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May 2019
Vol. 23, Issue 5

‘The Salty
• Cutting excavation time with machine control
• Two ways rugged mobile tech is keeping the power on
• Truck replacement: A new approach
• Simulator training for heavy-equipment operators
• Is your footwear giving you the slip?

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Measure the ground resistance of energized
towers and verify the integrity of the
overhead ground conductor WITHOUT
disconnecting any conductors!
GroundFlex ® Field Kit
Tower Ground Resistance Testing
Safely test:
► ground resistance of towers in less than a
third the time of other, more expensive, test
methods - a major time and money saver
► both ground resistance and impedance of
tower legs
► leakage current through tower legs
► the overhead ground conductor
► at frequencies up to 5kHz to profile
impedance, important to characterize
potential lightning strikes
► Determine if corrosion has occurred on any
leg of the tower or the OGC

Model 6472 Multifunctional Tester
Model 6474 GroundFlex® Adapter

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contents May 2019
Volume 23, Issue 5

Timm Dower

Publisher • (918) 832-9237

04 Making the Grade Angela D. Godwin

Chief Editor
By Jon McKendry • (603) 891-9221
07 Identifying and Restoring Alanna Maya
Outages Assistant Editor
By Jo Satili
Jason T. Blair
Editorial Creative Director
Rusty Vanderpool
Production Manager
THESaltyLineman Emily Martha Martin
Audience Development Manager I
10 Puppies and Idiots • (918) 832-9311

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13 Reducing Truck Order Backlog
By Brian Holland

15 Heavy Equipment Training Chris Long

By David Clark Senior Regional Sales Manager • (205) 647-9137
LineConstruction&Maintenance FAX: (205) 647-9140
18 Safety with a Side of Savings
By Jenessa McAllister For assistance with marketing strategy or ad creation,
please contact PennWell Marketing Solutions
Kaci Wheeler
22 The Electrical Connection Phone: 918.832.9377
By John Lefavour Email:

Safety Chris Ferrell

24 Don’t Let Footwear Give You Chief Executive Officer

the Slip Scott Bieda

By Karoly Ban Matei Chief Revenue Office
Patrick Raines
Chief Operations Officer
Eric Kammerzelt
INEVERYISSUE Chief Technology Officer
June Griffin
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elcome to the May 2019 edition of Utility Products. This is a very upgrade or expand. On page 13, author Brian
special issue; it’s the one where we get to introduce you to a new Holland suggests a different approach: using
voice: The Salty Lineman. In his recurring column, he will share data and analytics to identify the point at
his perspectives on the trade that has shaped him for over a which it costs more to operate a truck than it
decade. In his debut column on page 10, The Salty Lineman reflects on how does to replace it. In many cases, it supports
he got started and how those first days of linework were hard. Really hard. “I a shorter-term lease model that can reduce
lived in a constant state of soreness those first weeks, and I walked around the asset management life cycle and help
like a whooped pup,” he recalls. But over the years, with the help of the men who taught him companies plan better.
the trade, he found his calling. “I set out looking for insurance and enough income to raise a Despite having a large number of heavy-
family,” he says, “but linework has given me so much more.” equipment operators it its fleet, the city of
For excavation specialist Rock Structures, digging out basements and installing utilities Toledo did not have a formal training pro-
once required a crew member in the hole to check elevations and reach grade. Today, with gram; heavy-equipment operation wasn’t
the use of a grade control system that enables the excavator to work semi-automatically, the considered a skilled trade. That changed
operator can create smooth, flat or sloped surfaces according to the digital design. Read the when the commissioner spearheaded the
full story by Jon McKendry on page 4. effort to implement one, using a simulator
Unforeseen power outages and interrupted services affect millions of individuals every year to train new — and seasoned — operators.
in the utilities industry. To reduce restoration time and respond to customer demands, utility David Clark explains on page 15.
companies are hungry for technology to anticipate outages and improve customer service. In Jo Anchoring crews spend their days in-
Satili’s article on page 7, learn how rugged mobile technology is helping to support the evolving stalling 4-foot anchors to secure the cables
needs of the utilities industry while keeping the power on today, tomorrow and in the future. supporting utility poles. Compared to line-
The economy is booming, and that’s a good thing. But that, and an outdated approach to workers, these crew members are seemingly
truck attainment and replacement, is contributing to a backlog of orders for Class-8 heavy- low-risk but one safety-conscious telecom
duty trucks. Demand is outpacing supply and that is causing delays for fleets that need to company noticed they had a tendency of
incurring injuries at an alarming rate. The
culprit? An anchor-driving tool that was hard
to handle. Check out the solution in Jenessa
McAllister’s article on page 18.
There are many options for electrical
equipment and supplies, and making the
Damage Protection, Fast, Easy, and Accurate! right choices can be difficult when balanc-
ing requirements for safety, electrical per-
• Create detailed cross bore inspection records
formance and cost. That’s why it’s critical
• Internal logging with cloud data analysis
to ensure that your connector equipment
• Real time distortion alerts
has been rigorously conformance-tested to
• Internal calibration checking
comply with industry standards. Not only
that, explains John Lefavour on page 22, field
installers need to perform the installation of
the connector in the same manner in which
Locate buried utilities, marker balls, sondes the product was conformance tested.
and camera systems with the vLoc3-Pro
Receiver and 5-Watt Transmitter. Slips, trips, and falls are the most frequent
causes of workplace accidents, according to
OSHA. You depend on your safety footwear
to provide stability as well as to protect you
from the impacts of heavy objects. But how
do you know you’re selecting the right kind
of footwear for your workplace? Karoly Ban
Matei offers a few tips on page 24.
Inspect pipes for cross bores from 2” to 4”
up to 150 feet in length with the vCamMX-2 Locate gas transmission and distribution And finally, for a whole bunch of new prod-
Inspection Camera System. lines with VM-810 Utility Locator. ucts and tools, check out our compilation of
Call us to schedule an on-site no obligation demonstration (800) 446-3392 the latest and greatest starting on page 26.

Vivax-Metrotech Corporation  – Angela Godwin, Chief Editor

3251 Olcott Street, Toll Free: 800-446-3392 Email:
Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA Phone: +1-408-734-1400

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Making the Grade

Utah utility contractor cuts excavation time
with machine control
By Jon McKendry

ased in Kaysville, Utah, Rock Structures Utility and Ex-
cavating employs between four and seven full-time crew
members. The company specializes in excavation for
new residential homes and underground utility work,
and recently installed all of the utility lines and infrastructure for
65 residential lots in northern Utah.
Rock Structures’ traditional process for digging out basements
and installing utilities was to have one on-site crew member,
sometimes two, in addition to the excavator operator. Together
they would install the site utilities, including the water, sewer and
the land drain line. Once complete, the excavator operator would
excavate the basement according to the design and, if necessary,
would place structural import fill as needed, relying on a grade
checker to check elevations and to reach grade within the allowed
After speaking with the team at SITECH Intermountain about
machine control options, Ryan Goodfellow, owner and operator
of Rock Structures, decided to try out the Trimble® GCSFlex™ Sys-
tem to make the process more efficient. The GCSFlex system is a
cost-effective and highly accurate machine control system that
is simple to install, rugged and reliable, and includes a graphical
display that goes in the operator’s cab to show guidance to grade.
Goodfellow installed it on one of his 210G John Deere excava-
tors. “When we tried the GCSFlex system, after the first basement, I
realized that I really didn’t have to have a grade checker in the hole,”
he said. “I could send him to go do a different excavation job or do
a concrete prep job or do a final grade. For me and my customers, The GCSFlex machine control system is simple to install, rugged and
it made a lot of sense to buy the system to get more done and, reliable. Photos courtesy of Trimble.
ultimately, be more efficient and more profitable.”
After several months of using GCSFlex, Goodfellow attended an liked the large, touch-screen display and likened the system to
industry trade show and started hearing buzz about the Trimble having a grade checker with him right in the cab. He was eager to
Earthworks Grade Control Platform. The industry’s first integrated use the system to dig out residential utilities, entering the exact
3D aftermarket grade control system with excavator automatics slope as needed. Using Trimble Earthworks, he found he could
capabilities, Trimble Earthworks features a unique “autos” feature install a four-inch lateral line at two percent slope automatically
where the excavator works semi-automatically, allowing operators and directly from the display.
to create smooth, flat or sloped surfaces more easily. The platform “The system worked great from the first day of our first dig,” said
automatically controls the boom and bucket according to the Goodfellow. “I was doing a utility line and realized that I could dial
digital design. From there, the operator controls the stick, and the it into whatever percentage of slope I wanted, whether it was one
system prevents the machine from undercutting or overcutting. percent, five percent or something more atypical. With automatics,
Goodfellow worked with SITECH Intermountain to try out I didn’t have to worry because I couldn’t overcut, and my grades
Trimble Earthworks, keeping the GCSFlex system on his other were right there. We double-checked it with a level and it came
John Deere 210G excavator. SITECH set up the system on his back showing us the same as what we were putting in.”
excavator and began with some simple instruction. Goodfellow After that, Goodfellow started experimenting with the technology

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LEFT: A graphical display in the operator’s cab shows guidance to grade. CENTER: With the “autos” feature in Trimble Earthworks, the excavator works
semi-automatically, allowing operators to create smooth, flat or sloped surfaces more easily. RIGHT: The platform automatically controls the boom
and bucket according to the digital design.

to lay out pipes and utility trenches. He realized after a few prac- functionality. He estimated that the automatics feature helped
tice runs — and double-checking grade — that he could hit the him excavate 40 to 50 percent faster compared to traditional
correct grade much more quickly using the system’s automatics methods. He also said he could pull grade from start to finish within

Servicing Utilities, Electrical Contracting,

and Power Line Construction

Trailer-Mounted Single Reel 2,000 Lb. 4 Drum Puller

V-Groove Carrier Tensioner

Sales and Rental 800-247-5442 Contact Us Today
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4/29/19 10:47 AM

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about 3/10 of an inch because his grade is much tighter throughout the stroke. He added
that, when backfilling around the pipes, he can accurately place gravel and grade to the
minimum 2 percent slope, which is required by city code and helps prevent damage or
displacement of the pipe.
“Before Earthworks, we used to go through about a dump-truck-load of gravel per
basement because of the over-excavation of the utility trenches,” said Goodfellow. “After
using Earthworks, we started going through approximately half a load of gravel for each

Since adopting machine control, Rock

Structures has increased excavating
production on basement jobs by 50 percent.

basement because I can set the elevation

right from the cab and we excavate to the
lines and grades shown on the plan first.”
Since his team digs two or three basements
a week on average, a significant savings is
achieved. “A load runs about $350, and that
same load can be used for two basements,
so that’s roughly a 50 percent increase in
profit margin we’re able to come up with
right there,” he said, estimating that this
alone saves him upward of $1,500 each
Since adopting machine control, Rock
Structures has increased excavating pro-
duction on basement jobs by 50 percent.
And, because crew members can take on
more jobs and can work more proficiently
and with greater grade accuracy, contrac-
tors and other customers are starting to
take notice.
“On top of our production, I think our at-
tention to detail has improved overall,” said
Goodfellow. “Having Trimble Earthworks
really helps us be more accurate because it
allows us to get our dirt grades closer. When
we can use less gravel, that equates to less
concrete for the foundation guys and down
the line. Contractors are all about keeping
their costs down, so if we can help them do
that, other contractors and our customers
will really like working with us.” UP

THE AUTHOR: Jon McKendry is segment

manager of machine control for Trim-
ble’s Civil Engineering and Construc-
tion Division. He can be reached at

6 Utility Products • May 2019 •

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Identifying and Restoring Outages
Two ways rugged technology helps keep the power on
By Jo Satili

ach year, the utilities industry faces
many operational challenges such
as unforeseen outages and inter-
rupted services that affect millions
of individuals. While workers in the utilities
industry have spent their careers respond-
ing to malfunctions, companies are now
facing increasing pressure from consum-
ers for on-demand communications and
reduced restoration time. In order to meet
these demands, companies are hungry for
technology to help anticipate when out-
ages will occur. Additionally, they want to
arm their workers with the right tools to
recognize, respond to and repair outages
as efficiently and safely as possible — no
matter the environmental demands or lo-
cation of the outage — all while delivering
improved customer service.
Whether in the field or in the office, rugged mobile technology helps utility companies protect the
In today’s technology-enabled world,
public from unforeseen challenges and outages. Photos courtesy of Panasonic.
rugged mobile devices are purpose-built
to feed this need and support digital
transformation within the utilities indus- 1. Improving the Information Exchange Before Outages Occur
try. Deploying rugged devices throughout Information is the linchpin in any utility company’s ability to recognize, respond to and
the utilities workforce means that com- resolve grid problems — especially before failures happen. While many companies are using
panies can equip their workers with the the smart grid framework to share data with participants throughout the electrical flow,
constant connectivity needed to increase including bulk generation, distribution, transmission and end customers, rugged mobile
productivity, decrease the amount of time devices provide workers with an additional avenue they need to communicate in real time.
it takes to respond to problems and deliver Whether in the field or in the office, rugged mobile technology is critical to helping util-
reliable information to customers in real ity companies protect the public from unforeseen challenges and outages. For example,
time. But the benefits of adopting mobile recognizing utility malfunctions before they occur is key to maintaining the public’s access
technology don’t just begin when outages to electricity. To do this, engineers in particular rely on tablets equipped with keyboard
occur, they begin before outages happen. functionality to map facilities and survey infrastructure when in the field. This enables
Rugged mobile technology gives the utili- field workers to recognize potential sites of outages that could happen in a few hours,
ties industry the ability to identify and fix days or even in a few months.
malfunctions before they threaten access After identifying weaknesses in infrastructure, workers can transmit this data to head-
to public resources. quarters in real time before quickly receiving the information they need to fix the point of
But how is this possible? Here are two malfunction before it even happens. Not to mention, when equipped with thermal imaging,
key ways rugged mobile technology is help- rugged mobile devices help companies detect potential power facility malfunctions and
ing to support the evolving needs of the allow companies to send accurate images to technicians’ devices that show the location
utilities industry, while keeping the power of needed repairs.
on today, tomorrow and in the future. As you can imagine, when surveying infrastructure outside of the reach of cellular tow-
ers or in harsh weather that threatens service, technicians don’t always have the ability
to drop what they’re doing and travel to areas with better service to communicate with • May 2019 • Utility Products 7

1905UP07-09.indd 7 5/3/19 11:40 AM


headquarters when imminent threats to public resources are about

Rugged mobile devices provide workers with an additional
avenue they need to communicate in real time. to occur. The reliable connectivity promised by rugged devices,
especially in remote locations, is critical to eliminating potential
outages as quickly as possible. While consumer-grade devices force
technicians to travel for better service, rugged devices are built
to keep mission-critical operations going through ultra-reliable
satellite communications.

2. Optimizing Responsiveness and Repair Time When

Outages Occur
Despite the drive to eliminate electrical outages before they hap-
pen, the unpredictable nature of severe weather (the leading cause
of electrical outages) means that outages will continue to occur,
no matter how hard the industry tries to eliminate them. Because
malfunctions are inevitable, utilities companies must have the
technological infrastructure they need in place so that workers are
equipped to efficiently recognize, respond to and repair outages
when they do happen.
While companies have previously adopted consumer-grade
devices to power the utilities industry, 18 percent of businesses that
have adopted these devices are suffering from up to two days of
production downtime per employee due to device failures on the job.




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Independence, IA 50644, USA | traffic control products, electrical components, and more
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THE AUTHOR: Jo Satili is the national sales manager for Panasonic, where she is focused on
sharing Panasonic’s renowned family of TOUGHBOOK rugged mobile devices and services
with the public sector and utility markets. Since joining Panasonic in 2004, Satili has served
in a variety of roles, gaining extensive industry experience in solution sales and creative
project management that directly impact growth strategies. Based in New York, Satili
holds a bachelor’s degree in business and finance from CUNY.

While consumer-grade devices force

technicians to travel for better service,
rugged devices are built to keep mission-
critical operations going through ultra-
reliable satellite communications.

As a result, in an industry where response

time is key to restoring the public’s access
to vital resources, companies are replac-
ing consumer-grade devices with rugged
mobile devices that are built to transform
how workers respond to outages and com-
municate in the field.
By implementing mobile-enabled op-
erating management systems (OMS) and
work management systems (WMS), utili-
ties companies can rely on the technology
they need to minimize restoration times,
all while staying connected to customers Put the experience of the only Certified
(the key to meeting rising expectations).
Whether a technician is responding to a gas Master Splicer in the United States to
leak, a damaged power line or conducting
maintenance at the top of a windmill, rug- work for you
ged mobile devices give workers the con-
nectivity they need to capture and transmit We are privileged to have the only Master
data and work orders in real time. They Splicer in the U.S., certified by Samson
provide the situational awareness that’s Rope, at Tallman Equipment. You can
needed to restore access to resources as put our experience to work with every
efficiently and safely as possible, all while DDIN rope product you buy from Tallman
optimizing productivity and profitability Equipment. Whatever your need may
for the organization. be, our Master Splicer can build
Rugged mobile devices are providing custom rope assemblies for unique
the support companies need to keep up applications, along with winch lines
with the evolving needs of the utilities in- for buckets, diggers, bumper winches
dustry. Whether that’s identifying outages and high strength tow ropes. With our
Watch Video
before they happen, efficiently responding to learn what makes
large inventory of industry specific Tallman’s Rope
to malfunctions after they occur, or meeting
rope, we have the capability to meet all Department unique.
customer service pressures, rugged mobile
of your lifting and rigging needs.
technology has the utilities industry’s back
and is ready to transform how workers
operate on the job. UP
Call Toll Free: 877-860-5666 ·
International: 630-860-5666

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More than a decade ago, I set out looking for

insurance and enough income to raise a family,
but linework has given me so much more.

10 Utility Products • May 2019 •

1905UP10-12.indd 10 5/3/19 11:39 AM

Puppies and Idiots

grew up in a small town in a dusty corner of West Texas. right of way. The crew was gathered around the foreman’s
The local economy supports enough “good jobs” that a pickup on the side of the road, and as I went around the
decent percentage of the population can call themselves group shaking hands and introducing myself, a combination
affluent, but there are still plenty of families barely scrap- of leather, sweat, and Copenhagen filled my nostrils. “This
ing by. The rich kids go to school alongside the poor ones, is a rough bunch,” I thought nervously.
but no one really notices. My first glimpse at linework was an old journeyman who
About a year after high school graduation, I was talking had been nicknamed “Papaw” because of his age in relation to
with one of these so-called rich kids. We had both just flunked the rest of the crew and his slow Texas drawl. He sauntered
out of college, and we were discussing our unclear futures. up to a 40-foot pole, donning his climbing gear. He slung his
Honestly, I was scared that I had squandered my only shot scare-strap over his shoulder and free-climbed up the pole
at a decent living, and I was worried about what lay in store as casually and smoothly as if he were walking across the
for me. He didn’t seem to be nearly as worried. He told me he street. When he reached the top, he belted off, looked down
was planning on getting his passport and backpacking across at me and smiled. I looked over at my superintendent with
Europe. “You know, just go out and really find myself, man.” an anxious smile and asked, “Groundmen don’t have to do
“It must be nice,” I remember thinking to myself. The kids THAT, do they?”
whose parents had deep pockets went on lavish trips to far Learning to climb hurt. After only a few minutes on the
away continents on journeys of self-discovery. Meanwhile, pole, my feet would begin to throb. My back would ache and
the rest of us were stuck, finding what we could scattered my hips would scream out in pain. I was using muscles I had
along the paths of our daily struggles to pay bills and feed never used before.
our families. To add to my list of worries, my girlfriend, who I lived in a constant state of soreness those first weeks,
was a waitress, was six weeks pregnant. My short-lived teen- and I walked around like a whooped pup, partly because I
age dream had derailed and crashed somewhere between was in pain, partly because I wanted the guys to feel sorry
broke and clueless. for me. Also, I was afraid. I was afraid of climbing to the
I somehow landed a job with my hometown electric coop- top of those tall poles, and I was terrified of the wires atop
erative as a groundman. The job paid more than I was worth them. I had a family now, and they expected me to come
and it offered health insurance, something we desperately home alive every day.
needed. I walked through those doors on the first day having After two solid weeks of self-pity and fear, one of the
no idea what a groundman did. I thought I would be doing journeymen took me aside and gave me some of the best
landscaping. God takes care of puppies and idiots. advice I’d ever been given. He said, “Quit feeling sorry for
After a full day of orientations and paperwork, I was taken yourself because we’ve all been through what you’re going
to meet the crew. The line superintendent drove us down through. Now, you’ve got a decision to make. You can be a
a county road 20 miles west of town until we reached the lineman or you can be a [expletive], but you can’t be both.” • May 2019 • Utility Products 11

1905UP10-12.indd 11 5/3/19 11:40 AM


Although I still had a long apprenticeship and many chal- scared or too tired to climb, and I found even more at the top.
lenges ahead of me, I made up my mind that day to be a I found myself in devastated communities, arriving in the
lineman, and I never looked back. wake of Mother Nature’s fury. Tornadoes, ice storms, and
I owe a debt of gratitude to that group of men who taught hurricanes: they all taught me a little more about myself. I
me the trade. Taking a boy who couldn’t even lace up his found a big piece of myself in Puerto Rico after Hurricane
own line boots by the hand and teaching him to do a man’s Maria. The people of that island showed me true hospitality,
job is frustrating work, and though I’ll spend the rest of my and they taught me how to stand back up after adversity
career doing my best to pay it forward, I’m not sure I’ll ever kicks you in the teeth. I found bits of myself every time my
step out from beneath their shadow. lineman brothers and I stayed out all night howling at the
It’s been over a decade since I got in the trade, and I’ve moon, and I found even more of myself when I finally learned
been on many different crews in many different locations. to put the bottle down and take care of my family the way
I don’t know if my high school buddy ever found what he they deserve.
was looking for in Europe. As for me, I set out looking for Linework has been the backdrop to my entire adult life. It’s
insurance and enough income to raise a family, but linework taken me all over the world, and I can say with confidence
has given me so much more. I put my faith in the lines that that I know exactly who I am. I’m a lineman.
crisscross our nation, and in return they showed me who I Now I find myself in somewhat unfamiliar territory. Using
am. They gave me a purpose that I’ve used like a compass the pages of this magazine, I will try to express my passion
on my journey, and I found myself along the way. and perspectives on the trade that has shaped me. I’ll tell
I found pieces of myself on late night calls in dark alleys stories, some of my own and some from the people I’ve met
looking for overloaded transformers, and I found pieces on along my journey. I’m excited for the opportunity, and I hope
crooked old junction poles. I found pieces of myself while to do it justice.
splicing cable in underground ditches and I found pieces 150
feet in the air “clipping in” transmission structures. I found Sincerely,
a little bit of myself at the base of every pole that I was too  The Salty Lineman

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12/7/18 AM
8:49 AM

Companies are now paying closer attention

to the point at which it costs more to operate
a truck than to replace it with a newer model.
Photos courtesy of Fleet Advantage.

Reducing Truck Order Backlog

A new approach to truck attainment and replacement
By Brian Holland

s evidenced by a backlog of orders for Class-8 heavy- second-strongest 12-month order period in history behind the
duty trucks, truck attainment has been a major 12-month period ending in October.
challenge for private fleets, for-hire carriers and asso- Monthly orders (28,082) still outperform the number of
ciations that rely on trucking across many industries, units being manufactured (27,973) as of November, and while
including energy, manufacturing, construction, and retail. The the breach is narrowing it continues to show astronomical
backlog stems largely from an outdated industry philosophy demand for new trucks.
toward truck attainment and an American economy that has Truck obtainment and replacement strategies that help
been wholesome and resilient since the recession ended in 2010. the economy stay active need to be carefully deliberated as
Trucks and transportation have been the lifeblood of this we continue into 2019 and companies take a closer look at
economic machine. The active economy means that more their bottom lines.
companies are shipping materials to job sites or goods across The long-standing business objective was for organizations
the country; more businesses are in need of restocking shelves to make hefty purchase orders of trucks and then drive them
and inventory; more consumers are ordering goods online for anywhere between five to upwards of ten years of service as
(that need to be shipped); and as a result, trucks are working a way to squeeze every cent out of the truck’s usage. However,
strenuously. data and analytics are proving this model to be costly and
Class-8 truck orders and sales continued at a healthy pace unproductive. Instead, private fleets and for-hire carriers are
through much of 2018, as many companies saw the need to realizing they can achieve more savings on the truck’s overall
upgrade into newer equipment or expand their fleets to handle impact to the bottom line, as well as maintenance and repair
increased demand. According to ACT Research, Class-8 net (M&R) — the highest inconsistent and volatile cost of a fleet
orders amounted to 506,300 units at the end of November, the operation — by moving to a shorter lifecycle. • May 2019 • Utility Products 13

1905UP13-14.indd 13 5/3/19 11:39 AM

Parameters such as the cost of fuel,
utilization, finance costs, and M&R
are all factored into arriving at each
truck’s unique TIPPINGPOINT®.

When energy companies drive their trucks as long as pos- efforts by continually upgrading to newer trucks. Companies
sible, they are running on functional obsolescence — making are leveraging data analytics and comprehensive fleet studies
decisions based on the truck’s ability to stay on the road. In that can produce a fleet modernization and utilization plan,
most cases, when companies let the truck decide the time- projecting when aging equipment will need to be replaced.
table for replacement, they are left struggling to order a new This is especially effective with today’s fluctuating demand and
truck based off limited planning cycles. This is fueling today’s the current booming economy. In contrast, companies trying
backlog of truck orders, as the compounded effect of multiple to acquire equipment solely based on demand are faced with
transportation firms and this ideology have caught up to them. equipment shortages and long lead times.
Specifically for gas, oil and energy brands, the effects of an or- Just as significant are recent alterations to the corporate
der backlog will continue to be felt as long as these businesses tax rate, as well as new accounting standards, that have made
continue an asset attainment strategy based on functional it more attractive to lease equipment. With these changes, at
versus economic obsolescence. least in the case of truck acquisition, purchase of equipment
Today’s leading companies are taking a different approach, remains more expensive than shorter-term leasing. What’s
paying closer attention to a truck’s individual TIPPINGPOINT®, more, leasing remains the preferred method for companies
the point at which it costs more to operate a truck than it does regardless if they have a stronger or weaker balance sheet. In
to replace it with a newer model. Parameters such as the cost addition, leasing also allows companies to avoid the risk of
of fuel, utilization, finance costs, and M&R are all factored into residual value and the expense of remarketing.
a truck’s TIPPINGPOINT®, giving fleet operations, laborers, and Companies that consider a flexible lease model to shorten
finance departments the data and analytics needed to deter- their asset management life cycles will be able to plan their
mine and calculate the optimal time to replace an aging truck. substitutions better and thus avoid the discomfort associated
For example, a recent analysis of long-term ownership com- with the current backlog. By adopting this new approach of
pared to shorter lifecycle management reveals a significant cost shorter truck life cycles, industry organizations and transpor-
savings over time. A fleet that opted for a four-year lease model tation companies will become better equipped to exchange
on a truck would save almost $27,893 per truck in comparison their aging truck fleets in a more cost-efficient manner as we
to a seven-year ownership model based on the aforementioned continue into 2019. UP
factors (fuel, utilization, financing, and M&R). The shorter lease
model is also cost-effective when compared to just a four-year THE AUTHOR: Brian Holland is president and chief financial officer
ownership model, showing average savings of $12,710. at Fleet Advantage, a leading innovator in truck fleet business
This approach offers the flexibility to adjust to changing mar- analytics, equipment financing and lifecycle cost management.
kets, ultimately driving down operating costs while reinforcing For more information visit
a positive corporate image, driver recruitment and retention

14 Utility Products • May 2019 •

1905UP13-14.indd 14 5/3/19 11:39 AM


Heavy equipment are powerful

tools, but untrained hands can
cause major property damage,
equipment deterioration, or
workplace injuries. Photos
courtesy of CM Labs.

Heavy Equipment Training

City of Toledo implements program to improve safety,
manage workforce operations
By David Clark

n Toledo, Ohio, the Department of Public Service and the “When I first came to the city, snow and ice control workers
Department of Public Utilities together employ more than 75 were considered heavy equipment operators,” he said. Although
heavy equipment operators to run the municipality’s equip- these workers may be skilled at operating snow plows, they were
ment fleet. From motor graders and backhoes to utility trucks not formally trained to be heavy equipment operators. The city
and cranes, the fleet is used to dig, trench, lift, and move materials recognized there was a need to elevate their operator training.
all over the city.
Although the two departments manage a large number of op- Putting a Skills-Building Program in Place
erators, Toledo had no formal equipment training program until Heavy equipment are powerful tools, but untrained hands can
2018. Tim Plath, a 30-plus-year employee of the City of Toledo, cause major property damage, equipment deterioration, or work-
and manager of health and safety for the Department of Public place injuries. To mitigate the chance of these incidents, Jeremy
Service, said that in the past, heavy equipment operation wasn’t Mikolajczyk, Toledo’s commissioner for streets, bridges, and har-
considered a skilled trade. bor, spearheaded the development of a formal heavy equipment • May 2019 • Utility Products 15

1905UP15-17.indd 15 5/3/19 11:39 AM


train on multiple machines, which CM Labs’ system of swappable

controls makes possible, the city’s heavy equipment operators gain
familiarity with most machines in the fleet.

Assessing New Hires and Experienced Operators

The City of Toledo received its Vortex simulator in January 2018.
Initially, the objective of the simulator program was to determine
a baseline of each operator’s skillset and where they needed im-
In addition, CM Labs provided its SimGuide Service to help the
City of Toledo understand how to maximize the use and return on
investment for its Vortex simulator. Plath, who went through the
CM Labs’ SimGuide Service is designed to support companies at any
stage of simulator adoption.
International Union of Operating Engineers’ apprenticeship pro-
gram, has a number of years in the seat. He said that as a training
operator training program. While at an industry event looking tool the CM Labs Vortex simulator has been excellent.
for ways to produce better skilled operators and improve safety “One thing I like about the basic controls test is that the new
in city departments, Mikolajczyk came across CM Labs and its guys are doing tasks that some of our experienced operators have
Vortex simulators. never learned,” he said.
Although the city shopped around for different simulators, it CM Labs’ SimGuide Service is designed to support companies
quickly settled on the Vortex simulator because of its versatility at any stage of simulator adoption, whether they are developing a
and the variety of machines that operators could be trained on. simulation-based training program for the first time or extending
While many operators run the same equipment all year, different the use of their existing Vortex simulator.
seasons may call for different machines. By using one simulator to

Lightweight Amphibious
Marsh Buggy

• 99 HP Kubota Engine
• Multiple Accessories/Attachments
• Marine Grade
Aluminum Construction

Made in the USA

Now you have an Option! One Marsh Runner®, Multiple Applications!

Proudly built start to finish in our Lafayette, LA fabrication facility.
183 B. South Beadle Road • Lafayette, LA 70508
Phone: 337-235-1715 | Toll Free: 877-311-0727 | Fax: 337-233-3511

Utility Products • May 2019 •

Wilco_UP_1905 1 4/4/19 3:10 PM

1905UP15-17.indd 16 5/3/19 11:39 AM

Immediate Cost Reduction for indicators of successful equipment operation. “I see success as being able to complete a
Operator Training task without messing up, being productive, and having it look good when you’re done,”
For example, many operators who need he said. “I’m big on keeping the work site tidy. Not only do you have to do good work but
to reposition a backhoe while digging will you have to make it look good too.” UP
turn the seat and leave the tripod posi-
tion, instead of using the arm to position THE AUTHOR: David Clark is the content manager for CM Labs. Learn more about CM Labs
the tractor. “This basic controls exercise at
taught them to use the backhoe to move
themselves around, which makes them so
much more efficient,” he said.
For trainers, the simulator helps them
become much more engaged with the stu-
dents. “I spend more time just watching the
trainees because the simulator reports the
metrics, like time, after the training,” Plath
said. “I can see things that I wouldn’t be able
to see in the field — like when an operator
is going downhill in a front-end loader, I
can see if they are using the wrong brake
pedal.” When an operator uses the clutch
disconnect rather than going into a low
gear, it creates more wear on the machine.
With simulator training, he can catch and
correct bad habits. “All I would be able to
see in a field exercise is if they got down the
hill without having an incident,” he added.
Trainees are also finding success in
their operation after training on the Vortex
simulator. “We had a younger operator on
the simulator, and he picked up backhoe
operation really fast,” he said. “Human re-
sources was setting up interviews and skills
tests for heavy equipment operator jobs.
He practiced for four hours, and as soon

as he left, he took the tests and did great
on the backhoe.”

In the future, the human resources de-
partment is planning to also use the Vortex
simulator to screen potential operators
and new hires, as well as promote current
operators to new positions. Complete Protection
Measuring Success for Bushings
Plath sees the biggest return on invest-
ment for the simulator is the reduction in Reliaguard® bushing guards offer the following features:
incidents. “We want our operators thinking • Mechanical latch design to ensure the guards stay where they are
smarter, which is why I like that there are installed
obstacles to get around in the simulator • Ease of latch closure for installation with lineman rubber gloves
exercises,” he said. “It shows that it’s not • Can accommodate conductor exiting at various angles
okay to bump something while you are • Solid and Mesh Designs available
• Fits a wide variety of bushing types and sizes
• Reliatanium achieves a V-0 flammability classification and won’t burn
Conscientiousness and operating with-
or drip
out faults are two areas that Plath sees as 949.305.3311 Made in the USA

1905UP15-17.indd 17 GreenRelia_UP_1905 1 5/3/19 11:39

4/25/19 10:12 AM

Deck Headline
By Author

Body first paragraph.


The hydraulic earth drill and anchoring kit

allowed the utility company to double its
productivity and finish jobs twice as quickly.
Photos courtesy of Little Beaver.

Safety with a Side of Savings

Utility anchor crews reduce injuries and boost efficiency
with torque-free drills
By Jenessa McAllister

t happens to all of us: We purchase a new tool, appliance
or machine to solve a specific problem, only to discover
an additional, equally valuable benefit. Maybe it’s an
appliance purchased for higher capacity that ends up
being far more efficient than the unit it’s replacing. Maybe
it’s a new ladder selected for safety that also happens to be
far easier to carry and maneuver compared to the rickety
The company has long held employee safety a top prior-
ity, and for good reason: it has high-risk positions such as
linemen, electricians and heavy equipment operators on
its payroll. The anchor crew members, however — a seem-
ingly low-risk group of employees because they don’t work
high above the ground or in close proximity to high-voltage
cables — still managed to stumble into the company’s safety
old ladder it replaced. spotlight.
Whatever it may be, it’s a pleasant surprise when a pur-
chase outperforms expectations and provides benefits we Anchoring Injuries
did not anticipate. This is precisely the situation a large Anchoring crews spend their days installing 4-foot anchors
telecommunication services company experienced after to secure the cables supporting utility poles. Despite stay-
replacing an injury-causing tool its crews used for placing ing grounded, members of these crews had a tendency of
utility anchors. incurring injuries at an alarming rate. The culprit was their

18 Utility Products • May 2019 •

1905UP18-21.indd 18 5/3/19 11:39 AM AdrianS

anchor-driving tool. The crews primarily
relied on high-speed, hand-held drills
known as anchor crankers, which fea-
ture two large handles and a high-speed
rotary, and require two individuals to
operate safely.
According to an anchoring crew
leader with the company, the anchor
crankers are simply dangerous and re-
sulted in injuries, workman’s compensa-
tion claims and missed time from work.
The tool resembles a chainsaw engine
with large handles and an aggressive
rotary. Due to the machine’s torque and
high rpm, if one operator happens to lose
his grip, the other is typically unable
to maintain control. This occurs most
frequently when the anchor hits an un-
derground object or gets deep into the
ground and requires additional torque.
In the event that both operators
let go, the machine’s torque instantly Little Beaver drills combine high-horsepower engines with reversibility, reliability and
transfers from driving the anchor into convenience of hydraulic drive.
the ground to aggressively spinning the



Adrian Steel’s Grip Lock and Drop
Down Ladder Racks are designed with
ergonomics and user safety in mind.
Whether you’re upfitting a single van or
an entire fleet, Adrian Steel has just
what you need. Increased efficiency
starts now.
© Adrian Steel Company 2019, all rights reserved. Adrian Steel • May 2019 • Utility Products Companyis an independent equipment manufacturer, prices 19may vary.
Please visit to contact your local distributor for details.

AdrianSt_UP_1902 19
1 5/3/19
1/28/19 11:39
2:42 AM

handles above the ground. Too often, the free-spinning metal handles will strike
If an auger strikes an object or
an operator, resulting in leg and other lower-body injuries. requires additional torque to
power through tough soil, Little
Search for Solutions Beaver’s torque tube transfers
In search of a safe solution, the company’s safety specialist found a drill capable kickback to the power unit,
bypassing the operator.
of protecting operators from harmful drilling torque. The drill’s manufacturer,
Little Beaver Inc., developed a torque tube that connects to the handles at one end

“It Fits”

and to the hydraulic power source at

the other. If the auger strikes an object
or requires additional torque to power
through tough soil, the tube transfers
kickback to the power unit, bypassing
the operator and nearly eliminating the
risk of strain or serious injury.
For the utility company, the steel
tube provided the solution for which
they had been searching.
As the anchoring crews set out with
their new hydraulic earth drills, they
found that the torque tube — while
excellent for transferring torque —
FULLY IEEE 1656 COMPLIANT restricted where they could place
“Since the torque tube extends di-
rectly back from the operator to the
power unit, the length of the tube dic-

tated where the power unit could be
When a single contact can bring down your positioned,” explained Mike Hale, Little
substation, installing precise fit cover-up is Beaver sales and marketing manager.
the best choice for mitigating your risk. “And with the pole also being anchored

directly behind the operator, the length
It’s a proven fact that cover-up works. Our
precise fit covers are made to order based
of the tube would restrict where the
on the exacting dimensions of the underlying operator could drill.”
equipment – it is the best product for The company reached out to Little
eliminating gaps. And, Greenjacket is fully Beaver in hopes finding a solution.

compliant with the IEEE 1656 Guide test The manufacturer created adjustable-
parameters. Selecting Greenjacket ensures length torque tubes that enable op-
you have the only precise fit and most
erators to adjust the placement of the
effective protection available.

power unit to accommodate the ideal
When outage risks can have significant anchor location. The solution proved
consequential damages for any utility or end successful and the company soon or-
use customer, having the best protection is dered the drills for each of its crews.
your best choice. Like any company however — even 1.866.464.7996

1905UP18-21.indd 20
GreenNo_UP_1905 1 4/25/19 10:15 AM 5/3/19 11:39 AM
those with worker safety top of mind experienced quick return on investment thanks to the drill’s overall efficiency.
— efficiency and return on investment Considering the machines were purchased to protect workers from injuries,
remain high priorities. increasing efficiency and watching them pay for themselves is a pleasant and
unexpected bonus. UP
Safety and Savings
The more time the crews spent using THE AUTHOR: Jenessa McAllister is a writer in the telecommunications construc-
the drills, the more it became evident tion industry.
that torque-free drilling was not the
only benefit. The drills also drive an-
chors fast.
“It literally takes seconds to drive an
anchor into place,” said Hale. “Anchor DURABLE...VERSATILE...POWERFUL...

crankers are fast too, but if the anchor
gets wedged under a root or buried
object, the only way to remove it is to
twist it out by hand.”
GOLIGHT INC | | 800.557.0098 | 308.278.3131
Manually dislodging an anchor,
depending on its depth, can take as
long as 45 minutes. Hydraulic drills, When the power goes out we know we can rely on our nation’s
on the other hand, are equipped with linemen to strap on their boots and march into the elements to get
reverse, so if an anchor gets stuck it our electrical service back online. In both emergency situations
can be backed out in seconds. and day to day operations Golight has proven to be a vital tool in
The hydraulic drills are not only extending work hours and increasing productivity. Golight has been
more efficient than anchor crankers,
a partner to the men and women who keep our lights on for almost
according to crew members, they are
also a hands-down better alternative 20 years and we are committed to seeing that relationship grow
than the method used by many com- and develop. -
petitors — installing anchors by hand.
While the injuries associated with
anchor crankers have forced most con-
tractors to quit using them, some did
not seek alternative drills and instead
began placing anchors by hand.
“Setting a single anchor by hand
can take as long as 10 minutes, and
after adding the time it takes to drive
between locations, those crews some-
times only average about an anchor per
hour,” said Hale.
Using hydraulic rigs, crews can easily
work at double that rate, even on a bad
day. And, when factoring in the time it
takes to dislodge the occasional anchor,
crews are two to three times more ef-
ficient than their counterparts driving
anchors by hand.

A Successful Switch
Since switching from anchor crank-
ers to Little Beaver hydraulic drills, GOLIGHT INC.
the company has reduced the number
of worker injuries — once a common
occurrence — to near zero and also
TRUSTED BY LINEMEN • May 2019 • Utility Products 21
GolInc_UP_1610 1 10/5/16 11:12 AM

1905UP18-21.indd 21 5/3/19 11:39 AM


Crimping a connector in
a real application. Photos
courtesy of Burndy.

The Electrical Connection

Selecting connector and installation equipment
for safety and performance
By John Lefavour

n today’s market, there are many choices for electrical high. This is the primary reason for regulatory agency and com-
equipment and supplies. Making the right choices can be mittees to set rules and guidelines for conformance standards.
difficult when balancing requirements for safety, electrical Manufacturers test their products against rigorous standards.
performance and cost. The following discussion focuses Only products that have been tested and pass/conform to the
on the electrical connector and installation tools to make the test requirements are legally marked with a symbol for which
connection. the product conforms, such as UL and CSA.
In fact, conformance-tested products may be a requirement
Conformance Testing for electrical systems by contract. For example, most utilities
Safety and electrical performance are primary considerations require electrical connectors used in their infrastructure be
for selection of electrical equipment. The potential for loss conformance tested to ANSI C119 requirements. Electrical
of life, severe injury, loss of service or property damage if the connectors used in industrial environments often require a
equipment is not properly designed and thoroughly tested is UL marking indicating that the product conforms to UL486A

22 Utility Products • May 2019 •

1905UP22-23.indd 22 5/3/19 11:39 AM

-UL486B Standard for Safety Wire Connection specification manufacturer can lead to loss of life, injury, property damage,
requirements. For safety and electrical performance, it is best service outage or poor electrical performance.
to purchase products that have been subjected to rigorous Buyers of equipment such as connectors, crimp tools, and
conformance testing and are marked in accordance. crimping dies should carefully read disclaimers in the installa-
However, liability goes well beyond conformance testing tion tool operating manual prior to purchase (most are available
alone. In application, field installers need to perform the installa- online). Such manuals may have warnings that place liability
tion of the connector in the same manner in which the product on the purchaser of the equipment and/or installers. Examples
was conformance tested. In the case of an electrical termination of such warnings include statements in crimp tool operating
or splice connector, there are specific tools and dies which must manuals such as “not following the connector manufacturer’s
be used, consistent with what was used for conformance testing. recommendation can have severe consequences.” Well, buyer
Using other tools and dies to install a connector than what was beware: The connector manufacturer may not be recommending
used during the connector conformance/qualification test can certain brand installation tools since they have no design control
void the product marking. For example, if a connector is UL listed or test data, so therein lies potential liability for not following
and marked with the UL symbol, use of another manufacturer’s the connector manufacturer recommendation.
die set or tool will not comply with the original manufacturer’s
listing. The connector manufacturer will likely not guarantee True Solution
the connection and liability will fall on the installer. It is best Purchase connectors made by manufacturers that warranty
to follow the connector manufacturer’s recommendation for the electrical connection. Reputable connector manufactur-
installation, including tool, die, wire size and number of recom- ers will require certain installation tools and dies be used to
mended crimps. make the connection. In
It should be noted that addition, there are usually
there is a difference be- connector installation in-
tween UL Listed and UL structions specifying the
Classified. If a tool other crimp tool, die set, die
than the one recom- index, number of crimps,
mended by the connec- wire size and type.
tor manufacturer is to be The entire connection
used, it would be wise to is an engineered system,
research what products the same system as previ-
have been tested to be ously conformance tested.
considered UL Classified. Look to those manufac-
Most credible manufactur- turers who have their logo
ers can share test docu- on the connector for field
ments showing the degree inspection. Look for crimp
of testing a product underwent. dies which emboss (logo and die index number) the connector
Purchasers need to consider all their electrical connection during crimping. These features are not trivial; they allow field
applications. Consider the use of a specific crimp tool. Has it inspection.
been tested for a grounding application (UL467) or a termina- If you want one-stop shopping, there are connector manu-
tion connection in an electrical enclosure (UL486)? Has the facturers that offer the entire package: connector, crimp tools,
crimp tool, die set and connector been tested as a system? Is crimp die’s, warranty and customer support. These are the
the manufacturer able to provide test data? These are impor- manufacturers with complete design control of the system and
tant questions to ask in consideration of performance, safety, have proven the electrical connection through conformance
and liability. testing.
It should be noted that most connector manufacturers do
Buyer Beware — Best Practices not warranty, support or promote the use of mixed connection
Connectors are best installed using the connector manufactur- systems. Mixed connection systems may include equipment
er’s recommended installation instructions, including tools, dies (connectors, tools, dies, etc.) that are not specifically recom-
and work practices such as conductor preparation (conductor mended by the connector manufacturer. UP
size, insulation strip length, scratch brushing, number of crimps,
crimp direction, etc.). It should be noted that substituting an THE AUTHOR: John Lefavour is the tooling products engineering
alternate crimp tool or die set may not produce the desired manager with Burndy. He has 25 years of service of experience
performance result. Substituting an alternate tool, die set, or in the electrical industry with a primary focus on tooling and
not following the recommended practices by the connector connection products. • May 2019 • Utility Products 23

1905UP22-23.indd 23 5/3/19 11:39 AM


Photo courtesy of
outdoorlessons/Pixabay CC0.

Don’t Let Footwear Give You the Slip

How to know if your footwear has enough slip resistance
for your workplace
By Karoly Ban Matei

afety footwear is an important part of your day-to-day qualities should your footwear have to prevent those incidents?
personal protective equipment (PPE). You depend on it What footwear works best will depend on where you work
not only to protect you from the impact of heavy objects (agriculture, construction, hospitality, mining, emergency) and
but also to provide you with enough stability so you can what type of slip hazards you face (mud, oil, wet floors, cooking
move around without slipping and falling. oil, water).
For years, OSHA has listed slips, trips, and falls as the most
frequent causes of workplace accidents. Safety footwear with Look for Verified Slip Resistance
good anti-slip properties can, therefore, substantially decrease Many manufacturers will claim that their safety footwear is slip-
your risk of injury. But first, you need to make sure you’re select- resistant, but we shouldn’t put our trust in their products unless
ing the right kind. that claim has been verified by a proven testing method.
One of the most common testing methods is the Brungraber
Assess the Hazards Mark II, incorporated in the ASTM F1677-96 MARK II non-slip
Selecting the right footwear starts with the hazard assessment testing standard. Shoes that meet this standard have been ad-
process. What are the tasks that can result in slips and what equately tested and will have proven slip resistance.

24 Utility Products • May 2019 •

1905UP24-25.indd 24 5/3/19 11:39 AM
You should inquire with the manufacturer or the sales repre- EDITOR’S NOTE: This adapted article was reprinted with permission
sentative about the materials and methods used to determine the from Safeopedia and Saf-T-Gard. The original, Selecting the Correct
slip resistance. These tests are usually run on different materials Footwear to Prevent Slips, Trips, and Falls, can be viewed online at
(such as concrete, tile, and so on) on dry, wet, or hi-soil oily/ wet
conditions, resulting in a coefficient of friction (COF) between 0.0
and 1. Ideally the safety shoe should have a high COF (over 0.5) THE AUTHOR: Karoly Ban Matei has worked at a senior level (both
tested in conditions fairly similar to the ones in your workplace. as an employee and a contractor) for organizations in the construc-
For example, a safety boot with a hi-soil oily/wet COF of 0.6 would tion and manufacturing industries. He has a passion for developing
be a good choice if you’re working outdoors in muddy conditions. and improving health and safety programs.
Though these tests are rigorous and trustworthy, the testing is
generally geared towards dry, wet, or oily conditions. That would ABOUT SAF-T-GARD: Saf-T-Gard manufactures shoes and boots,
be satisfactory for most safety footwear used indoors or used out- overshoes and overboots, dielectric footwear and foot protection
doors outside of the winter season. Most reputable manufacturers accessories in myriad colors, heights, materials, sole patterns, toe
have developed their own cold/freezing weather technology that styles, sizes and finishing features. To learn more, visit
depends mostly on abrasive materials embedded in the sole’s
material, which provides boot adherence on ice and snow.
ABOUT SAFEOPEDIA: Safeopedia supports and celebrates safety
Know Your Needs and Get the Right Footwear professionals and the work they do by providing easy access to
To make sure the footwear you’re considering has appropriate occupational health and safety information, and by reinforcing
slip resistance for your workplace, you need to know that it meets safe work practices. Visit to learn more.
specific standards and that its COF has been tested against condi-
tions close to the ones on your worksite. Preferably, you will also get
a safety shoe or boot that has been built by a reputable company
that takes testing seriously. UP

New freedom of mobility


The latest mobile office solution from Havis features a new lightweight,
high-resolution touch screen display and optional vehicle-specific dash mounts
designed to improve productivity in a mobile office.

Learn more at • May 2019 • Utility Products 25

HavInc_UP_1609 1 8/23/16 3:09 PM

1905UP24-25.indd 25 5/3/19 11:39 AM


DIELECTRIC Princeton Tec, makers of industry-leading personal lighting products made
TESTER in the USA for more than 40 years, introduces the EOS-360 hardhat light
The HAEFELY HIPOTRON- created to enhance job performance and worker safety simultaneously.
ICS OC60-DI Liquid Dielec- Built around Princeton Tec’s EOS headlamp, the EOS-360 improves upon
tric tester accurately and the best-selling EOS, connecting it to a durable, rubberized hardhat band
reliably tests the dielectric comprised of LEDs and reflective strips. A slip-resistant design keeps the
strength of insulating liq- EOS-360’s LED band in place on both standard and wide-brim hardhats.
uids used in a wide variety The LED band in-
of electrical equipment. The cludes constant on
rugged, lightweight and por- and safety flash
table design ensures years of modes, set bright
safe and trouble-free operation enough to draw
and the built-in battery can last attention but not
a full day in the field. Test cells so overwhelmingly
are available for ASTM and IEC bright that it nega-
standards. The OC60-DI offers tively impacts pro-
the ability to use one of the pre- fessionals working
programmed rates of voltage rise or allows in the immediate
operators to create their own tests using manual area. The EOS
mode. The breakdown voltage is automatically stored headlamp comes
and saved onto internal memory or can be exported to a USB drive. standard with spot high, low and strobe modes. The EOS headlamp and
Haefely Hipotronics the LED band function independently of one another, allowing workers to
WWW.HAEFELY-HIPOTRONICS.COM choose and easily switch between whichever combination of task lighting
and safety lighting they need in various situations. The EOS-360 gives off
LED SNOW PLOW HEADLIGHT 165 lumens from the headlamp’s spot beam, runs on 3 AAA batteries, is
J.W. Speaker Corporation, a premier LED lighting manufacturer, is an- waterproof and weighs only 5.75 ounces.
nouncing the introduction of a new LED light. The Model 9800 HS LED Princeton Tec
Snow Plow Headlight is a DOT-compliant LED headlight with SmartHeat WWW.PRINCETONTEC.COM
deicing technology that ensures optimal line-of-sight for the driver. De-
Effective lockout/tagout is a top safety concern, yet it consistently ranks
in OSHA’s top ten most frequently cited violations annually. Nothing is
more important than
keeping your workers
safe. The Master Lock
Company’s team of
lockout experts provide
comprehensive, end-
to-end professional
lockout services includ-
ing lockout program
development, written
lockout procedures,
compliance training,
and inspections and audits. These services help companies create safer
work environments with effective and sustainable lockout programs that
comply with OHSA and beyond. Taking a holistic approach, Master Lock
Professional Lockout Services can build a customized, best-in-class lock-
signed for high-speed plowing, the light features a bright, white LED light out management system or focus on the select elements to make signifi-
with precise beam patterns and best-in-class performance. cant improvements in your safety program.
JW Speaker Master Lock Company

26 Utility Products • May 2019 •

1905UP26-32.indd 26 5/3/19 11:39 AM



Megger now offers a multi-function tester that tests low-voltage electrical UTILITY HOT STICK
installations to fulfill the requirements of NFPA70 and the National Electrical LIGHT
Code. The MFT70 provides all tests required to Milwaukee Tool has introduced the USB
complete the necessary electrical certification Rechargeable Utility Hot Stick Light. This
for industrial, commercial and domestic fixed lighting solution attaches to any universal
wiring installations. Designed for use by elec- hot stick and is built with two separate
tricians, equipment installers and engineers, LED lights that provide 350 lumens of
lighting installers, testing and certification com- TRUEVIEW™ high-output lighting for up to
panies, as well as facilities maintenance companies and micro-generation 8 hours. Powered by REDLITHIUM™ USB,
installers, this new instrument can test for continuity, insulation resistance, the new light delivers up to 350 lumens of
ground and GFCI tripping. The battery powered MFT70 can be operated from halo lighting and adjustable output levels
a ladder-shelf or platform, around the neck, placed on the floor or in the hand. light the fuse for up to 8 hours off one bat-
This compact, lightweight multi-function tester features a large backlit display tery charge. Its advanced TRUEVIEW™
and intuitive color-coded range selection for ease of use, dual function display high-output lighting and optical design de-
with simple rotary dials showing all tests available and no hidden menus. livers a consistent beam, optimized color
Internal memory allows results to be stored on the go and transferred to a temperature, and true representation of
Bluetooth-enabled device. The MFT70 is a combined instrument offering a va- colors and detail leading to a more produc-
riety of testing options, including ground testing with 2-pole, 3-pole, attached tive work area. Built to thrive in the tough-
rod technique and stakeless with optional clamps; GFCI testing that meets the est conditions, the USB Rechargeable Utility Hot Stick Light is built with
requirements of GFCI Type A as defined in the ANSI/UL 943 CSA C22.2 No. a durable, high-impact polycarbonate lens that can survive up to a 40’
144.1 and ANCE NMX-J-520; ability to perform a ramp test on a 6 mA GFCI to drop. Its high-impact aluminum body is also IP67 rated for protection from
ensure it trips under fault conditions; insulation testing at 100 V, 250 V, 500 V water and dust. As with all Milwaukee® high-output LED lights, the new
and 1000 V; and continuity resistance testing at 200 mA or 15 mA. light also features a limited lifetime LED warranty, and a 5-year warranty.
Megger Milwaukee Tool

Elliott Equipment Company’s new V60
material handling aerial work platform fea-
tures 63 feet of working height and 1,000-
lb material handling capacity. The V60
mounts on a non-CDL, 19,000-lb GVWR
chassis for increased driver flexibility. In
addition, the new V60 provides 38 feet
of working side reach and a 30”x40” top
mounted platform with a 500-lb capacity
material handling jib. The jib quickly con-
verts into a boom tip winch with 1,000-lb
capacity when operated from the ground
controls, giving the V60 the best material
handling capacity in its class. The V60
features Elliott’s new SMARTControl sys-
tem, which shortens set up and tear down
time and improves operator control on the
ground and in the platform. The SMARTControl system features one-touch boom functions based upon operator preference. The new V60 eliminates over
outrigger leveling, one-touch boom stow, and one-touch outrigger stow, which half of the wiring connections of the replacement unit. In addition, the unit has
greatly simplify these operations, helping operators conserve energy and work been designed for easy serviceability. The V60 is backed by a one-year parts
more efficiently. In addition, the SMARTControl system allows for Bluetooth and labor warranty and lifetime structural warranty.
and remote servicing and diagnostics of the system, maximizing uptime of the Elliott Equipment
unit. Users will also enjoy the ability to easily tailor the metering and speed of WWW.ELLIOTTEQUIP.COM • May 2019 • Utility Products 27

1905UP26-32.indd 27 5/3/19 11:39 AM



The WILEY Telecom WEEB® (Washer, Electrical Equipment Bond) Washer AEMC Instruments’ New Ground Resistance Tester Model 6418 with its
is a powder-coat and paint-penetrating contact enhancing washer used oblong head is designed for measuring ground impedance on bus bars,
between connectors and equipment frames, cabinets and other painted me- as well as ground rods without the use of auxiliary rods or de-energizing
tallic surfaces to be bonded. The WEEB® Washer teeth eliminate the need to the system. Features include: a large multi-function, bright yellow organic
remove non-conductive coatings (e.g., paint and powder coat) when making display (OLED) that is visible in all lighting; ability to differentiate between
a bonding connection. The WEEB® teeth pierce through most non-conduc- loop and ground resistance measurements; auto hold feature that retains
tive coatings and embed into the underlying metal, creating a bonding con-

measurement when the jaw is opened; and data storage (Ω and A with
time-stamping). Stores up to 300 measurements in memory; stored mea-
nection between the lug and the coated metal component that it is installed surements can be displayed; and clamp opening facilitates both cable
on (e.g., equipment racks, cabinets, enclosures, cable tray). WEEB® Wash- and bus bar.
ers help eliminate unwanted rotation of the lug, keeping your connections AEMC Instruments
secure and properly bonded. Not having to remove non-conductive coatings WWW.AEMC.COM
will save on installation time, create a cleaner work environment, and pre-
vent improper coating removal techniques that can lead to poor connections. AC/DC DIGITAL
WWW.WE-LLC.COM Klein Tools has introduced a new AC/DC
Digital Clamp Meter (CL380). The CL380
AUTO POWER INVERTER CHARGER Digital Clamp Meter offers the capabil-
The Kussmaul Auto Power 1500 W Inverter Charger or AP1500 Inverter ity to measure current up to 400 A AC/DC
is a 55-amp charger with a 1,500-watt continuous (4,500-watt surge) and also features a high-visibility reverse
inverter. The AP1500 is pure sine wave contrast LCD display for improved view-
with an output current of 55 amps. ability in all lighting conditions. Additional
It is built to meet NFPA 1917(KKK) applications include non-contact voltage
specification and is UL 458 listed. testing, DC micro-amp measurements,
Features include a built-in au- resistance, continuity, frequency, tempera-
tomatic load transfer relay and ture, and more. Designed for general use in
high-output, 3-stage charger that residential, commercial and light-industrial
is programmable for up to 8 battery locations, the CL380’s excellent functional-
types, such as gel, lead acid and AGM. The ity and value provides professionals with a
construction is heavy-duty steel. The circuitry best-in-class clamp meter option. The rug-
is conformal coated and is designed for severe conditions. AP1500 works ged design stands up to jobsite demands
with Kussmaul digital display indicators in single Bar Graph or Digital Sta- with 6.6-foot (2-meter) drop protection as
tus Center. It is compatible with Kussmaul’s new Super Auto Eject Deluxe well as CAT III 600 V, Class 2 and Double
Covers in Bar Graph or Digital Display. Insulation safety ratings.
Kussmaul Electronics Klein Tools

28 Utility Products • May 2019 •

1905UP26-32.indd 28 5/3/19 11:39 AM


HELICOPTER and lightweight form factor. With a built-in GNSS antenna, the TDC150 is a
BLOCKS scalable solution that allows customers to choose their desired accuracy.
Condux Tesmec 2-3 bundled Easy to use and carry in the field, it features a bright 5.3-inch sunlight-
conductor helicopter blocks readable touch screen and an all-day battery for continuous work on the
are now available in 24- and jobsite. The handheld comes with Google Mobile Services certification to
32-inch diameters, mea- run Google core applications and access thousands of apps on the Google
sured to the bottom of the Play Store. Professional GIS field applications, including Trimble TerraF-
groove. The one-piece cast lex™ software — a cloud-based solution that enables users to easily
aluminum frame is over 25% collect, manage and edit their geospatial feature data — are supported,
lighter, yet stronger and less as well as Trimble Penmap® for Android software and Esri’s Collector
likely to break compared for ArcGIS® mobile app. A new innovative TerraFlex workflow uses the
to aluminum blocks with TDC150’s onboard rear-facing camera to capture features. This visual
welded extruded frames. aid shows users when the camera and receiver are aligned over features,
The unit’s specially de- enabling horizontal centimeter accuracy when holding the device.
signed counter-weight fly-in Trimble Geospatial
gate allows for quicker and GEOSPATIAL.TRIMBLE.COM
more secure rope installs,
featuring a unique hinge
for safer and more efficient FLASHING SOUNDERS
cable removal during clipping operation. Specially designed polyurethane FOR FIXED GAS DETECTION
sectors for the 32-inch block are available for use with twisted pair, T2/ Pfannenberg’s rugged PATROL® Series Flashing Sounders are designed
VR2 conductor. With a workload rating of 12,000 lbs, the Condux Tesmec for fixed gas detection alarming. Designed to alert personnel of an evacu-
2-3 bundled conductor blocks are load tested to 60,000 lbs, providing a ation when there is presence of hazardous gas, these combined signaling
5:1 safety factor. Lightweight aluminum blocks are easier to handle and products increase safety when used with ammonia (NH3), carbon dioxide
require less fuel when hanging by helicopter or shipping from jobsite to (CO2), freon (R22), methane (CH4), or chlorine (Cl2) gas monitoring systems
jobsite. Replaceable nylon sectors are also available. in energy generation
Condux Tesmec and other industrial
TROL® Series Flash-
FOR GIS APPLICATIONS 80 pre-programmed
Trimble’s new high-performance field computer for its alarm tones with 4
Mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) stages for distinctive
portfolio, the Trimble® TDC150 handheld, is de- signaling of specific
signed for GIS data collection, inspection and events. Such devices
management activities. The TDC150 provides are particularly well
users a rugged solution that has the flexibility suited for environ-
of a handheld, a modern interface with open ments with high am-
Android™ operating system, and scalable bient noise levels or when the use of hearing protection may hamper a
high-accuracy positioning for profes- sounder’s effectiveness, or in bright environments where visual signals
sional field workflows. The alone do not suffice. A single device in heavy-duty industry (90+ dB) can
TDC150 provides advanced cover over 350,000 ft3 (visual) and 800,000 ft3 (audio) with an effective
Global Navigation Satellite viewing distance of nearly 1/4 of a mile. Built to endure harsh environ-
System (GNSS) capa- ments and any climate, the PA 1 PATROL Series Sounder’s UV-resistant
bilities in a durable, and flame-retardant polycarbonate/ABS impact-proof housing achieves
ergonomic an IK08 impact rating. The xenon strobe flash tube contains no filament
to break, is inherently resistant to shock and vibration, and is secured by
a steel clamp to further protect it from damage even in highly demanding
settings. The lens cover is large, highly visible, and available in a variety
of colors. Every PATROL® Series Sounder includes a standard 10-year
WWW.PFANNENBERGUSA.COM • May 2019 • Utility Products 29

1905UP26-32.indd 29 5/3/19 11:39 AM


POSITIVE AIR SHUTDOWN SYSTEM monitors each one of the battery’s nine modules as well as the overall
Genie® booms and telehandlers are now available from the factory system to optimize control and performance. Maximum energy trans-
“rental-ready” for industries and applications requiring positive air shut- fer is conducted through rugged 4/0 copper cabling and battery data is
down, including uses on oil and gas, mining and indoor factory jobsites. To constantly monitored and communicated to each BMS via a Control Area
prevent diesel engine runaway in sensitive work environments, the new Network. Like all Deka products, the Deka Ready Power is backed by a
modern Genie positive air shutdown system meets the strictest jobsite nationwide network of technicians and customer support, built-in ease of
requirements and global environmental standards. The new Genie positive disassembly for more service options and extended life, and a safe and
air shutdown system for Tier 4F Deutz diesel engines is designed with an responsible end-of-life solution.
East Penn Manufacturing Co.


A newly patented cable vibration damper being offered by
NoDanceDamper helps control damage to coax and telecom cables from
strong winds. The following upgrades are included in the new system:
added spoiler tabs that efficiently increase the damper’s drag force; elimi-
nated hose clamps for stealth compatibility with 400-lb H/S cable straps;
use of light 1/4 hard aluminum, allowing faster reaction time to disrupt

automatic engine shutoff feature that includes RPM monitoring. This new
Genie system comes equipped with a plug-and-play CAN bus controller to
monitor the engine’s standard RPM sensors, a sealed butterfly valve and
a long-life motor to reduce the risk of downtime compared to third-party
kits, which tap into bell housings and alternator outputs. And, installed
from the factory, it can save customers up to a full day of installation time
and expensive labor costs compared with putting in third-party systems.
This new system also features a push-button valve test with engine on or
off to minimize the time needed for a pre-operation inspection and testing.
Backed by Genie support and warranty, the Genie positive air shutdown
system for Tier 4F Deutz diesel engines is now available as a factory-
installed option and in the future as a Genie aftermarket parts kit.


The new Deka® Ready Power® Li-ion forklift battery from East Penn
Manufacturing Co. adds to the Deka “Mountain of Power” offering, which
includes a wide variety of other maintenance-free designs as well as the
industry’s most proven and depend-
able flooded products. The Deka
Ready Power features power-on-
demand with a safe yet high-pow-
ered Li-ion technology that delivers
long cycle life, high energy den- developing harmonics; a lower profile that eliminates potential contact
sity, and rapid recharge. Designed between coax and telecom cables; added spacer, guaranteeing proper
to live up to the Deka name, it is damper to cable clearance; added a single tie-wrap to stabilize damper
built and backed by the industry’s while attaching and adjusting cable straps.
most trusted support. A ten-battery NoDanceDamper
management system (BMS) design EMAIL: NODANCEDAMPER18@GMAIL.COM

30 Utility Products • May 2019 •

1905UP26-32.indd 30 5/3/19 11:39 AM


SECURITY CONSOLE movable bushings make adapting to multiple OEM pins simple. The EOS
Tuffy Security Products has expanded its security console insert prod- mount is available in two models, 8K and 16K. The EOS-8K mount is de-
uct line with a new model for 2019 Dodge RAM pickup trucks, part 354. signed for drive units developing 8,000 ft/lbs of torque, and the EOS-16K
As part of the continuously growing product line, the new RAM Security mount is designed for drive units developing 16,000 ft/lbs of torque.
Console Insert is concealed under the OEM sliding tray. Constructed of Pengo Attachments
16-gauge steel with a durable texture powder coat finish, the Model 354 WWW.PENGOATTACHMENTS.COM
slides directly into the existing OEM console. Model 354 console inserts
come equipped with Tuffy’s patented Pry-Guard locking system which POCKET CABLE TESTER
consists of a 10-tumbler, double-bitted security lock and accompanying Platinum Tools®, the leader in solutions for the preparation, installa-
tion, hand termination and testing of wire and cable, has launched the
MapMaster™ mini Pocket cable tester (p/n T109C). Now available, the
MapMaster™ mini RJ45 cable tester maps multiple locations of RJ45
network cables and detects shorts, opens, miswires, reversals, and split-
pairs. A built-in tone generator with four different tone combinations can
be used with a tone probe to detect where a cable is routed and the
location of the end of the cable. The MapMaster™ mini determines wire
condition, whether good or faulty, and displays it on its LCD display. A set

key. Pry-Guard locking system components are made of 1/8-inch-thick

welded steel. The key can only be removed when the console is locked
and must be removed in order to slide the OEM tray backward. A Pin-Lock
hinge design adds to the security of the console insert. Incorporated into
the design is an exclusive lid support feature which allows the lid to stay
open while reaching into the console, which features more than 400 cubic
inches of lockable storage space. Console inserts have built-in weather
seals as well as a weather-resistant lid design. Each console insert re-
quires minor drilling for a secure installation, and mounting hardware is
Tuffy Security Products


Pengo’s new pat-
ented EOS (End of
Stick) auger drive
mounts are fully ad-
justable to fit multi-
ple excavator makes
and models. Adjust-
able ear widths
from 3.5” to 8” (8K of five mapping remotes is included for locating cables terminated in wall
model) and 4.5” to jacks or patch panels. The MapMaster™ mini also identifies the patch
17” (16K model). panel port where network cable is terminated and can find and fix the
Locking hardware position of exposed or hidden cables.
adjustment takes Platinum Tools®
only minutes. Re- WWW.PLATINUMTOOLS.COM • May 2019 • Utility Products 31

1905UP26-32.indd 31 5/3/19 11:39 AM


WIFI BORESCOPE a 9 mm camera has six on-board, adjustable LED lights and outputs
Klein Tools’ WiFi Borescope enables high-quality 640 x 480 images. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery has
professionals to easily display, save a 5-hour runtime.
and share jobsite images and videos Klein Tools
through a mobile app compatible with WWW.KLEINTOOLS.COM
Android® or iPhone® devices. Klein’s
new WiFi Borescope helps professionals INSULATED TORQUE
save time spent reporting camera output WRENCHES
by transforming compatible smartphones Cementex’s updated insulated torque wrenches are
to smart tools for use across all jobsites. made of top grade materials, calibrated according to
It features a small, rugged camera and ASME B107 standards (traceable to NIST), and manu-
a 6-foot waterproof gooseneck to cap- factured according to ISO standards. Cementex
ture vivid images and video double-insulated torque wrenches are designed to
even when maneu- provide protection in potentially hazardous elec-
vering around trical work environments. Cementex insulated
tough obstacles. torque wrenches feature two separate layers
It transmits and of insulation for twice the protection. A yellow
displays images undercoat is covered by an orange over-
and video directly coating to create a high-voltage barrier.
to compa tible The impact-resistant, flame-retardant
smartphones up to insulation provides protection against
30 feet (9 m) away, and flashover, shock, burns, and dropped
tool shorts. Available options now
include standard, low profile,
clockwise only, and short drive
models, as well as a fixed head

*Approved for use in states with chain control areas WILCO MANUFACTURING LLC 16

32 Utility Products • May 2019 •

OnsNor_UP_1705 1 4/20/17 11:17 AM

1905UP26-32.indd 32 5/3/19 11:39 AM

Megger DET2/3
Advanced ground resistance tester

The new Megger DET2/3 earth/ground resistance tester replaces the incomparable
DET2/2, the industry standard for 25 years. In use for
many years, the DET2/2 has been improved upon with the features of
the DET2/3!

Designed based on customers’ input, the DET2/3 offers features that make ground
testing faster, easier and safer. It improves on what was the best ground/earth tester
available in many ways. Some of the improvements include:

■■ Graphic display for better data analysis ■■ Widest range of test frequencies to ensure noise
■■ Data storage
■■ IP54 rating during use for real-world conditions
■■ Improved accuracy and stability
■■ Automatic earth resistivity calculation
■■ New test lead reels that dramatically reduce time
on board
and aggravation

Go from best to better with the latest ground

resistance tester from Megger...the DET2/3!

For your FREE copy of Megger’s

Getting Down to Earth - A Practical
Guide to Earth Resistance Testing

Reference Code: BEST_UTIL_MAY

1905UPC1-C4.indd 13
Megger_UP_1905 5/3/19 11:39
4/24/19 10:00 AM


When it comes to safe, dependable hot

line tools and equipment – we‘ve been
getting you home safely since 1959.

Tel-O-Pole II from Hastings is a “no twist”

stick with a unique triangular design to enable
each section to lock in automatically. No need
to look for the button. Linemen can open and
close disconnect switches, replace fuses on
transformers, and prune trees with peace of mind.

See page 101 of Hastings’ online catalog

for more details!

See our online catalog at: • 269.945.9541

1905UPC1-C4.indd 1 4
HasFib_UP_1905 5/3/19 11:39
4/23/19 AM
1:08 PM