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(fitch) v.
to go after and bring back;
to get as in a price
Sounds like: STRETCH

“A genuine rubber dog can

 John asked Paul to go out to the car and FETCH his


 The old silverware FETCHED a good price at the charity


 Her father’s telephone call FETCHED sue home for


(pro toe TYPE) n.
an early or original example upon
which later examples are based
Sounds like: TOE TYPE

“The original PROTOTYPE of the

TOE TYPEwriter”

 In 1903, the Wright Brothers’ airplane was the

PROTOTYPE of many future airplane designs.

 The first McDonald’s restaurant was a PROTOTYPE of

the thousands that are now everywhere.

 An inventor built a PROTOTYPE of a machine for peeling

bananas, but nobody cared to copy it.

(uh BOWND) v.
to be numerous or in great quantity
Sounds like: AROUND

“Animals ABOUND AROUND watering holes.”

 Mosquitoes ABOUND in the summertime.

 Walt Disney World ABOUNDS with tourists all year long.

 Henry has ABOUNDING love for his family.

(zeel) n.
showing great enthusiasm or
devotion to a goal

“Sammy the SEAL catches fish with great ZEAL.”

 Rachel ZEALOUSLY attends her acrobatics class.

 Hal ate his burger and french fries with ZEAL.

 (A ZEALOT is a person with excessive ZEAL.) When the

leader told them to jump, the ZEALOTS all jumped off the

(kwack) n.
one who pretends medical knowledge
or skills that they do not possess
Sounds like: QUACK

“A QUACKING duck who is a QUACK”

 Sue took some QUACK medicine to reduce weight, but

never lost a pound.

 Dr. Johnson was a QUACK and had no medical degree at


 Watch out for medical QUACKS who pretend they can

cure incurable diseases.

(SHAM bul) n.
a scene or condition of disorder or
destruction; to walk or go awkwardly
Sounds like: CAMEL

“When the sheik left, his CAMELS

made SHAMBLES of his tent.”

 The fighting soldiers left the town in SHAMBLES.

 The bored young man SHAMBLED down the street

kicking a tin can.

 SHAMBLING from side to side, the wagon with a broken

wheel couldn’t stay on the road.

(in EPT) adj.
awkward or clumsy; lacking
in ability or competence
Sounds like: SLEPT

“Our INEPT watch dog SLEPT

through everything.”

 Clarissa always made the most INEPT suggestions about

how to improve our work.

 The actors seemed bored and gave an INEPT

performance of the play.

 The INEPTITUDE of the lawyer handling Jerry’s case was


(LIT ur ut) adj.
having the ability to
read and write
Sounds like: LITTLE RAT


 Switzerland is one of the most LITERATE nations in the

world. Practically every Swiss citizen can read and write.

 In our educational systems, the goal is for children to

become LITERATE by the fourth grade.

 Teaching illiterate adults to become LITERATE is a

rewarding experience.

(splice) v.
to join or unite by interweaving the stands;
a joint made by splicing something (n.)
Sounds like: MICE


 The sailor said he could SPLICE two short ropes to make

one long one.

 The electrician SPLICED the two wires.

 The SPLICE we made came undone after we pulled on

both ends of the rope.

(im BARK) v.
to go aboard some means of
transportation; to set out on a venture
Sounds like: BARK

“Indians EMBARKING in a BARK canoe.”

 They were scheduled to EMBARK the ship at noon.

 The nurse reminded us to get our vaccinations before

EMBARKING on our trip to Africa.

 We EMBARKED on a journey to Africa to photograph the


Name: __________________________________________ Date: ________________________

Vocabulary Cartoon Review # 8.1

Match the word with its definition.

1. ___ fetch - (stretch) A) to set out

2. ___ prototype - (toe type) B) join at the ends

3. ___ abound - (around) C) to bring back

4. ___ zeal - (seal) D) ability to read/write

5. ___ quack - (quack) E) an original example

6. ___ shamble - (camel) F) pretends skills

7. ___ inept - (slept) G) numerous

8. ___ literate - (little rat) H) disorder

9. ___ splice - (mice) I) enthusiasm for a goal

10. ___ embark - (bark) J) awkward or clumsy

Name: __________________________________________ Date: ________________________

Vocabulary Cartoon Review # 8.2

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word.

A) fetch F) shambles
B) prototype G) inept
C) abound H) literate
D) zeal I) spliced
E) quacks J) embark

1. After the riot, the restaurant was left in ____________.

2. They were scheduled to ____________ the ship at noon.

3. The electrician ____________ the wires together.

4. Doctors are not supposed to be ____________ .

5. My father always approached his evening meal with great


6. John asked his friend to ____________ his briefcase.

7. Her husband was ____________ at fixing things around the house.

8. Switzerland is one of the most ____________ nations in the world.

9. Animals usually ____________ around a watering hole.

10. The first McDonald’s restaurant was the ____________ of all those
to follow.
Name: __________________________________________ Date: ________________________

Vocabulary Cartoon Review # 8.3

Multiple Choice: Circle the appropriate word for the provided definition.

1. to cry out loudly 6. to be numerous or in great quantity

a.) fetch a.) acclaim
b.) quack b.) prototype
c.) abound c.) abound
d.) wail d.) passive
2. one who pretends medical 7. having the ability to read and write
knowledge or skills a.) literate
a.) shamble b.) zeal
b.) quack c.) inept
c.) inept d.) innate
d.) underdog
8. an early or original example upon
3. a loser or predicted loser in a which later examples are based
struggle or contest a.) underdog
a.) catamaran b.) prototype
b.) parapet c.) parapet
c.) inept d.) shamble
d.) underdog
9. inactive; acted upon but not acting
4. a boat with two parallel hulls in return
a.) catamaran a.) inept
b.) parapet b.) literate
c.) colossal c.) innate
d.) embark d.) passive
5. awkward or clumsy; lacking in 10. enthusiastic public praise and
ability or competence approval
a.) literate a.) acclaim
b.) zeal b.) agility
c.) inept c.) abound
d.) innate d.) zeal

Review #8

Review #8.1 Review #8.2 Review #8.3

Matching: Fill in the Blank: Multiple Choice:
1-c 1-shambles 1. d.) wail
2-e 2-embark 2. b.) quack
3-g 3-spliced 3. d.) underdog
4-i 4-quacks 4. a.) catamaran
5-f 5-zeal 5. c.) inept
6-h 6-fetch 6. c.) abound
7-j 7-inept 7. a.) literate
8-d 8-literate 8. b.) prototype
9-b 9-abound 9. d.) passive
10-a 10-prototype 10. a.) acclaim