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Name of Drug Classification Dose/Freq/Route Mechanism of Indication Side effect Nursing Implication

Generic Name: Anti-Diabetic Insulins lower blood Type 1 diabetes (in  Hypoglycemia  Assess patient for signs
Insulin Glulisine glucose by stimulating adults and children)  Insulin resistance and symptoms of
peripheral glucose and type 2 diabetes  Lipodystrophy hypoglycemia (anxiety;
Brand Name: uptake by skeletal (in adults)S.  Lipohypertrophy restlessness; tingling in
muscle and fat, and by  Local allergic rxn hands, feet, lips, or tongue;
Apidra inhibiting hepatic  Hypokalemia chills; cold sweats;
glucose production confusion; cool, pale skin;
difficulty in concentration;
drowsiness; nightmares or
trouble sleeping; excessive
hunger; headache;
irritability; nausea;
nervousness; tachycardia;
tremor; weakness;
unsteady gait)
 Monitor body weight
periodically. Changes in
weight may necessitate
changes in insulin dose
 Assess patient for signs of
allergic reactions (rash,
shortness of breath,
wheezing, rapid pulse,
sweating, low BP) during
Name of Drug Classification Dose/Freq/Route Mechanism of Indication Side effect Nursing Responsibilities
Generic Name: Anti-Diabetic  Insulins lower  Is indicated to  insulin is only intended for
 Respiratory
blood glucose by improve the subcutaneous route,
Insulin Glargine stimulating glycemic infections such as which is the layer of skin
peripheral control in below the dermis and
Brand Name: glucose uptake adults and the common cold, epidermis.
by skeletal pediatric flu, and bronchitis  Insulin should not be mixed
Toujeo muscle and fat, patients with with any other insulin
and by inhibiting type 1  low blood sugar solutions.
hepatic glucose diabetes  The rate at which insulin is
production mellitus and (hypoglycemia) absorbed, the oriset, &
in adults with duration is affected y the
type 2  fluid retention with amount of exercise, illness,
diabetes swelling of the food, and amount of stress
mellitus. one is experiencing.
arms or legs

 weight gain

 pain, rash, swelling,

and itchiness at the
injection sites

 skin thickening or
pits at the injection