outlets? such things, in return I trust them that they will have
my back whatever the situation is.
― In terms of arts it’s a NO, but in terms of creativity
in strategy it’s a YES. In some part of my life I need to • Are you able to easily take up new and different
choose whether what is the right or wrong and by social roles?
having creativity in strategy I am ending up with the
correct answer and conclusions. ― Yes I can adopt any social roles because I am that
kind of person that can cope up with different kind of
• How often do you use critical and analytical environment, I think that is a skill that I have in me
thinking? way back since I was a kid.

― I use critical thinking when critical situations and

scenario occurs, I usually use critical thinking when
problem are popping up everywhere. While in
analytical thinking I use it when I need to analyze
8. Assess your level of occupational wellness. satisfied or more than satisfied on the work that you
do it is a must in most worker.
This aspect of personal wellness stresses
the importance of having a positive attitude towards • Are you satisfied with your career path?
work, as well as having a rewarding and enriching
career path. ― It mustn’t be only satisfied, you need to more than
satisfied on your career path because it is the guide
• Consider your level of occupational wellness. Do for your career if your pathway is not clear so then
you feel engaged by your work and career? your career will not be clear as well, but if you path is
bright the career that is waiting for you is bright as
― In the near future yes, I am planning to end my well.
career only having one job. When I start my career I
will make sure that is the first and last job that I will be 9. Assess your level of financial wellness.
doing in my entire life. Being engaged in your work is
putting your compassion on your work, being able to Financial wellness entails your sense of
work with a good feedback, being happy on what you financial stability and health.
are doing, and lastly you are in love with your job. • Consider your level of financial wellness. Are you
• Do you feel appreciated for your work? living within your means?

― In order to be appreciated in work, we need to work ― In terms of financial yes, I spend money wherein I
hard and do our best in our workplace putting hard can satisfy my-self like spending money for food, and
work is a must in having a job. Appreciation really leisure’s. Spending money for me is a natural
means a lot to a worker so better earn it so that you phenomenon we use money to satisfy our needs in
can fruitfully accommodate it. life.

• Do you feel enriched by the work you do? • Are you financially secure for the future?

― If you are happy to the work that you are doing of ― Financially speaking yes, but in full honesty I am
course you will be enriched and at the same time not the one that saves that up it is my mother, my
enlightened to your job. Being enriched is being mom make sure that we have money for my college,
because she believes that it is worth spending money
in the course that I wanted to take. But talking about think it must be 6-7am only, because at 8am the
the future, no, I have not save any money for my sunlight can hurt our skin it is because our ozone
future thus far. Because I believe that if you spend layer is thin enough so that the heat can penetrate in
money in a good way money will come back at you our ozone layer.
really fast.
• Do you take time to appreciate the environment
• Do you have and keep a budget? around you?

― Way back when I was a little kid I used to do listing ― Yes when vacation comes I make sure that at least
the money that I save, but right now I dot have a keep I will go to province or beach so then I can feel the
budget I only memorize the money that I have save at serenity of the environment that is given to us.
• Do you take measures to conserve energy and
10. Assess your level of environmental wellness. consume consciously?

This aspect of wellness relates to your level ― Yes especially in water and electricity, having fresh
of environmental consciousness. Your well-being is water nowadays is a rare scenario because most of
intertwined with the well-being of the environment the water here in the city is being filtered so it will be
around you. clean, so whenever that I will be having a chance to
conserve water I really grab the opportunity. While in
• Consider your level of environmental wellness. Do electricity we can save electricity by turning off and
you get enough fresh air, fresh water, and removing from our outlets the items that we are not
sunshine? using. We need to consume consciously because our
― Nowadays having fresh air is a VERY RARE environment is already in a great danger, we better
experience if you go to the province maybe you can not add any more danger to our environment so that
experience it, but here in city you will not experience it we really need to be disciplined enough.
because we are polluted by factories, vehicles, and
more. While the fresh water is being filtered and
suppose that is not fresh water. But in sunshine
maybe we can experience 6-8 am but nowadays I
Passed by: John Christian G. Bonifacio
Yr.&Strand: Grade 11-ABM