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• What is a language you would like to learn? Why?

• Share an interesting message you’ve received this week.

What made that message interesting?

• What’s your favorite movie? Why do you like this movie

so much?

WORD Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of

your law. PSALM 119:18

Many doubts and questions are often raised about the clarity of
Scripture. Some claim that understanding Scripture is only limited
to trained religious leaders. For others, they believe that it is
impossible to grasp. As we take a closer look at Scripture, we will
see that its clarity is certain. Men and women from all walks of life
can understand God's Word, and He helps us comprehend it.
1 God made Scripture clear and understandable.

The unfolding of your words gives light; it imparts

understanding to the simple. PSALM 119:130

Our God is a God who loves to communicate with His people,

and He wants to reveal His will. Since Scripture is God’s
Word, it follows that it flows out of His nature. He divinely
inspired men throughout history to clearly communicate
the truth about Himself and His will. As we read the written
Word of God, we will also find many invitations to study and
search it. God's intention for Scripture shows us that He
made it not only for a knowledgeable few, but for every kind
of man. How has your reading of Scripture enlightened and
helped you?

2 God opens our eyes to understand Scripture.

Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of

your law. PSALM 119:18

There are wondrous things in Scripture; but they can only

be seen when our eyes are opened by God. He does this
as we ask and seek Him in prayer—a very important part of
our walk with Him. As we pray and read Scripture, the Lord
guides us in identifying a truth to believe, a sin to forsake,
a command to obey, a promise to claim, or an example to
follow. Share a time when God gave you a revelation through
His Word.


• Do you have doubts and fears about the clarity of God’s

Word? What truth about Scripture helped address a
challenge you have about its clarity?

• What aspect of understanding Scripture are you having

difficulty with? What do you plan to do to make sure that
you will continue reading God’s Word as you trust Him
for understanding?

• Who can keep you accountable as you devote yourself to

Scripture and develop a habit of reading it? How can you
encourage your family and friends to develop a habit of
reading the Word and seeking God?

• Thank God for giving us Scripture to communicate His

heart and will with us. Pray that you will be able to hear and
perceive His message for you every day.

• Believe that God will reveal doubts and fears you have about
Scripture. Pray that He will give you faith to understand
His Word.

• Pray that God will guide you as you devote yourself to His
Word every day. Pray that as you do this, your family and
friends will begin to understand Scripture better.


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