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Internationalisation Webinar Series

The internationalisation webinar series has been running since 2007 as part of an initiative organised
by Dr Joanna Al-Youssef (University of Nottingham). It is an open event during which participants
address a particular aspect related to the internationalisation of higher education.

The theme of this year’s webinar, taking place on Wednesday 4th September, is ‘What does an
internationalised curriculum look like?” with particular focus on initiatives and projects that aim to
internationalise the curriculum in higher education contexts.

This free event is supported by the British Educational Research Association’s (BERA) Special Interest
Group ‘Comparative and International Education’ convened by Dr Nicola Savvides (University of Bath)
and Dr Pinky Jain (University of Worcester). Dr Joanna Al-Youssef will be hosting the webinar.

The webinar this year will take the form of a panel discussion. The panel consists of:
Dr Craig Whitsed, Curtin University, Australia
Dr Carine Ullom, Ottawa University, US
Dr Krishna Bista, Morgan State University, US
Dr Shyam Sharma, Stoney Brook University, US
Dr Caroline Burns, Northumbria University, UK
Dr Stephanie Bridges, the University of Nottingham, UK
Professor Simon McGrath, the University of Nottingham, UK
Dr Juliet Thondhlana, the University of Nottingham, UK
Dr Irina Hawker, the University of Nottingham, UK

The panel will discuss questions relating to the webinar theme, including:
1. (Why) is internationalising the curriculum important? And why now?
2. What prerequisites are there for the internationalisation of the curriculum?
3. What would an internationalised curriculum look like?
4. Who should be involved in internationalising the curriculum?
5. How can students’ (and staff) engagement in internationalising the curriculum be promoted?

The discussion will begin at 13:00 (UTC+1) on Wednesday 4th September 2019. A link to join the
discussion will be emailed to registered participants.
To register, please go to the webinar’s Eventbrite registration page.

More information about this and previous webinars can be found on the webinar website: