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School: Grade Level: VI


DAILY LESSON Teaching Dates and
LOG Time: SEPTEMBER 09 – 13, 2019 (WEEK 5) Quarter: 2ND QUARTER

A. Content Standards Demonstrates an understanding of and skills in the basics of food preservation.
B. Performance Standards Preserve foods using appropriate tools and materials and applying the basics of food.
TLE6HE – 0f – 10
3.1 explains different 3.1 explains different 3.1.1 conducts an inventory of 3.1.2 discusses the processes in
C. Learning Competencies
I. OBJECTIVES ways of food ways of food foods that can be each of the food preservation /
/ Objectives preservation (drying, preservation (freezing preserved / processed processing method
Write the LC code for salting) and processing) using any of the
each processes on food

Food preservation.
RESOURCES Chart, Pictures, Bond Paper, Manila Paper, Felt Tip Pen, Adhesives, Multi – media.
A. References
1. Teacher’s Guide MISOSA V – Iba’t ibang Pamamaraan ng Pag – iimbak
2. Learner’s Materials Textbook : Makabuluhang Gawaing Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan
3. Textbook pages
4. Additional
Materials from
Learning Resource
B. Other Learning
Do you love hotdogs? How can we preserve Cite different ways of Enumerate preserved foods
foods? preserving foods based on commonly found at home.
How about dried fish? previous lessons.
What are different ways to WEEKLY TEST
A. Reviewing
Who likes jam? preserve foods?
previous lesson or
presenting the new lesson
How about bagoong?

(ask more about

preserved foods…)
Using a video clip, Using a video clip, show Provide a powerpoint Show them a short video about food
show the learners the the learners the another presentation showing the preservation.
B. Establishing a different ways of food ways of food preservation. frozen goods / products.
purpose for the lesson preservation.

Ask the learners which

they like most?
Using a power point Using a power point Show sample pictures of Present a video showing food
presentation, show the presentation, show the preserved foods thru a preservation thru drying, salting.
learners the drying learners the freezing and powerpoint presentation. freezing and processing method.
C. Presenting and salting ways of processing ways of food
examples/ instances food preservation. preservation.
of the new lesson Discuss.
Let them name / recognize
Ask the learners if they Ask the learners if they what is being shown.
ever tasted (eat) or ever tasted (eat) or even
even tried to do the tried to do the same thing
same thing at home. at home.
Group work. Group work. Group Work. Group Work.

5. Discussing new *Let each group list *Let each group list down *Let them cite reasons / *Let them differentiate the methods
concepts and practicing down varied or varied or common purpose of food preservation. used in preserving foods based on
new skills #1 common preserved preserved foods (freezing previous lessons.
foods (dried or salted) and processing) they have
they have at home. at home.
(Group reporting.)
Group outputs will be Group outputs will be Their answers will be reported Their answers will be processed by
presented to the whole presented to the whole to the class and shall be the teacher.
class. class. processed by the teacher.

What are ways to What are ways to What is food preservation? Does the food preservation differ?
preserve foods by preserve foods by
6. Discussing new drying? freezing? What are the examples of In what ways?
concepts and practicing preserved foods?
new skills#2 Why?
What are ways to What are ways to
preserve foods by preserve foods by
salting? processing?
7. Developing mastery Explain while Explain while presenting Introduce to them the foods Elaborate step by step the
(Leads to Formative presenting the different the different ways of that can be preserved / processes in each of the food
Assessment 3) ways of preserving preserving foods focusing processed using any of preservation / processing method.
foods focusing on on freezing and the processes on food
drying and salting. processing. preservation.

8. Finding practical Let the learners tell the Allow them to discuss the Group work! Group Work. 1.
applications of health, sanitation and health, sanitation and
concepts and skills in safety precautions in safety precautions in Group 1
daily living handling food handling food Color the photos / food that *Let them differentiate the methods
preservation. preservation. can be preserved thru used in preserving foods.
Preserving foods thru drying is ___.

Group 2 Preserving foods thru salting is ___.

Name / list down the foods
that can be preserved thru Preserving foods thru freezing is
salting. ___.

Group 3 Preserving foods thru processing is

Cut out and paste the ___.
photos / foods that can be (Group reporting.)
preserved thru freezing.
Group 4
Enumerate the foods that
can be preserved thru

(Group reporting.)
9. Making What are the different What are the different Why do we need to preserved How do we preserve foods?
generalizations and ways to preserve foods ways to preserve foods foods?
abstractions about the thru drying? thru freezing? What are those methods?
lesson What are the foods that can be
preserved thru drying?
What are the different What are the different
ways to preserve foods ways to preserve foods
thru salting? thru processing? What are the foods that can be
preserved thru salting?

What are the foods that can be

Do you find it easy and Do you find it easy and
preserved thru freezing?
useful? Why? useful? Why?
What are the foods that can be
preserved thru processing?
Evaluating learning Determine the different Determine the different Write YES to foods that can be Mark FP (food preservation) on the 
ways of food ways of food preservation. preserved / processed statement that discusses the
preservation. and NO if not. processes in each of the food
preservation / processing method.
Write D for drying and Tell whether it is freezing 1. __ expired biscuits And NFP (none food preservation) if
S for salting. or processing. not.
2. __ over ripe fruits
3. __ meat
4. __ fish Food processing methods that are
used to preserve foods include:
5. __ spices
1. ______________
__1. _1. Drying reduces the water content
wikipedia in the product and lack of water
delays the bacterial growth very
_2. Freezing is the most common
technique used in modern world to
preserve or process the food both on
__2. commercial and domestic basis.
globalservicecorpsblog. _3. Salting is used in food processing as it sucks out the
moisture from the food.
_4. Drying is the most common
technique to preserve or process
cereal grains like wheat, maize, oats,
__3. rice, barley, grams and rye etc. _5. Food processing is a way or
technique implemented to convert
raw food stuff into well-cooked and
well preserved eatables for both the
humans and the animals.
thetapaslunchcompany 2. ______________


3. ______________


4. ______________

5. _______________

10. Additional activities Let the pupils’ try the Encourage the pupils’ to Let them find a partner and Research :
for application or process at home with try the process at home discuss more about food
remediation the assistance of their with the assistance of preservation.  Refrigeration and freezing.
parents. their parents.
 Canning.
Let them list down foods that
can be preserved.  Irradiation.
The one who listed the most  Dehydration.
 Freeze-drying.
 Pickling.
 Pasteurizing.
 Fermentation.